Naya Rivera Arrested for Opening Up a Can of Whoop Ass on Husband

Naya Rivera was arrested for battery over the weekend after she went Chris Brown on her husband, fellow semi-irrelevant television bit actor Ryan Dorsey. Rivera, in case you don’t remember, was the token hispanic cheerleader on the show Glee and hasn’t really done much since. Apparently the couple were out walking with their toddler in West Virginia when Rivera found it necessary to fuck her husband’s face up by busting his lip. I’ve never been to West Virginia, but when I think of it I think of coal mining towns and people getting smacked up in public with no regard for the presence of children, so I guess this is a decent confirmation.

Although Naya was a full-blown child actor — a life-long commitment that rarely results in creating stable adults — she somehow comes in second in the “Glee stars who got busted for crazy shit” competition. You may recall that one dude turned out to be a massive child porn hoarder a while back. Just look at this story as another PSA to not dick around with anyone involved in some form of musical theatre because underneath that big smile and jazz hands, there’s probably some demons just waiting on their chance to fuck shit up.

Here’s some local news coverage of the story. I’m giving this reporter’s pun game ten underlined “100” emojis and a bunch of flames because it’s high quality stuff.

“Rivera was arrested at a home in the Chesapeake area of Kanawha County Saturday night around 9:30 p.m. According to the criminal complaint, deputies were called to the home for a domestic situation. Deputies say when they arrived, they talked with Ryan Dorsey. He says his wife, Naya, had struck him in the head and the bottom lip while the two were taking their child for a walk down the street. Ryan gave deputies cell phone video that allegedly shows him being struck by Naya. She was taken into custody Saturday night and was arraigned after 12 a.m. Sunday.” (WSAZ)

This story probably wouldn’t have blipped on the gossip radar if it weren’t for Rivera’s history with crazy. Not only did she dabble with David Spade’s penis back in April while still kind of married to this Dorsey guy, but she also had a serious relationship with rapper Big Sean. Who had this to say about his crazy ex-fiancée…

They must have had a non-refundable deposit with the caterer or something because they wound up getting married on the same date that was already scheduled even though she cheated. I’m going to agree with Big Sean on this one and file this one under not at all surprising.

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