Nathan from ‘Heroes’ busted for DUI

Adrian Pasdar, better known as Nathan Petrelli from Heroes, was picked up for DUI this morning, according to TMZ:

Pasdar was arrested at 2:59 AM after cops clocked him going more than 90 mph on the 405 Freeway in L.A. We’re told cops also noticed Pasdar was “failing to maintain his lane.”
Law enforcement sources tell us when cops approached Pasdar’s ride, they detected the odor of alcohol — and decided to give him a field sobriety test. Pasdar was eventually placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI.

Living up to the name of his show, Adrian refused to take a breathalyzer and is sitting in jail until his wife Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks picks his ass up. And to be fair, she owes him one after basically getting them banned from the entire south and flyover states a few years back. I mean, this is practically the exact same thing when you think about it. After a night of drinking.

“Hey, commie, you finally showed up. About time – OW! Those bullets are hurting me.”

Photos: Getty