Nathan from ‘Heroes’ busted for DUI

January 27th, 2010 // 27 Comments

Adrian Pasdar, better known as Nathan Petrelli from Heroes, was picked up for DUI this morning, according to TMZ:

Pasdar was arrested at 2:59 AM after cops clocked him going more than 90 mph on the 405 Freeway in L.A. We’re told cops also noticed Pasdar was “failing to maintain his lane.”
Law enforcement sources tell us when cops approached Pasdar’s ride, they detected the odor of alcohol — and decided to give him a field sobriety test. Pasdar was eventually placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI.

Living up to the name of his show, Adrian refused to take a breathalyzer and is sitting in jail until his wife Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks picks his ass up. And to be fair, she owes him one after basically getting them banned from the entire south and flyover states a few years back. I mean, this is practically the exact same thing when you think about it. After a night of drinking.

“Hey, commie, you finally showed up. About time – OW! Those bullets are hurting me.”

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  1. back to limbo, adrian.

  2. angie

    I’d drink too if my wife’s hair looked like that.

  3. But the really important question is – did he call the cop “sugar tits” like Mel?

  4. Filling in for Parker

    I am really on the fence whether I would have anal sex with him. Maybe if he shaved his beard.

  5. Vesuvio

    don’t you worry about poor Mr. Pasdar’s situation

    Peter Petrelli will soon go back in time

    and prevent him from ever signing in to that crappy show

  6. I said GODDAMN! I’d hook that man up in a hot mother effing second. He is sexy as hell… don’t shave… so much better with it.

  7. Whack his pee pee!

  8. Suzie

    I wouldn’t kick that outta bed!

  9. Saint Arved

    I wish they’d cancel that show and extend the Jay Leno Show into that timeslot.

  10. Carly

    would definitely hit it



  12. Brian0523

    I’d let him spew babybatter all over my face! Yum!

  13. joe blow

    You know, when they have to add “from whatever show or movie” to the end of your name, you’re not really famous and therefore don’t have the assumed right of acting like an asshole…. yet.

  14. Mario

    Is that his mugshot?

  15. anonymoose

    poster boy for companies who make razors and shaving supplies!

    that hairy face needs mowing!

  16. It is probably because he was fired from Heroes and was not told about it until he read the script. The other actors say they were surprised the writers did so also.

  17. P

    A website granting REAL wishes! ;-)

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted..


  18. Covert Koala

    Near Dark is awesome! You go vampire cowboy! “You’ve got to support your own filthy habits.”

  19. 911 was and Inside Job

    That’s Caleb from Near Dark. I would totally have hot butt sex with him and bust a nut all over his beard. And I don’t mean the Dixie Chick.

  20. 911 was and Inside Job

    That’s Caleb from Near Dark. I would totally have hot butt sex with him and bust a nut all over his beard. And I don’t mean the Dixie Chick.

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  22. I like his eyes , so beautiful

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