Nate Dogg Dies of Stroke (1969 – 2011)

March 16th, 2011 // 112 Comments
Nate Dogg

Hip hop artist Nate Dogg (Real name: Nathaniel D. Hale) reportedly died of a stroke last night at 41, according to People:

Hale was part of an extended family of rappers known as the Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips (DPGC), a group that also includes Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger – both of whom responded to news of Hale’s death with tribute messages on Twitter.
“We lost a true legend n hip hop n rnb,” Snoop Dogg wrote. “I love u buddy luv. U will always b wit me 4ever n a day.”

May your next stop be the Otherside Motel with a car full of girls and things goin’ real swell.

Rest in Peace.

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  1. MR. T

    you left out “cocaine induced” before the word stroke.

    • Levi

      man… even the 4chan losers have more class than all of you dipshits. This website festers some of the most vile, uninformed, backwood, inbred retards I have ever seen. Congrats everyone. How about another tsunami joke to perfect the picture.

    • Robert Acquafresca

      winner…dont need to even read the follow up posts…thanks Mr. T

      • jaime

        hey, on the bright side, japan is going to have so many superheroes now, right?

        (that one’s for you, levi)

  2. Pong

    Yeah right, stroke, the same shit which killed Jim Morrison too..-_____-

  3. Nate been stroked up drooling on himself for about a year now. uninformed dipshits…

    • Seriously, people don’t have any respect at all. The man had a stroke in 2007 and then again in 2008, which gave him permanent neurological damage, specially paralyzing the entire left side of his body. That’s three years of his friends and family basically being on death watch.

      As someone who has had a loved one stroke out and then fully recover, my heart goes out to his family. That’s a tough thing to deal with under the best circumstances, with this…well, my prayers are with them.

      • Ed

        It’s a tragedy but you’re wrong to expect sympathy and respect from random people who didn’t even know him.

    • Yeah, the left side of his body is so paralyzed he can barely flash gang signs.

      Or is that just an ironic pose his hand was paralyzed in?

      • Marley

        Ed, you’re an idiot, and probably a cyborg. Sympathy and respect for other people, regardless of whether we know them or not, is what makes us human.

  4. MDiz

    Strokin’ out at 41…. Has to be more to the story… Like ” Knuckles deep in blow and fly bitches stacked 4 high” REGULATE!….RIP

  5. jumpin_j

    So let me get this straight, this guy gets an obit here doing stuff almost no one knows while the guy who wrote “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” dies two days ago and doesn’t get squat? Um, a little perspective please?

    • Shlongface

      Hunh, it’s almost like this is someone’s blog and they can write about whatever the fuck they want. It’s not a news source bud. Fish obviously gives more of a shit about Regulatin’ than some ancient white guy who wrote an old holiday song.

    • Andriiya

      He died? What happned?

      Not to be insensitive, but I doubt anyone was terribly surprised to find out a 90+ year old man died. It’s not really a story in this vague journalistic sense.

    • Johnny Cage

      Not only that 10,000 people die in Japan and the most we hear about the subject are stories for Gilbert Gotterfried.

      Oh well, just as long we morn rap music people who help spread the stereotype around.

      • Drew

        The estimated death count to this date isn’t even close to 10,000. Stop exaggerating, this is a gossip blog and not fucking CNN, dipshit.

      • Johnny Cage

        I know, it’s only around a few thousand people dead. WTF was I bawing about? Now I can go back to morning a dead rapper. Thanks Drew, you suck big cocks.

      • Ed

        In what other context would you expect to hear of the tsunami on this site?

      • Johnny Cage

        Well I wasn’t referring to just this site only. But still, 10,000 dead and leave the guy alone as he is just a comedian, lighten up. One rapper dead and stop judging him you prick, this isn’t cnn. It’s just a stupid trend I see too much and have been seeing since Tookie Williams get teh executionz.

      • Shlongface

        It’s fucking SUPERFICIAL. It’s a site for creepy jokes and nudey pictures of retarded celebrities, not to cover current events in the news. For fucks sake people!!

      • Johnny Cage

        And I love fapping to teh nudies.

    • molly

      “stuff almost no one knows”? speak for yourself. I still rock the fuck out to Shake That Ass to this day.

  6. Andriiya

    Uh, just for clarification… can Gilbert Gottfried make a joke about this?

  7. Pong

    Sieg Heil my christian brother, not.

  8. here_i_google_that_4_u

    On December 19, 2007, he suffered a stroke. In January 2008, it was officially reported that the stroke had rendered the left side of his body paralyzed. Doctors believed there would be a full recovery, and his voice was not affected. In September 2008, Nate suffered a second stroke. Since the second stroke, Dogg was undergoing physical therapy in an attempt to return to some normality, but it was unclear whether Dogg would be able to resume his singing career.

  9. Imole50

    I will missed u.all da hiphop crew should take heart RIP

  10. Take me to Popeyes

    Fried chicken + Cocaine=Early meeting with god.

    • Don’t forget he was also a “Gangbanger”…
      Pretty sure that meeting ISN’T with God….

      • Ed

        Its not your place to say if he is not with God or Is. Here is a side of Nate Dogg some know but not every one. He started a praise group touring churches. He gave a testimony and ect. Think before you post. Its no ones right to say some one is going to hell. Even if you know them. Because no one knows. I rock out to shake that and all that. but I know my maker. Im sure you better know yours.

      • Jennyjenjen

        I agree.. Sorry Gravy.. But I agree..

      • jaime

        guys, guys, don’t fight! you’re forgetting that god isn’t real!
        it’s like twihards arguing about the two dudes in the book. bible=twilight

    • Ed…
      1. Go fuck yourself. A praise group? That TOTALLY offsets being a gang member. NOT!!
      2. Pretty sure assholes like you will go to hell too, so say hello to Nate Dog.
      3. It IS my right to say whatever I fucking want… welcome to America douchebag.
      4. Your mother sucks cocks in hell. Rock out to that…

  11. Regardless of why, 41′s way too early

  12. MarkM

    One rapper down, all the rest to go!

  13. Thinktwice

    Why does everyone bash other people’s posts? They’re posting their grievances of someone whose passed. Nobody said anything about drugs or Japan’s earthquake. Give it a break. Keep your stupidity to your damn self. RIP Nate Dogg. You’ll forever be etched in memories of hip hop and rap lovers worldwide.

  14. Looks like his “next stop is the East siiiii-iiiiide mooteee–eeeeeellllll”…
    RIP Regulator.

  15. molly

    hope they got good pussy and good weed up there dogg

  16. Hank

    What an effing loser. Don’t give this dirtbag a tribute. The world is a better place without him. Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips indeed. May they all rot in hell. Trash like this is ruining this country. Don’t celebrate it.

    • b

      u must be white… lol and working hard at fixing the coutry thats why u on this blog…. hahahahahahahahahahaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahhahahahah. full of shit.

      • jaime

        i’m white, i like rap, and i don’t know who the fuck this guy was. at first i thought it was snoop dogg’s brother. and this isn’t me saying he should or shouldn’t die. all i’m saying is who the fuck is this guy? ergo, why is he on superficial?

    • Shlongface

      It’s Hank fucking Hill, ya’ll! Course he hates those blacks, jews, spics, etc

  17. B

    why do ppl read blogs about things/ppl they dont like? im sure some where in the cyber world there are blogs about stuff/ppl U do like…. going out ur way to be negative, is not bizzznezz. R.I.P. NATE DOGG

  18. Richard McBeef

    i’m about to regulate this fat joint in Nate Dogg’s honor.

    Smoke weed everyday.

  19. cole

    hi love nate dogg

  20. grobpilot

    Big deal.

  21. It’s hard for me to get worked up about the death of someone whose name I’ve never heard before today. That doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize though…the emotion that comes through Snoop Dogg’s illiterate and almost unreadable “tweet” is touching. I know we all hope when we die, someone will care enough to eulogize us in 140 characters or less, while portraying the minimum possible amount of education.

  22. Greg Suarez

    A close friend dies, and the best you can do is a “tribute” on Twitter? Jesus, when I die I hope I can go back in time to day when tributes were actually tributes.

    • IntelligentAsFellasGet

      There hasn’t even been a funeral yet. I am sure Snoop will attend and who knows if he will speak then or even pay for the funeral. Who knows they may even do a show in his honor in the neighborhood they grew up in.

  23. toomuch

    We should be4 we speak, prayin for his fam.

  24. Tye


  25. Tony Y

    Now who will tell us what to do every day?

  26. Krystal2303

    Wow!! You assholes have a lot of harsh things to say about a persons death!! No matter how he died, You should show respect! He has family and friends who care even if you you don’t! So how about keeping your worthless 2 cents to yourselves! Rest in Peace, ever heard of it!! RIP!!

  27. devilsrain

    One less rapper. Nuff said

  28. Erica

    It’s really tragic how insensitive some people are. The man is dead, and people are cracking jokes? Whether you’re into rap music or not, it doesn’t change the fact that compassion can still be shown.

  29. flapsteak

    My heart goes out to the Gangster Crips. Nothing brings tears to my eyes faster than a Criminal Association losing such a talented artist. Hope they find a way to get over their loss, I for one will be spray painting my lament on the back side of the Target in Van Nuys.

  30. flapsteak

    p.s. RIP Mike Starr

  31. Tasha

    RIP Ull be 4ever remembered

  32. Keesha Pink-Times 3

    Judge not lest ye be judged. He without sin let him cast the first stone.All have sin and come short of the glory of God.You don’t know from the first stroke to the very last moment what happened between him and God. All choices aren’t good ones but it’s not for us to decide. To speak without thought or reservations for life or the quality is a skill I haven’t perfected and I pray I never will. Boundaries and Class people . NateDogg what you brought to hip hop was no doubt your very best,. a style all your own. Nobody can reject that! Living life the best you knew how.

  33. Beer Baron

    Rest in Peace Nate. One of the greatest musical voices in many years. I can’t even recall another artist who’s been on so many hits and singles. His music brought joy to my life and he will live on. Like Ice Cube said, “It must a single, if Nate Dogg’s singin’ on it.”

    RIP Nate Dogg.

  34. fuckwhitey

    You stupid honkeys get on my nerves…didnt even know who he was before you looked him up on Wikipedia…okay so he was a gangster… find another reason to bash on him…we knew he was on from the get go..and Fuck the dude who made up the Christmas song or whatever..he can suck a Dick from the back for all I care

    • Why would you assume I looked him up on Wikipedia?

      I didn’t know who he was yesterday, and as of now I still don’t know who he was. I get the impression he was some kind of illiterate rapper. Damn…that is one unique contribution to the world of music.

  35. fuckwhitey

    He was a gangsta r&b singer..get your shit right

    • Johnny Cage

      He was still a black piece of shit. Gangsters are the scum of America. Listen, don’t worry about it, white people will back off cuz their scared shitless of black culture. Even when they call the blackman out on his clear ignorance, all you have to do is pull out the race card and the naive pretentious whites will just cower in their holes. This is despite the fact that it’s you, not whites, who help to prove the stereotype correct all the time.

      Meanwhile us other races in America who aren’t the majority have to deal with this shit in the inner city. And we’re sick of it. Unfortunately when we stand up to this black ignorance the self-righteous white people will be quick to call us racists.

      So don’t worry man, your ignorant ghetto culture will still manage to survive like roaches in a nuclear war.

      • Johnny Cage

        You know what, no. I may be in opposition to ghetto culture, because I usually had to live in one, but Nate wasn’t amongst that. The dudes he sang with might have been, but not him. He had more honor than Snoop, Dre, or the other guys he featured with. An ex-Marine and his songs were more listenable than that other garbage they got blasting on hot97.

        I went off on him because I’m aiming at the guys around him. He didn’t deserve that. Still hope his family finds peace.

  36. fuckwhitey

    Sounds like your mad at the world and black people because you are cursed with a small pink Dick…the parents should be more involved with the childrens life if they dont want them listening to gangster music..that rock shit is just as negative

  37. roses

    Nate Dogg was a legend of ganstar rap, you held on to your style no matter the turn rap music has taken you yet retain your style which is worth while…………………….we will all miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. flapsteak

    @ Roses,
    “a legend of Ganstar Rap”?
    this is why I dont give a shit.

  39. I wish everyone would start spelling “gangsta” correctly.

  40. Luis

    I will never come back to this website, not because of whats published, but because it is filled with such ignorant people that tal shit about a man tha passed away less than a day ago. RIP Nate Dogg, he was a singer and not a rapper. Your music will live on. I hope you guys get the same bashing that you are doing to an man that struggled with towards the end of his life trying to acquire some normality after a series of strokes. I hope you guys dont go through the same thing becaue it is extremely painful, stressful not only for him, but for his family.

    Your music wil live on Forever. RIP Nate Dogg

  41. Robert Acquafresca

    If this guy gets a post for dying then I expect a full write up for Joe Dolce, the writer of “Shaddup a You Face”, when he kicks the bucket.

  42. 16MPG

    A loss of life is a sad thing. Nate Dogg had a record of drug use several years ago but the blog trail suggests he really cleaned himself up. Then died. Sad. Rest in Peace, Nate Dogg.

  43. uber

    worthless racist fucks will always be worthless racist fucks.. and they will always find posts like this to post up their ignorant bullshit rants. it’s just the way of the interwebs.

    nate.. you were an incredible artist, and you will always be remembered by your fans as such. my prayers go out to your family and friends. after all your health problems, i’m glad you’re finally at peace. RIP

  44. franksta

    You guys are crazy. You all talk like you will never die. Do your shit, let the guy RIP even if you didn’t know him. Damn! You better off, doing what you wanted to do in this world before you get hit by a truck, stroke, cancer or those shit scary STDs. Then if you fuck up! ask for forgiveness (from GOD) and let the chips fall where they may.

  45. Babtgirl

    Wow I really don’t no what to say apart from I’m deeply sorry for our lose his families lose, we have not only lost talent we lost a brother a cousin a son a father And a friend. From what I know he was one of most decent black men you could come across I’m sad to loose another, god bless to all his family and friends our hearts are with you. Luv j.x

  46. Mr. NoDoze

    Oh NOES

    Are you fucking turd-wagons seriously upset that a website called “The Superficial” isn’t posting on substantial news stories, or are you hitting “post” so it’s not *technically* a lie when you tell your fat, bible-thumping girlfriend that you’re “published?”

    Eat every dick.

    PS – Go to Fish’s grandmother’s blog if you want to read about the death of the guy who wrote “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and then crawl back under the rock you’re from. If you haven’t heard of Nate Dogg you don’t deserve the bandwidth you’re sucking from this site.

  47. emeka(big al)

    i miss u dogg,so long.we keep it g-funk,music&me will always be my ghetto preacher.

  48. bitingontinfoil

    …who?…never heard of this guy.

    • Geebeats

      that cuss you dont listen west coast Gangster Hip Hop or ever really listen to it, so why put a comment up about it fool? your seem as dumb stupid and ignorant as the comment you have put on here about NATE DOGGS Passing, One Geebeats.

  49. cmoney, esq.

    how are there already 92 comments on this story and i am the first person here to make an all dogs go to heaven reference? everyone knows first you make the obvious joke, then you send out anonymous condolences to the family, then you make the trolling race-baiting comment. a man is dead, please behave with decorum.

  50. Ray Sist

    R.I.P. dude

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