Natasha Richardson dies from ski injury

March 18th, 2009 // 201 Comments

After conflicting reports on her condition Tuesday and word today that she had suffered irreparable brain damage, Natasha Richardson’s ordeal came to a tragic end when she passed away today from a head injury suffered while skiing in Canada. The AP reports:

“Liam Neeson, his sons (Micheal and Daniel), and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha,” the statement said. “They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time.”
The statement did not give details on the cause of death for Richardson, who suffered a head injury when she fell on a beginner’s trail during a private ski lesson at the luxury Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec. She was hospitalized Tuesday in Montreal and later flown to a hospital in New York.
It was a sudden and horrifying loss for her family and friends, for the film and theater communities, for her many fans and for both her native and adoptive countries. Descended from at least three generations of actors, Richardson was a proper Londoner who came to love the noise of New York, an elegant blonde with large, lively eyes, a bright smile and a hearty laugh.

Rest in Peace, Natasha.

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  1. Rayn the Canadian

    RE: 77. Cliff Notes – March 18, 2009 11:52 PM

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    Or are you Albertan ?

    Even though ‘Ya’ll’ cannot spell and is certainly a product of coitus between cousins, I am not sure you can call him an Albertan…..then again, fuck me, you can….he is probably from Brooks or Acme.


    p.s. I am from Victoria, so if any Albertans want to start in on me, please, get in your Dodge Ram Crew Cab 4×4 and drive off a bridge (please ensure the requisite ‘Fox Racing’ sticker is in the back window above the dirt bike or Skidoo).

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  3. Well thanks for that Pushkin.
    I’m sure ‘hotforwords’ and a few of our Eastern European friends found that stimulating.
    So. # 100. Why do you think it was me ?
    It was probably a troll. Or those Chinese guys. Or that ass-hole Cliff Notes.
    I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist – believe me.
    You don’t see me promoting Alex Jones… although I did watch his Obama show today ( Way too long – guy needs an editor – and at about 90 minutes goes a bit ‘Alex Jones’ – that type of thing)
    I met Richard Gage over a year ago. Got his autograph.
    That ain’t no conspiracy # 100.
    That’s physics.

  4. Binky

    RIP Natasha….

  5. Lucy

    RIP. I hope her family does alright.
    You people need to stop fighting and name calling … Don’t you think it’s a tad disrespectful, considering the topic is about the sudden, unexpected death of a woman, a mother, who was far too young to go?
    You should be ashamed of yourselves …

  6. Gr8 points all # 105.
    All these peepole should be a-shamed to go off topic on site like this.
    # 105 Lucy. Welcome. Oh. Wait a sec. How about the 3 thousand in New York ?
    Inside job ?
    U Merican ?

  7. Crucible of the Armpit Virgins

    Who the fuck is this skank?

    For the ;ove of god, if ya’ll wanta die, come to Colorado and blast your brains into a tree here. Stupid bitch. My economy needs your dead cash.


    I love you, chick who absolutely nobody knows about………just like all of us……

  8. Crucible of the Armpit Virgins

    Oh right…

    Cunt. Nigger. Jew. Fucktard. Irish. My dogs butthole.

    My bad, slipped a little/

  9. Joe

    Poor thing. She dies tragically, and her picture runs above a story about a giant hairy Armenian anus.

  10. Patrix

    Not saying this isn’t shitty n all…but seriously I had no idea who this chick was. RIP person I did not know. I’ll add you into my prayers for the thousands upon thousands of other unkown people who die everyday…that I also have no idea who they are.

    Ah if only when I died hundreds of people pretended to give a shit…but that’ll never be the case.

    Yea, seriously is crappy tho.

  11. magpie

    wow I’m impressed with the insensitive bastard comments… you people talking shit should work on skills that will help you score a better paying job, because if you’re complaining about her you have to have some wealth envy issues. She didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. this normal woman had an accident and tragic at that. I visit this site to poke fun of assholes with an inflated sense of self importance, she was never on this list.

  12. Steve

    Shocked? I think not, I been skiing at Mont Tremblant 3 times this month (not last weekend) but can tell you the conditions on the mountain are known to be all ice.

    All the so called “easy” slopes are on the outter sides of the mountain so they get the blast of wind head on … even Canadian knows this and this is why a death at Mt Treblant happens every 48 hours (some teenager hit a tree last week and died at Horseshoe)

    This is also why Mt Treblant has a 4% loyality tax so they have the best PR team in the world … keep saying she got up and joked around and nothing about ice on the flats/

  13. name withheld

    Most actresses are out of control, insecure egomaniacs – she was very self-deprecating and down to earth, she didn’t demand special treatment or publicists, which may be why a lot of you aren’t too familiar with her work. She was low-key in her life, so when she acted you saw the character, not the actress. When she wanted to pursue acting she didn’t trade on the family dynasty name, she went to Leeds (probably the US equivalent of Milwaukee) and worked on stage because she wanted to succeed or fail on her own merits. She earned her place and her Tony by hard work, and she was damn good. She seemed to have been a lovely person both inside and out, and sadly the world has far too few of those.

  14. Exo

    Really sad to hear.
    My thoughts go out to her and her loved ones.

  15. For the other humans:

    Who gives a fucking shit? Millions of Africans are suffering with HIV and AIDS and are dying every mother fucking day in agony. How many Iraqi children have died in the last 20 years due to the US sanctions against their nation and yeah it evilly includes medical embargoes. Why? Why should children pay the price of the sinister plots of grown tyrants? How many people are suffering on our streets in our own country? How many brilliant young minds suffer the grind of poverty here?
    No I don’t care about this actress at all. I feel sorry for her of course but it does not affect me whatsoever nor does it any of you and you know it. Don’t act like something important has happened. It amazes me how callous the common asshole is for the suffering of the multitudes but oh when someone famous dies in a freak accident on a luxurious vacation all of the compassion that has been placed aside for real human beings finally surfaces.

    And so bless this woman’s family and all the millions that are suffering around the world. Those that do not luxuriate in fame.

  16. mikeock

    Honestly, I can’t wrap myself up in the sadness of every person who dies. The downfall of this is now they’re probably going to require every skier to wear a helmet, like some sort of short-busser.

    I hope she donated her organs. I’d love to be the guy who gets her liver. I bet it’s pretty.

  17. For the other humans:

    I didn’t mean to sound like I don’t care by the way. All the best to this person’s family (don’t know who she is I don’t follow Hollywood’s pantheon of psuedodemigods).
    I have an old lady friend who lost her husband and sister in one week. Now she is all alone. She is 82 and has to work. You guys care about her too? Didn’t think so.

  18. sin

    We are born, we live, we die. So what. It will happen to everyone of us.

  19. sin

    We are born, we live, we die. So what. It will happen to everyone of us.

  20. justifiable

    #115 You can always find a condition that’s worse in the world so that’s a crap argument. If you get fired it really doesn’t help you to think about some poor kid in Darfur who’s dying because that doesn’t help him, nor does it help you not stress over how you’re gonna pay your rent. It’s hard for people to put a face on a suffering mass of people they don’t know – no one ever loved a mass but we identify with individuals. And if you can’t have any compassion for a single person’s tragic death, famous or not, then I call bullshit on your loud bleating for the fate of the multitudes. And I do believe that by your definition that makes you the uncommon asshole.

    Dick Cheney is still walking around. Bernie Madoff lives. Gwyneth Paltrow and Barbra Streisand woke up this morning. That proves the universe is not a level playing field.
    Richardson used her position to do a lot of fundraising for amFAR. What exactly have you done?

  21. mikeock

    We have to take Hollywood people off the pedestal, like they are somehow better or different than anyone else. I’m sorry she died, but like 118 said – we all die. She’s no different than anyone else. Every family has a sad story to tell.

  22. justifiable

    #117 “Who gives a fucking shit?” =/= “I didn’t mean to sound like I don’t care by the way.”

    I don’t know your old lady friend but to be left widowed and sisterless at 82 and have to work to support yourself can’t be so damn bad – because there are worse things in the world, right? You can’t have it both ways.

  23. I don't care by the way

    Go fuck your mother in the ass. You know what I mean. There are good people all over the world that suffer because they do not have the thousands and millions that it takes to lead a life of leisure. I think it is a disgrace for a woman over 80 to have to work. That’s what I said.
    The actress – don’t know her. She came from an “acting family”. Life was always a joy for her. She never went to sleep hungry and in fact always ate delicious meals I am sure. And she never had to work a day in her life. Acting is not work. Making money hand over fist is capitalism at it’s finest. I wish the whole capitalistic system would fail.

    I hope it fails. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  24. mikeock

    dear 123 –

    socialist loser. your envy pours out of every word you say. now go back to eating your bowl of cold soup and stale bread, you liberal, socialist piece of lazy shit.

  25. erin

    @117 if you “don’t follow Hollywood’s pantheon of psuedodemigods”, why the hell are you on a celeb gossip site? Please get off your soapbox and go away.

    RIP natasha, its a very sad thing to have happened whether we knew you or not

  26. justifiable

    #123 And you can take your puerile little idiotic socialist notions and cram them, you poser humanitarian. YOU don’t even know what the hell you mean – it’s called a thought process, try finding one sometime. You’re one of those tedious knee-jerk morons who think every poor person is a saint and anyone with money (even if they worked for it) who never had the privelige of starving is the Antichrist In your book ,of course, creating art , music or literature isn’t work, because anything that doesn’t actively feed people is a waste, right? Spoken like someone whose main motivation is 99% jealousy about never had either money or a creative impulse.
    It IS a disgrace that a woman over 80 should have to work, so I’m sure you’ll be selling your TV and giving the money to her because it’ll spare you from seeing any more acting that isn’t work, as well as capitalism and the commercials that feed it.

    If capitalism fails it won’t make the world economy a keen place for Darfur , distribute all the wealth equally or feed anyone poor – in fact, just the opposite. And since you claim – with great disdain – not to follow any of Hollywoods “pseudodemigods”, what the righteoius fuck are you even doing on a celebrity gossip site?

  27. Valkyrie

    Ignore the trolls.

    The trend is to mock whatever the majority in a thread are doing to establish how unique and anti-status quo you are. OH you rebels!

    Also, it just goes to show how little people respect others and themselves. No worth for anyone. The Superficial isnt the only site to have idiots comment. Go to Perez Hilton or any other site that garners MANY comments.

    It’s a pattern that, ironically, the ones who think they’re anomalous are following. They’re just being shocking to spite the majority. Talk about being predictable.

    . It’s human nature.

  28. Danielle

    that’s so sad RIP!

  29. i mixed this woman up in a conversation just this morning. i couldnt recall for the life of me what she had been in or anything and then it hit me ..

    finkle & einhorn ..

    however, no .. she wasnt in ace ventura pet detective.

    no crying game music playing for her .. whether she went up.. or down.

  30. ESPN

    Tree: 1
    Natasha: 0

  31. clown college

    Tree; 0
    Natasha: 0

  32. p.s. am i a bad person if i was like, woah, nipslip.. come on nipslip..

  33. ricker

    R.I.P. Natasha

  34. ricker

    To all of you miserable pricks who are making fun of this situation, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I sure hope that you don’t lose a loved one in a tragedy and have to see this kind of ill will bullshit written about them!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Gail

    She should have worn a helmet. Simple as that. Her children will suffer for her mindless irresponsibility (typical Hollywood).

  36. update

    Tree: 1
    Natasha: 0
    Liam Neeson’s hot young nanny: 10
    Liam’s penis: boioioioioioioiongggggggggg

  37. Natasha

    (silently) “Wait, wait, WAIT!!! I can hear everything you’re saying! Please wait! WAIT! Give me a chance—” [beep beep beep/unplug/beeeeeeeeeeeeep] “—-arrrrrghhhh saygoodbyetothechildrenforme…..”

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  39. Suicidal Tendencies

    I saw your mommy and your mommy’s dead
    I saw her lying in a pool of red
    (and she can’t swim!)
    I think it’s the greatest thing I’ll ever see
    Your dead mommy lying in front of me
    I’ll always remember her lying dead on the floor
    I hope she dies twenty times more
    I saw your mommy and your mommy is dead
    I saw your mommy and your mommy is dead

  40. It’s quite simple, folks.
    …………………………..DO NOT GO SKIING!!

  41. Diana Robertson

    Please people, enough disrespect. This is someone’s mother, wife, daughter, and sister. Have some compassion in this terrible time for them. Take your childesh antics to some other site please!

  42. TeiSR

    What a tragedy~~~~The men who love her very much on **ri ch m atch ma ** will be very sad……

  43. Anita

    I can’t believe some of the blogs I have read. This is not a joke to the family and friends that are truly sadden by her sudden death. You’ll should be ashamed of yourself.

  44. Anita

    I can’t believe some of the blogs I have read. This is not a joke to the family and friends that are truly sadden by her sudden death. You’ll should be ashamed of yourself.

  45. Rick

    Diana, you sound very sweet. Do you do ass-to-mouth?

  46. help...zombies!!!

    One mom dies, and hundreds of others arise to nag us….

  47. Daniel

    she is a great person still,and may the lord be there with those children of theirs….time is short,love is short so take in Jesus Christ,ask him to save you and to forgive you of your sins,and she’ll never be gone for long….BLESS HER HUSBAND AND THEM KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Jessica

    she is with the lord….always….and he’ watching tose kids….he loves kids,so hubby take care of your children they need you,now more than ever…i have kids too! and they’re precious.

  49. Tim

    Oh jesus, here’s the coupe de grace – the platitude spewing Three Day Zombie fanatics have arrrived…

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