Natasha Richardson dies from ski injury

March 18th, 2009 // 201 Comments

After conflicting reports on her condition Tuesday and word today that she had suffered irreparable brain damage, Natasha Richardson’s ordeal came to a tragic end when she passed away today from a head injury suffered while skiing in Canada. The AP reports:

“Liam Neeson, his sons (Micheal and Daniel), and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha,” the statement said. “They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time.”
The statement did not give details on the cause of death for Richardson, who suffered a head injury when she fell on a beginner’s trail during a private ski lesson at the luxury Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec. She was hospitalized Tuesday in Montreal and later flown to a hospital in New York.
It was a sudden and horrifying loss for her family and friends, for the film and theater communities, for her many fans and for both her native and adoptive countries. Descended from at least three generations of actors, Richardson was a proper Londoner who came to love the noise of New York, an elegant blonde with large, lively eyes, a bright smile and a hearty laugh.

Rest in Peace, Natasha.

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  1. Jacy

    Wow…this is just shocking.
    Like others have said, it’s amazing how life can be taken so quickly…

    My thought and prayers go out for her family…one only knows the kind of pain their going through.

    R.I.P Natasha.

  2. why do the talented go first?

    This is so sad. Please, everyone learn from this- if you hit your head, go get it checked out. Even if you feel fine. Just do it. Consider the alternative.
    She was an incredibly talented actress.
    My heart goes out to her family.
    Rest in peace Natasha.

  3. y'all


    Joe, the only mickey mouse hospital is the one that didn’t stick a coat hanger in your brain when you squirted out. dumb hick.

  4. Sid

    Hottest ticket in town will be to that wake – a true, traditional Irish wake. Time to get SHITFACED!!!!

  5. y'all


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  6. Jack

    “y’all” – stop trying to make this discussion all about you.


  7. y'all


    take a long lick of my sticky canadian bacon.


  8. Roxi

    thats really bad news, rest in peace :(

  9. Knee Ya Ha Ha : This is wheely sad. R.I P. Natasha… All the best to her family.
    But it reminder me somewhat of Haiku Japanese-style friend send me long ago after death of one ‘Sonny Bono’. It go :
    ” George.
    George of the Jungle.
    STRONG as He Can Be…
    But – All-eeey – OLLL ! – Watch out for that Twee.”

    Cliff Notes : Not only is that in horribly bad taste Knee – that’s not even Haiku.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : So. Notes – you asshole…Poetry not my major like you…asshole…
    is it a limerick ?

  10. Jack

    seriously “y’all” – youre taking the attention away from all my obama posts and i cant help if i’m hte hardest working fag on the fish.

  11. Ali Knievel

    We all know the real tragedy here is that the wrong star of the Parent Trap died this weekend.

  12. Nano

    Yes, this is sad, etc etc, but how many people die of far worse things everyday??
    Babies and children die of cancers and diseases, in car accidents, women of murder, cancer, men in war, accidents, etc etc and we sympathize for a second then we say nothing and move on….and here is this woman- just because shes famous- its splashed all over the news for the next 2 weeks!!!! Ehhhh.
    She died. Thats sad. Boo hoo. But I refuse to feel sorry for and have to endure 100 hours of tv coverage because she was skiing around in $5k worth of ski gear on her $20k holiday and bumped her head. 2 days then the media needs to get over it! NEXT!

  13. Jack

    hey 62

    will you be my friend? i admire your views and commentary on celebrity stuff. i bet you’re not just some wanker who loves to play with a cell phone all day.

    maybe your dad has brain cancer? I hope so anyway. If he did, i wouldn’t care. in fact i’d say he deserved it for raping you.

  14. y'all

    I’m pale, puffy, and resentful because my country lacks an identity. Don’t bother calling me a “fag” because we’re basically asexual as part of being colorless in general.

    I wish I lived in a real country.

  15. y'all


    No the real tragedy is you’re just not funny. Better luck next time.

  16. pizzafaced losers

    Conversations certainly get sidetracked quickly in mom’s basement.

  17. y'all

    @ 65 pretending to be y’all

    It’s spelled “colOURless” assbag.

    I think you’ve lost your focus. What you say makes no sense. Take it easy on the gasoline tomorrow.

  18. So # 60 -67 plus
    Gr8 points all.
    Oh by the way.
    Inside job ?
    Having any problems with free fall collapse speed ?
    That type of thing ?

  19. Uncle Sam

    Please try to be patient with “y’all” – if it’s not a story about hockey, he’s kinda lost.

  20. Pee Wee

    Okay let’s just take it easy here folks. This is supposed to be about showing how little we care about celebs and anything else is just wacky wack wack wacked.

  21. y'all


    wow, that’s original. A little outdated though. I think you should’ve used curling instead of hockey.

    do you have anything funny to add now?

  22. Wheelee Pee Wee ? # 71
    Inside job ?

  23. Nathlthdude

    So Sad It such a Tragic event

    I wonder if she was on some type of Blood Thinner (like Coumadin).
    I had a family member that died after she tripped on a sidewalk and hit her head. She was fine until about a hour after when she developed a severe headache, dizziness and nausea – went to the Hospital and died a short time latter. It was almost exactly the same way that Natasha died except she was on Coumadin. Come to find out later that what happened to her was not unheard of for people that hit their heads while they’re on a blood Thinner

  24. y'all

    alright, goodnight douchebags. I actually have some real life people to deal with now.

    May al queda fly jets into your sorry asses again to remind you how worthless you all are.

    discuss amongst yourselves…

  25. Meanwhile – back in Physics – for y’all home boyz and girlz…

  26. ‘al queda’ (sic) I think you’re too stupid to be Canadian ‘y’all ‘# 75
    Or are you Albertan ?

  27. United Nations

    Ok, Canada, umm….bland, non-offensive. A little outdated though…do you have anything funny to add now? No? Ok, you can go. It’ll be like you were never here. You get a lot of that, don’t you?

  28. rickey


  29. Andy

    Chick flick actress. Good riddance.

  30. Travis Bickle

    The wrong kid died

  31. So.
    # 78-81. You all seem like real intellectual. U with AIG ?
    I was watching this Tubing ‘hillybilly’ physics professor. And all of a sudden – It stwuck me.
    ‘Hey, Gwavity ?…
    Hummm…Inside job ?

  32. Avemaster

    Did she drop any good loot?

  33. I cant believe that happen..respects go out to her family

  34. What a tragedy! Cant believe it, and from something so trivial as learning to ski! How tragic…

  35. sin

    You would think people would learn from what Sonny Bono did. He died skiing also.

  36. jessiy

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  37. Lindsay

    This is just awful.

  38. moment of silence

    Wow, that is terribly sad news. This is a reminder that life is short so appreciate every moment of it. My thoughts are with her family. May she rest in peace.

  39. moment of silence

    Wow, that is terribly sad news. This is a reminder that life is short so appreciate every moment of it. My thoughts are with her family. May she rest in peace.

  40. justifiable

    #74 All she had to do was take a few asprin after hitting her head and that would’ve done it for killing the clotting factor. The leaking blood in her brain from a torn vessel would’ve kept on pooling, increasing the pressure and causing more swelling, so by the time she developed an excrutiating headache hours later she may have been past saving. Sometimes intercranial bleeding from an impact is too severe to clot even if you’re not on any meds at all – it just depends on the injury. Hopefully people will now know that if you hit your head hard enough to lose consciousness, go the ER and get checked out.

    ( Sorry about your relative – it reminds me of someone I know who should’ve won the Darwin Awards. He took aspirin the day before open-heart surgery – he brought it with him and self-dosed – and they nearly lost him on the table by almost bleeding out. Thanks to a good OR team, packed cells and vitamin K he lived and lost the nomination.)

    And #42? Go fuck yourself. You only represent yourself and you suck at it.

  41. GuyHolly

    Jrz and Richport’s Ghost aren’t on at night. Stupid troll, go fuck yourself.

    RIP Natasha.

  42. Dr. Gonja

    Who the fuck is this bitch? and who the fuck dies on a beginner slope. RETARD

  43. justifiable

    #92 Glad you pointed that out – jrz and RPG are funny as shit and this troll hasn’t got their style down.
    RIP indeed, you know Neeson’s heart must be breaking.

  44. # 83 – 94
    I can tell you’all not just fall off ‘fruit twuck’ – as they say in the industwee.
    I can imagine you all understwand ‘hill-billy’ dwawings. That type of thing.
    (Personwooly I was always wondering about those ‘Darwin’ Awards’ # 91.
    Oh. By the way. Inside job ?)

  45. snake

    You know … I come to thesuperficial for light and fluffy – to forget about bad news. Is that too much to ask ?

  46. Bad news ? #96.
    Shit – this site is the good news !
    We’re still here !!
    And somehow this site is still in business…
    USA !

  47. It’s stuff like this that makes you re-evaluate things and realize how quickly it could all end. What a sad situation.

  48. justifiable

    #95 Oh, Binky, Binky, Binky – what the hell are we gonna do with you, you little conspiracy theorist, you? This isn’t the thread, dude – c’mon, show some *ow* gravitas. NR was cheated out of growing old with her husband and children in a really senseless accident. Take a minute, OK?
    BTW, it’s “turnip truck” but since you’re not American you and Frank are excused.
    A lot of the Darwin Awards that circulate the internet are fake – the offical website ( claims to corroborate – if they can’t the story goes on the urban legend board. So no inside job there or elsewhere.

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