Natasha Richardson dies from ski injury

March 18th, 2009 // 201 Comments

After conflicting reports on her condition Tuesday and word today that she had suffered irreparable brain damage, Natasha Richardson’s ordeal came to a tragic end when she passed away today from a head injury suffered while skiing in Canada. The AP reports:

“Liam Neeson, his sons (Micheal and Daniel), and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha,” the statement said. “They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time.”
The statement did not give details on the cause of death for Richardson, who suffered a head injury when she fell on a beginner’s trail during a private ski lesson at the luxury Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec. She was hospitalized Tuesday in Montreal and later flown to a hospital in New York.
It was a sudden and horrifying loss for her family and friends, for the film and theater communities, for her many fans and for both her native and adoptive countries. Descended from at least three generations of actors, Richardson was a proper Londoner who came to love the noise of New York, an elegant blonde with large, lively eyes, a bright smile and a hearty laugh.

Rest in Peace, Natasha.

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  1. UWOStud

    Sorry to hear…

  2. Quinn

    damn… skiing is dangerous point blank!!

  3. second

    aww poor her… just went skiing with an instructor… and all this…
    unfortunate for her family/friends


  4. catch me

    Good God…I couldn’t believe how shocked I was. Amazing how life can be taken so quickly.

    Rest in peace Natasha, and may God be with your family.

  5. Ugh!

    This is soo horrible. You wouldn’t think you could die from a trivial little fall/bump on the head, but it just goes to show you never realize how delicate life is. Most of us feel pretty invincible or don’t want to “make a fuss” about things. I heard she had sent back the first ambulance that came to the resort to pick her up because she said she was feeling fine [I guess protocol had it that one would automatically be called and the person checked out in hospital]. Let this be a lesson–better to take things too seriously than to lightly. If you bump your head, get your butt to the hospital and get checked out ASAP. Tragic for those little boys and that hot husband of hers.

  6. shellibelli

    i agree! RIP poor family! so soon ! so fast!

  7. Crito

    I am so very sad to hear of this news…She was a great talent! Blowdry was great….A cute comedy…Peace be with her and her family…so hard to believe

  8. Kimberly

    This is a tragedy. To think she was feeling fine when she bumped her head and it turned for the worst. She was a wonderful actress and so beautiful. Rest in Peace Natasha, you were loved by SO many.

  9. law

    damn. she was a talented actress. i am shocked and saddened by this. rest in peace.

  10. Dirk Diggler

    Terribly sad. My thoughts go out to Liam and their kids.

  11. Phil says, "huh?"

    Good God! I wasn’t expecting this at all. I just remembered seeing this on the news this morning. I didn’t think that she would die. Speechless. RIP.

  12. Jrz

    They’re reporting that she was on life support with a beating heart but completely brain dead, so they decided to pull the plug. I guess they didn’t want an Obama supporter in the family.

  13. Bella

    Rest in peace. You were an amazing actress and an amazing woman. My thoughts and condolences to your family.

  14. JustJess

    Wow this is real sad and I feel kinda bad…

    Just this afternoon I called up my friend and said jokingly – “what’s up with all these white women falling??” Natasha Richardson, Jessica Lange… Dare I say it – these thing happen in 3′s…

    can the next one be Paris Hilton?

    One thing is falling – another is dying – and this one is simply sad.

    Rest in peace, Natasha…

  15. Obi Wan

    Wow…this is awful.. RIP

  16. Noelle

    This is really sad, she was a talented actress and an amazing person. Goes to show just how important safety precautions are even when doing something as small as learning to ski. May she rest in peace. My thoughts are with her family during their time of sorrow.

  17. Terribly, terribly sad.

  18. Liam Neeson

    So…anyway…how long do I have to pretend to be sad before I can go after a young hot chick? Talk about hitting the jackpot!!!

  19. Noelle

    @12… this is one instant where it shouldn’t resort in some political remark. Grow up

    Not everyone thinks that a person should be kept on life support when they are brain dead, regardless of whether or not their heart is beating. She would have never woken up, and would have been permanently attached to feeding tubes, that’s no way to live. Most people don’t want to live that way.

  20. Micheal and Danie


    Now our fucking grandma, Self-elected Queen of the Fucking Universe herself, Vanessa Redgrave, will be around ALL THE TIME. Gee, grandma, please tell us again why America is a terrorist country…

  21. I bet Liam already banged the hottest nurse in that hospital.

  22. XXXdeadgirlsuperstarxxx

    Thats horrible.. RIP Natasha

  23. groan

    Thank god Natasha won’t be around to boris anymore.

  24. recently laid off

    Can I have her ski equipment?

  25. Erica

    At least there weren’t any retarded right-wingers in her family trying to force her to go through Terri Schiavo’s pointless suffering. It’s nice to see her family is intelligent and compassionate instead.

  26. Travis Bickle

    This has happened once before…

    Oh wait – that was Liam Neeson’s wife in Love Actually.

  27. RaraAvis

    This just sucks. She had young kids. I feel really bad for them.

  28. sooo sad

    This is incredibly sad and shocking. I feel so sorry for her family.

    Rest In Peace


  29. Travis Bickle

    This has happened once before…

    Oh wait – that was Liam Neeson’s wife in Love Actually, who dies from cancer

    In the end he ends up with Claudia Shiffer though, so *fingers crossed* for you Liam.

  30. Lu

    omg…that’s really…wow…i just heard she had bumped her head and now she’s dead? wow…RIP.
    And #18….GET A FREAKING LIFE…seriously

  31. mike

    First he tripped her, later he pulled the plug. Now he can go after a beautiful young girl who’s free of the many ravages of age and motherhood.

    Well played, Mr. Neeson, well played.

  32. TMZ

    An insider has reported that their nanny is wearing black. A black thong and black thigh-high stockings, to be exact.

  33. James

    Not a big fan of her “work” and never met her personally, so why should I care? It’s just an erased name to me.

  34. Tom K

    That sucks to lose a loved one like that over something stupid! R.I.P.

  35. Bob

    Dying on a beginner’s ski slope = ULTIMATE FAIL

  36. James Monroe

    Youtube video of her accident:

  37. Alix p

    Omg … That’s horrible!!!!! the parent trap was amazIng!! I loved her!!! As an actress!! She was amazing and I hope her family is going alright!! I doubt it but aww I’m sad now… I thought skiing was safe.. I always ski….
    Wow I gues the trainer must feel like crap…
    <3 we love you

  38. Richport's Ghost

    Nice rack.

    I’m such a dick…. I know.

    RichPort’s Ghost for President 2012!!!!

  39. y'all

    Wow, the shitty posts in this thread prove once and for all that superficial is the place for stupid and bitter white people to take their shit lives out on others.

    Actually, I’m willing to bet all the “please please please please please please look at me I laugh at tragedy” posts are from one singe shrimp-dick retard. I hope you and your family die horrible cancer deaths, fuckface.

  40. Raquel

    #39 stick to the story and stop nagging other commenters like a frigid schoolmarm.

  41. Matthew

    At least the kids are boys. You just know lonely Liam would be boinking a daughter eventually. That type of thing is pretty common among widowers, especially for the kinda inbred Irish.

  42. Truth Doctor


    Your first sentence probably describes yourself. You’re not tough, you’re not cool, and you’re not smart. No amount of voting Obama will ever fix that.

  43. sin

    Well, with irrepairable brain damage, she can now call her self a Liberal. I thought most actors were that way.

  44. Did she french fry when she should have pizza’d?

  45. Wow

    So much disrespect in this thread.

    My thoughts go out to her family.

  46. humpinfrog

    I’ve read alot about this women, and not one comment was bad. Treat it like a lessoned learned. Hopefully, it touched many lives. It did mine.

  47. Annoyed

    Hey Erica (#25)
    Nice of you to bring politics into a tragedy like this.
    I am a “right winger” who wouldn’t force anyone to pull a “Schiavo”.
    And way to throw the “retarded” people under the bus. I thought you bleeding heart liberals were sensitive!
    You are a worthless piece of shit.

  48. y'all

    @ 42

    I’m canadian you dumb piece of shit. And boy oh boy was it easy to pick you out of the crowd, hahaha. Trolls are so stupid.

    email me:

    I’d love to arrange a time and place to kick your stupid flabby ass into the ground. Dumbfuck.

  49. Joe

    Heartbreaking….a drain would have saved her.

    Sadly the Mickey Mouse Canadian hospital did not have any scanning equipment

  50. y'all

    @ 44

    Checked out your myspace page. man, are you one fugly dumb b!tch. Now I know who’s sewing the tags onto my underwear for two bucks and hour.

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