Natasha Henstridge has big boobs

May 3rd, 2007 // 88 Comments

Natasha Henstridge showed up to the Hollywood Hero Award Gala sporting some serious cleavage. She used to be famous right? She was in that one movie with that one guy. Something or another? Yeah, really famous. Anyways, I don’t know what a Hollywood Hero is, but I figure it has something to do with her boobs. At least that makes her a hero in my book. Some might even say the greatest hero that ever lived. Not me though. That title is reserved for Superman. And that guy I met the other day who let me play with his pet turtle.

natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-01-thumb.jpg natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-02-thumb.jpg natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-03-thumb.jpg natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-04-thumb.jpg natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-05-thumb.jpg natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-06-thumb.jpg natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-07-thumb.jpg natasha-henstridge-hollywood-hero-08-thumb.jpg


  1. dafeedil

    first! who is she?

  2. Baroness

    Species chick!

  3. teetee

    Check out her tongue in the 3rd pic! YIKES! Like a horror movie!

  4. rrd

    dude, thise boobs are so propped up. don’t forget Paris’ miracle.

  5. Binky

    She looks like the Fish mast-half-head, but with more tonsils.

  6. haveapez

    She’s gonna be fat in a few years. She’s a big girl inside that skin waiting to burst out eventually.

  7. she has to be pushing it now… 40′s 50′s?? i bet she can still handle me. only thing i worry about is the alien coming out of my penis after i sleep with her.

  8. Anexio

    …and some big choppers too.

  9. Looks like she has a good pitching arm … not really awesome for someone who is supposed to be hot.

  10. mia

    That is not her tongue, its her throat.

  11. I’m learning to fly… but I ain’t got wings.

  12. greeneyedcat

    To make posts this boring, you have to have more than like 4 post a day…. it’s a let-down.

  13. Starley

    Um… you can see the silicone (saline?) puckering in pic #4. The one where she’s pulling the straps up.

    The definitely weren’t always that size.

  14. Jimbo ?

    Hey Jaffo are you out there??? Look at these pictures. That is a nice rack! Not those tiny little douche bags Lindsay has on her chest.

  15. LL

    Not crazy about the dress, but the boobs are nice. Natasha’s hot. O Canada (I think she’s Canadian)…

  16. veggi


  17. tits_on_snack

    She’s pretty. My mom has bigger boobs though.

  18. rrd

    #14 – You can see the silicone puckering? You mean the highlight by the plunge in her neckline?

  19. llllllllll

    She looks like the mufuckin crypt keeper in the 2nd and 3rd pics. I bet her teeth chatter when she laughs

  20. MassGrrl

    Her boobs are so big that she couldn’t even manage to zip her dress up all the way in the back?

  21. mia

    I’m amazed by the quality of the comments here. With those throat shots, i’m kind of suprise there are no penises jokes yet.

  22. mia

    By the way, that dress looks stupid.

  23. llllllllll

    She’s a Kirstie Alley in the making

  24. Jimbo ?

    @18 you should post some pictures of your mom.

    @22 Go ahead and make some penis jokes or you can call them dicks. We are not offended to easily around here

  25. TexasTranny

    I hope my tit job looks that good.

  26. mia

    I don’t have a PENIS, so i’ll pass my turn.

  27. Jimbo ?

    Mia – I hope not, but you can still make jokes about them

  28. veggi

    *Insert penis joke here*

  29. mia

    Well, I kind of did it already on post 22.

  30. Jimbo ?

    Veggi – Insert penis where?

  31. HughJorganthethird

    She’s milftastic !

  32. mia

    Please, i’m in a non voluntary abstinence moment now.
    Stop talking about penis…

  33. Diana

    erm..fat boobs don’t count

  34. wedgeone

    I’d blast her in the butt, if only to confound her by not paying attention to her tits.

  35. fonzyrulz

    I’d give her the whole nine inches, but I’d have to screw her three times.

  36. lambman

    “Used to be famous”?!?!?!

    Come superfish, you of all people who know who the Species chick is! I don’t know an American male born in the 80′s who doesn’t know who the Species chick is!!!

  37. Joshingya31

    What a MILF! Id give it to her in every hole.

  38. Darksphere85

    that gaping maw reminds me of a snake getting ready to eat a rabbit

  39. kickservebt

    She is so freaking sexy. Loved her in The Whole Nine Yards…and Ghosts of Mars..

  40. Unabashed Liar

    If this woman is ugly, then I’d love to see what some of you would consider to be a beautiful woman with such weird standards.

    I’d hit it, and not feel wretchedly ill afterwards. Actually, with funbags like that I’d just throw out all my pillows too.

  41. Wow Just Wow

    A fat orange nobody in an ugly dress.

  42. mia


    If Kate bosworth is to skinny and natasha is to fat, what is normal please?

  43. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    Who’s this a porn star or something? I’d bury my cock in between those jugs. Yes ladies, us guys really do like to do that so push’em together for your man and say, “honey, put your rod right here and squirt your man goo all over my neck!.” Guaranteed you’ll get that item you’ve been hinting about.

  44. imran karim

    it’s like she’s still playing the part of that crazy alien

    imran karim

  45. yolatengo

    errr, why do people feel the need to sign their posts???

  46. yolatengo

    oh, and if she is FAT then what the hell is thin?

  47. Conky

    I don’t know who she is but I’d sure like to mount up on her. Thanks.

  48. FRIST!!!

    #15 Jimbo You crack me up

    Ok, I gotta go, thanks again for the nice words on the other thread

  49. she was wicked in ‘wicked’! god, i’m so fucking clever it hurts.

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