Natasha Oakley, Olivia Culpo, Cannes-Folk and More…

It’s Johnny Depp balls deep in the shit show that is his personal finances the promotional campaign of the new Pirates of The Caribbean movie. [TooFab]

If you haven’t seen Todd Haynes’ Carol, you need to check yourself. Haynes is the mothafuckin’ truth and his new movie Wonderstruck is killing it at the festival right now. [E.W.]

We’re about to see Leonardo Dicaprio reassemble his pussy posse and start wrecking havoc at an L.A. Dave N Buster’s – he’s single again. [PageSix]

Yea, a crazy guy named Richard Rojas just drove his car into a crowd of people in Times Square. Here are some pictures of his crazy ass. [TMZ]

Jennifer Lopez had A-Rod and her goons shut down an entire bathroom at a fancy party so that (I assume) she could wash her hands… you thought I was going to say poop but no, J-Lo doesn’t poop. [Dlisted]

I don’t believe she got hacked, but I do believe Amber Rose may have signed her own death wish for trolling Beyonce. [Yahoo]

This is the best case of over-sensitivity I’ve heard in about… four days. This time Trevor Noah is the bad guy. Booo! Shame!! [DailyMail]