Natalie Portman wears loose dresses

Natalie Portman showed up to the lower Manhattan Cultural Center’s annual “Downtown Dinner” looking lovely as hell, but with two Band-Aids on her arm and dressed in a trash bag. And I have no idea how her breasts are staying in there. It looks like her dress would fall off if somebody walked too close and sneezed. And by sneezed I mean pretended to sneeze, but then grabbed her dress with both hands and yanked. Ahh, subtlety.

natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-01-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-02-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-03-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-04-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-05-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-06-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-07-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-08-thumb.jpg