Natalie Portman wears loose dresses

May 4th, 2007 // 84 Comments

Natalie Portman showed up to the lower Manhattan Cultural Center’s annual “Downtown Dinner” looking lovely as hell, but with two Band-Aids on her arm and dressed in a trash bag. And I have no idea how her breasts are staying in there. It looks like her dress would fall off if somebody walked too close and sneezed. And by sneezed I mean pretended to sneeze, but then grabbed her dress with both hands and yanked. Ahh, subtlety.

natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-01-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-02-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-03-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-04-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-05-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-06-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-07-thumb.jpg natalie-portman-trash-bag-candids-08-thumb.jpg


  1. Lowlands

    I don’t know who this Greek boy is.Is he going to carry the olympic flame?

  2. PunjabPete

    Don’t care what anyone says… I’d tap that…

  3. woodhorse

    Lowlands, you poor, deprived immigrant. Watch the movie “Closer” and you will see that Natalie is totally hot. She is so hot that now she can never be un-hot. After “Closer”, she could dress like Britney and still be hot. Welcome to America.

  4. metaphor

    Bland! Asparagus has more charisma.

    That and she looks like a boy.

    ’nuff said.

  5. Truthseeker013

    I have the perfect line for this sitch, but this is a family post.

    No, it isn’t…

    Is she kosher?

  6. iamsosmrt

    Here are some pics of Natalie Portman topless. Happy Weekend.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    @56…saw the page, no denying she’s a …handsome woman, but don’t plan on any titty fucking unless you bring your own pair of tits. There’s none there!!

  8. therapture

    Man some of you fucktards are, well….fucktards. Natalie Portman is so smoking hot, you would be LUCKY to get some ass like that. Instead, you trash her because all you can get is fat old bitches (like your wives).

    She’s totally fucking hot, period. And actually has some class and decency about her unlike most of the hollywood hoes her age.

  9. Argyle

    Where exactly are the pictures of her looking “lovely as hell?”

  10. LeeLee

    yeah…. i’m drunk right now and she still doesn’t look so good….

  11. Snarkington

    Hate this bitch.
    Her acting sucks and the only thing she would be good in is Celebrity Death: The Reality Show…!!! weeee.

  12. LeeLee

    I love her just as much as the next person– but uh, she’s a little disappointing in this picture. And these are pictures from an event where she would expect to dress up for.

  13. kamihi

    she has class, but boy oh boy she’s got some ugly toes.

  14. frenchie

    That cliche saying….A beautifull girl would look good in a potato sack is not so clishe in this case. She is not physically superior and cannot pull off that dress. She does however have a beautifull face but that is where it stops.

  15. mrlithium

    i cant believe no one mentioned teh BAND AIDS!!!!
    theyre obviously to cover up some hideous bruise or black and blue mark caused by some overly enthusiastic sex

  16. felishous

    isnt that the same Hefty trash bag kelly clarkson was wearing?

  17. _Melissa_

    Stunning face.

  18. CP

    I DONT like her ears.

  19. Nice to see DrPlowShit Missing in Action===you r now considered to be a”Faluloope”……figure that out dickbrain!!!!

  20. Saera

    in picture 5 her mouth is closed but in the screen it’s opened? D:

  21. Dan

    50: Why, ’cause she doesn’t have gigantic, flopping circus tits that are going to be hanging around her knees by the time she’s 35 and because they’re so displaced you can totally just make out her pectoral muscles through the disgusting, stretched skin?

    Damn it, now I’m masturbating again.

  22. herbiefrog

    hey babe … :_)

    very proud

    [czna we spellz ythzt]

    [almosst : )]

    …what ?

    …oh you wanbt we sh9ouodled say something?

    we dont sleep mother f*cker… etc : )

    you must post the sctsl worlds :)

    apparently can post : )

    et vice versa

  23. StoneRose

    One word: – ANNOYING –

    Natalie Portman in a trash bag is to Nicole Kidman in an oversized, red bow-tie ~AS~ Britney’s same pair of cowboy boots is to Lindsay’s blotchy self-tanner.

    Now you try! :P”’

  24. StoneRose

    With you on that one Snarkington.


    She reminds me of Brad Pitt, a beautiful empty container into which producers and directors pour a facsimile personality. Without it, they just seem wooden and dead. Mia is right on this one. There’s just something about her that isn’t like a woman. Despite her beauty, there’s just no sex appeal here. Though she’d make a great trophy.

  26. wedge1

    When is she going to enter puberty? Shagging Nat would be like making it with a starving Ethiopian, only without all of the AIDS involved.
    Stick it in slowly & hear the pelvis crack.

    Maybe a contest is in order – whose got the smaller titties, Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley?


  27. herbiefrog

    [what ?]

    In most latter slues having led to jeremiad ends. Congrats….had an urgent need…to communicate…hardly read the response…just recognised authorso reply to you……bad news it seems…and this message too (…there is a newsgroup…in which such communication…is known and…discussed [in a h*dden way]…its for the dissociatives…amongst us (a.s.d)….you have kept yourself for this…and it is appreciated…your talents would be apropos…if we can survive the scr*ll….all *we* needed …was to know…that you were there…ready for the time…that we would need you…sorry its not better news…its *that* time…i have been passed the scr*ll…the first three are here…and have no idea how…to ask for helplove to all

  28. herbiefrog


    …how many cards ? : )

  29. Manistoned

    Natalie has done amazingly well for such a boyish female. Her many moles protrude more than her bustline.

  30. alex

    omg her toes! wtfff

  31. i like her anyway!!!!!! she the best actor!!!!!
    You guys saw her hip hop song on SNL!!!!
    she’s great.

  32. jackoffjon

    I jacked off to her in the professional & continue to jack off to her. I’d like to sniff & lick her butthole, I’d like to do her 24/7

  33. Natalie looks faboir! There is nobody else in the world like Audrey Hepburn. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such a great movie. I wanna go watch it now.

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