Natalie Portman not a big fan of celibacy

November 26th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Natalie Portman recently passed on the role of a nun in the upcoming movie Doubt based on the hit play. Playwright John Patrick Shanley reveals why Natalie skipped out on the role: She’s not down with celibacy. Page Six reports:

“I’m trying to think of what the etiquette is on this,” Shanley chuckled, blushing a bit. Urged on by a blogger for, he continued, “Well, we asked Natalie Portman, and Natalie was very interested but kept saying she had a problem. And we finally nailed down as to what the problem was. She basically said she didn’t understand celibacy.”

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Star Wars geeks suddenly cried out at once “GEH! My lightsaber won’t go down!”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Que

    Que cute!

  2. Que

    Que fail!

  3. Christina

    She can’t fake it. It would be against her religion.

  4. erica

    I’m sorry, she doesn’t understand celibacy? But she understands believing in (and devoting one’s life to) an invisible man in the sky? Hilarity.

  5. Carter

    How did she RECENTLY pass on a movie that’s going to come out in theaters on the 12th?

  6. Ian

    Oh god she is soo fucking hot.

  7. Very few chix can pull off that ball look! the script probably was a stinker, creative way to get out of it…

  8. WTF

    Carter’s life is very empty.

    Now did someone say Natalie Portman wants to never stop having sex? I know a guy.

    <- ME

  9. Balls McCoy

    She doesn’t understand acting either. I’d still tap that dumb liberal self-hating jew like there’s no tomorrow.

  10. Hayden Christensen

    “She basically said she didn’t understand celibacy.”
    So this simply means that she’s a fucking whore, I nailed a whore?
    Big deal, she was so easy to get in the sack, I figured she was also a dumb whore!

  11. CaptainMorgan

    She is amazing. Simply beautiful. I think my wife would understand and let me have a ‘freebie.’

  12. Deacon Jones

    This means she’s going to burn in hell for all eternity.

    Am I right Coulter supporters???????

  13. Jackson'shole

    She looks sooo beautiful in these pics. I love her.

  14. PunkA

    She is an actress, right? I thought that what they do it fake it. I guess she needs to understand the character to do it, which is why she did the Amidala thing. She thinks she is some Jewish-American princess. Vapid cunt.

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    Does this mean she was already fucking around when she made THE PROFESSIONAL? Did Danny Aiello get some of that bald slit trim?

    Also, I don’t know if she’s aware of it, but there this thing that actors do, called “acting”. I heard Anthony Hopkins does that sometimes. You know, like when he’s playing a serial killer or something, even though he’s not really one of those in real life.

    But, seriously – isn’t this girl supposed to be one of the “great” young actresses? And she literally can’t imagine what it’s like NOT to fuck?

  16. Richard McBeef

    She is easier than shooting womp rats in beggar’s canyon back home.

  17. kelley

    Holy slow news day, Batman. Yawwwnnnn …

  18. Doggy Style

    I think Jews and blacks should procreate and make the ultimate race on this planet, they would be unstoppable; like the Hulk but with superman powers.

  19. Harry

    I saw “Doubt”, and Amy Adams was good in the role. As much as I would like to tap Natalie, Amy Adams was probably a better choice for that role.

  20. Stanky

    She has no ass at all. Give me Kardashian any day over this stick.

  21. nastyjay

    my wang bobs in agreement

  22. Balls McCoy

    @21, she doesn’t have a big trunk but she’s got more trunk than titties. I think it’s just that her ass is proportionate to her head size. Which is befitting of someone full of shit with a huge ego.

  23. Randal

    Talent does not even begin to describe Natalie Portman, who has been in a number of movies, each bigger than the last. She’s well known for her strong role in Paris, je t’aime as well as bringing the prequel Star Wars series together like Gorilla Glue.

    Her smile is warm, her eyes caring and best of all, she’s all natural too.


  24. pat

    Her butt was mighty fine in CLOSER.

  25. mud shark

    wow what a stupid twat. she’s starting to fall into that celebrity idiocracy that the rest of the spoiled Hollywood brats belong too. Too bad, we really thought she might be different. She doesn’t understand celibacy? shes a fucking actress. shes playing a part. Wow what a dolt. I pray this inst true, otherwise she’s a dumb cunt.

  26. 18. kelley – November 26, 2008 2:54 PM

    Holy slow news day, Batman. Yawwwnnnn …


  27. Richard McBeef

    Randal, I hope you choke a fat load of gorilla glue.

  28. 18. kelley – November 26, 2008 2:54 PM

    Holy slow news day, Batman. Yawwwnnnn …


  29. I always post twice.

  30. Harry

    “natalie portman not a big fan of celibacy”

    I just want to keep saying that over and over again, like Dorothy saying “there’s no place like home.”

  31. Annikin

    She begged for it all day back on Tattooine, which is a really long time ‘cuz , you know, there’s two suns.

  32. Annikin

    She begged for it all day back on Tattooine, which is a really long time ‘cuz , you know, there’s two suns.

  33. Aja

    It’s ironic because she looks frigid.

  34. herbiefrog

    so cute : )

    > entanglement… a novel by…

    complicated… huh ?

  35. MEmeme

    Or… just maybe… it’s because she’s Jewish? Gasp.

  36. Rhode Island

    You dumb bitch. It’s called acting.

  37. ICM

    Yeah, it’s called being Jewish. If you’re not going to make it to heaven — since belief in Jesus Christ is kinda mandatory for that — and He laid down a curse on you — said “Your house will be left unto you desolate” — “Daughters of Jerusalem, you’ll wish your children were never born” — and suchlike — and you are a vampire —

    Well, you might as well get a lot of nookie.

  38. MBA Nixon

    It’s a MOVIE, silly. No one is asking you to be celibate. Besides, you fucked Devendra Banhart., so you’ll pretty much do anything.

  39. Drago The Perv

    I would do that little midget.

  40. friendlyfires

    That playwright is a lying liar that lies like the lying liar that lies to get you laid.

    He’s also angry she got some of that Hayden Christiansen and he didn’t.

    So there.

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM …. turkey legs!

  41. hamburgler007

    Damn, the thumbnails made it look like she has an ass, but upon closer inspection it is just her handbag.

  42. A lady with principles in hollywood? I don’t think so.LOL

  43. Insatiable Peter

    Yeah, anything that evokes a sense of the numinous, the concept of sin as the absence of God, sacrifice, a preventative means of spreading and contracting disease, preventing unwanted pregnancy…whew, my head hurts… I don’t understand any of it, either.

  44. Wow…, she is pretty and gorgeous. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

  45. Barry O

    She’s just bitter because she misses getting her oil checked in the Harvard quad bushes.

  46. ha.ha.ha

    She doesn’t understand celibacy…I guess that qualifies her for the lead in the new Lindsay Lohan biopic.

  47. Where would today’s celebs are without that FUCKING telephone?

  48. el ces

    Hmm…she looks much prettier in brighter colors.

  49. doll face

    she is a doll

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