Natalie Portman is shy, filler

September 26th, 2007 // 110 Comments

Not much going on today, so here’s Natalie Portman out in New York being shy. I can’t even remember the last time she was on the site. I think it was back in the 1920′s. The site was black and white, and everytime a post went up there’d be a little kid on the corner with a funny hat yelling, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”


  1. I actually think she may have picked the bag up from Homeless Hanna who lives on 3rd and MacArthur..I coulda swore I saw her wearing the same fit..

  2. casey

    Natalie Portman hasn’t been on this site in a long time because she’s classy and talented and genuinely beautiful. If she was a drug-addicted attention whore who didn’t wear underwear and based her identity around whether or not she should get fake boobs, she’d be up on this piece every damn day. Need to get over my Superficial addiction now. :-)

  3. There’s a (porn) chick named Cytherea who looks a whole lot like Natalie P. To me she does anyway… but then the mind sees what it wants. Eh.

  4. Barbarella

    #32 and 45…what’s up with the nazi comments? i mean, “jewess”? scary….

  5. umawwi

    Jewess isn’t a Nazi comment – it just means a female Jew.

  6. Tom Cruise loves Cock


    The reason we christians hate jews is because we believe jews had our messiah, jesus, killed. And in case you didn’t know, or were misinformed, Adolph Hitler was a devout christian. Don’t believe it? Read Mein Kampf by Hitler. In it he claims to have been doing gawds work.


  7. Frankie

    Oh my god, she’s a jew?

    why is everybody a jew nowadays. there’s no escape from them.
    the next thing you read on here is how some ugly jew knocked up christina aguilera.

    i really liked natalie. but now that i know she’s a jew… uhm… no more.

  8. Fred

    She is a fabulous actress, and good lookin to boot! who give a rats ass what she worships.

  9. Haroof

    Damn she’s friggin beautiful & those legs are amazing.

  10. Yes and No

    @ 57: You sicken me. Grow up and stop being so ignorant. Show a little class.

  11. Xman

    She is a godddesss

  12. xman

    I think she may be the most beautiful thing on earth.

  13. damn! what a pair of sexy legs i wish i’d that!!

  14. xman

    I would drag my balls through 3 miles of broken bottles just to suck the dick of the last guy she fucked

  15. xman

    xin yi i bet your legs are nice

  16. FrankieIsATit

    @57–you’re a mook–no Jew would ever want you. Stick to your own kind.

  17. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Niiiccccceeeee. Nothing negative about this woman, Now this is a lady whom I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Hey Fish, here’s the toss to the only lady with class, grace and beauty to ever grace this site with her presence.

  18. JCisCrying

    Yeah, Natalie’s the “classy” one, sort of like how Ari is the family man on Entourage, and like how Jon Stewart tells the real news that Fox doesn’t. Welcome to mindfuck central.

    That Natalie is such a class-act, the way she went from promoting pedophilia like in Leon and Beautiful Girls and then grew up and threw her weight behind a noble cause, false-flag terrorism, in V For Vendetta. She sure loves Middle Eastern bullies, too.

    Red is the new black, knees are the new arms, which were once the new breasts… And Jews are the new Christians. Welcome to topsy-turvydom!

  19. surfy

    69, whoooopie

  20. LauraE

    >> #12 -actually yes…..
    >>a good movie that she was in with Gary Oldman, Danny Aiello
    >> and a French actor.
    The French actor is Jean Reno and by the way, the movie was French too (director Luc Besson, music Eric Serra).

  21. tonycatman

    Good film : V for Vendetta.

    Can’t remember if she got her kit off or not. It was the sort of film where is she did decide to disrobe, it wouldn’t have been done lasciviously.

    The other reason I can’t remember if she de-kitted is because she has the body of a telegraph pole.

  22. haha1

    Ewww shes so ugly where is she from???

  23. sal

    Oh come on, she’s gorgeous but she can’t act worth a damn. That mesmerizing face of hers has blinded all the fanboys to the fact that her line delivery is as wooden and stilted as it gets. I’d cast a piece of cedar over her.

  24. TheGreatVanzini

    Cute face, but bruised little chicken legs really aren’t my bag.

  25. Thanks for your positivie feedback FART FACE?

    Hear our the lyrics to my most and least favorite song.





  26. Muy bueno el blog, es uno de los mejores, lo visito a diario y me fascina! Saludos!

  27. Buttercup

    She is so over rated and boring. She does have nice legs though, but whoop dee doo.

  28. FromOutOfNoWhere

    hey people don’t be hatin. What’s all the flaming toward Jewish woman. HOT DAMN FINE PUSSY is HOT DAMN FINE PUSSY no matter what nationality, skin color or religion these woman were born under. As long as they aren’t crazy drunk driving, testicle disintegrating, freak dumb asses like Paris Hilton.

  29. millie

    #57 is a fucking idiot… and no I’m not jewish.

  30. Mmmm...Padme


  31. hey #57 here is a list
    a lot of celebs are jewish. so are a lot of nobel prize winners, doctors, scientists, comedians…. they are a super smart ( Albert Einstein) and cool race. Such a SMALL percentage of the world, but such great contributors to society. They like money, but who doesn’t?? They are just smart and ambitious enough to know how to earn and be successful. People that bash them are just jealous.


    Zac efron is also jewish and hot. Ashley tisdale is jewish too, but not as hot:-)

  33. Alicia Silversotne is jewish

    so is scarlette johansson

  34. gerard Vandenberg

    It’s from now on: Sir Faggot John!! I don’t think he sleeps very well lately, although little boy’s can help him out!! Faggots are just interested in THREE main things:
    - SEX (they don’t care with whom, boy or man)
    - SEX (parties, as much sex as possible)
    - MONEY

  35. the other boleyn girl

    speaking of scarlette jo, i can’t wait for ‘ the other boleyn girl’ !

  36. my comment

    Ugly dress.

  37. Tumescence

    I would so rub my penis on the babe in #76′s link, which I reproduced here! Mmmm . . . damn, look at those calves!

    Then, right in the twat! Ooooh, baybeh!!!

  38. Hah! Forgot the link!

  39. Oh Nice!

    @ 89: Keep up the good work!!! : )

  40. I just made a table of 9 nude Natalie’s, saved it as an html, and got off! : )

    9 of these:

    Mmmm . . . baaybeh!!! : )

  41. lady-croft

    She whore to undress so much. America sins and evil. This why you destroyhed soon and we all hates yous. All i know hates you and stupid you are. I crape on your flag and you’re spiret is no thing of yesterday.

  42. lady-croft

    I better than America! I stupid am! I have sex with farm animal! I fuck goat! I no have woman, only like goat! Suck donkey dong! Heehee!

    Hey America, want poop in my mouth? Please do! Heehee!

  43. igroovin

    frankie, she’s a telented person. who gives a shit what religion she believes in, or anyone is for that matter. all the racist, terrorist, sexist, greedy, bigots in the world need to find an island, away from everyone else so they can kill and do whatever to each other. get over urselves people.

  44. Dorito man

    I’d do her. She is very pretty. Beautiful legs too.

  45. zsa

    She used to look so fashionable and cute. What happened? She’s still gorgeous so why is she trying to hide it?

  46. Wicked Wendy

    I have a ton of respect for this chick…she is talented and actually has a fucking brain ! Think about it. When was the last time you heard of her being involved in any scandal like the rest of the “biz” bimbos? She is too intelligent to get mixed up in her OWN hype!!!

  47. #92 WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? If you are going to “attempt” to insult an entire nation of people, or even an entire blog site of commenters, I suggest you learn how to address issues in a way that people understand. Ignorance is bliss tho I guess.

  48. FS


    Nothing wrong with her feet…Her big toe is smaller than the second one.. means she a good lover…

    simply perfect.


  49. 15piecesofflare

    Nice legs for a short girl.

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