Natalie Portman is shy, filler

September 26th, 2007 // 110 Comments

Not much going on today, so here’s Natalie Portman out in New York being shy. I can’t even remember the last time she was on the site. I think it was back in the 1920′s. The site was black and white, and everytime a post went up there’d be a little kid on the corner with a funny hat yelling, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”


  1. Mike

    NICE FUCKIN SET OF LEGS………WOOOOOHOOOOOO………Would love those around my ass while pounding her pussy.

  2. dingbo

    nice pair of pins

  3. wedgeone

    Actually the last time was a set of blowjob-on-a-boat pictures, so yeah, this set is filler.

  4. jo smo

    How bout a nip slip or something….. throw a dog a bone

  5. Adam S.

    What a fine-looking Jew!

  6. She should use spray on tan to complete the oompa loompa look with that dress.

  7. Wedge, that was someone else I think

  8. Her boyishness is her hottest feature.

  9. yukadoozer

    Leave this bore ass off. My kids day at school is more interesting.

  10. cashitin

    The BJ on the boat pics were not NP they were of that chick in the Disney movies. Is that some acne I see on her left cheek?

  11. David Horowitz

    I wonder if the Nazi pics on this page make her uncomfortable. I read somewhere that some of her relatives got roasted back in the day.

  12. Hill

    Has she EVER done anything worth mentioning? (seriously… I’m not being sarcastic, either, I’m asking a question…)

  13. She was awesome in “The Professional.” That one shot of her getting out of bed in her girl-boxers was amazing.

  14. cashitin

    Star Wars – she was hot, hot, hot!!

  15. Man when will Zac Posen stop stealing my shirts?

  16. Feet4U

    Gorgeous feet!!! What I’d give to lick and suck those peds!!!

  17. Billdo

    I think there’s better stuff out there. I just saw that Rosie O’Donnell slipped a nipple. Or maybe it was her belly button. Or a zit. Which roll is her tits, anyway?

  18. havoc

    Christ, she got fat……


  19. SID

    Sounds like you like little boys

  20. PunkA

    She got LEGS, and knows how to use them. She never begs, she knows how to choose them……..

    Amidala looking good.

    By the way, ever seen “Beautiful Girls”?? She stole the show and has done it for me ever since.

  21. jkdsgfdsk

    she was sitting next to me in a club once, wasted and all, and she was still so boring!!!! just sort of danced (swayed) and smiled….and that was her DRUNK!! although i must say, she was with scarlett johansson and believe it or not, natalie was far prettier!!!

  22. penis mightier

    12: Actually yes she has. You can download “Hotel Chavelier” from Itunes for free starting today and she’s naked in it.

  23. #20, thank you, I was trying to remember the name of that movie, and I agree!

    Well, not having done it for me, because I’m not gay.

    Not that there is anything wrong with being gay…

  24. Tim

    Fuck you for calling her “filler”!
    Natalie Portman is too good for that shit.

  25. DB

    she should cut off her hair

  26. lohan

    anyone seen Closer??? she was great in it, and for all you men she plays a stripper for part of it…. seriously hot

  27. Newman

    Though she’s got some lickable gams, her feet/toes are kind of messed up. What’s up with the “thumb” big-toes?!?!?!

  28. Kenny

    hey, nice gams lady. gamerific!

  29. She’s hot & isnt a crazy slut like everybody else in hollywood

  30. Kenny

    I swear to god I didn’t see Newman’s post before I made my objectifying comment regarding Portman’s so-called gams. ’tis true. Weird.

  31. jacknasty

    Natalie is the prettiest girl on the planet throw in some great legs = awesome

  32. steve

    Now that’s a hot jew. If she ever did develop hemhorroids, each one of them would be prettier than sarah jessica parker’s face.
    By the way SJP= sarah jessica parker
    SJP=stupid jewish princess.
    Coincidence? I submit that it is not.

  33. Check out the stems on that broad. 23 skidoo!

  34. Has she done anything good since Leon?

  35. jr

    iTunes just posted Wes Anderson’s “Hotel Chevalier” for free. I just watched her in it and drooled.

  36. Riotboy

    She still has it.

    /”Bring me EVERYONE!!!!”
    /Leon is still the bomb

  37. Whatever she’s still pretty hot. Although I’m not down with her short boy hair cut. It makes her naked scene in “Hotel Chevalier” quite awkward when it should be a thinkg of beauty.
    Where hip-hop goes Hollywood.

  38. igroovin

    naturally pretty girl.

  39. Risen Christ

    I can almost forgive her for killing me. Almost.

  40. adeliza

    #12 -actually yes…..
    a good movie that she was in with Gary Oldman, Danny Aiello and a French actor. She is very young but it is a Great movie. It’s called Leon, and this dude is teaching her to be a hit man. She’s only 12. It’s a good movie, really. It has substance, blah, blah….I recomend it.

  41. adeliza

    #12 Actually in the US, the movie is called The Professional. Leon in Europe

  42. Pretty girl – very pretty, but the dress is ridiculous.

  43. Mugato

    Why would there be any stories about her? She went to Harvard while filming Star Wars, probably the hardest acting gig with the most difficult director. She’s an example of a child star who is doing just fine and accomplished stuff. Stupid bitch.

  44. wedgeone

    In Sweden it was released under its real name, “Undertones of Pedophilia”.

  45. umawwi

    Now this is a Jewess that I can stomach – not the nasty Sarah Jessica Parker. Natalie’s covering her “12 year old boy body” with a lame dress and showing off her best parts: her legs and face. Nice study break.

  46. adeliza


    Yup, there was that vibe. But Gary Oldman was da bomb! No pun intended.

  47. Molly Ringwald called from the set of Pretty in Pink. She wants her home-made dress back.



    like ice-cream in a hot desert you crave for after days without water.

  49. Cmon there has to be a better story involved with this chick?
    Heroine in the closet?
    Threesome with crab infested lovers?
    A crotch shot at least…. this is hardly gossip newsworthy… She was a stripped in closer…. no better shots ?

  50. Taylor

    Pumpkin makeup.. hideous dress, pretty girl… great legs.. but where did she get the bag? Love it.

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