Natalie Portman is pretty in pink, but not really

November 12th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Natalie Portman attended the world premiere of her new movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium last night in New York. For her outfit she decided to wear a hot pink over-sized T-shirt from the 80s. Hmm, bold move, Natalie Portman. But I have to ask were they all out of high top sneakers and banana clips? No, seriously, you could’ve borrowed a pair of my stone-washed jeans. They’re right over here next to the DeLorean and Tom Selleck. Wow, I should probably stop before I write an entire season of Family Guy in one post. Hey, you, Seth MacFarlane! Stop taking notes. I’ll shove that Knight Rider pen right up your ass. Wait, why did you just smile like that?

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  1. No One Can Beat Natalie

    She’s perfect: smart, pretty, slim, but with a nice round ass. Not to mention being the celebrity with the most interesting quotes.


    She’s gorgeous yet I still hate her.

  3. magok

    i can’t believe i just spent the last 4 minutes reading peoples opinions about her dress

  4. Al

    I think she is lovely and classy.

  5. blah

    She’s beautiful. I’ve got no problem with her or the dress.

  6. Shannon

    Has she heard of food before?
    She looks like she’s stuck in the 80′s on this shot

  7. what did she see in that piece of mundane outfit. her taste is bad!

  8. la

    Natalie Portman is hot, and that she works with children makes it better. I find her more attractive then Plastic Angelina.

    But the girl does need some food.

  9. whatever

    God she needs to eat a Double-Double. With fries and shake!

    WARNING: If you stare at her pink t-shirt long enough, your retinas will burn!

  10. secybitch

    Great legs. She’s beautiful. And she is NOT too skinny.

  11. Jesse

    guys, I saw her in reall. My friends father is an actor here in new York and is good friends with natalie. I was over at their house and the make-up artist mom was there with natalie and was gonna do her make-up and all.
    I got to talk to her and she was very sweet. An she was very gentle with the younger kids in the house and she was very pretty even without make-up.
    we had dinner though an no, she didn’t like chew a crumb then like whatever. She actually ate, yes, she ate a whole plate of healthy pasta and salad and had sparkly apple juice! She was very normal!

    I have to admit that I’m not a natalie super fan, and I didn’t like the dress at all, but she was really nice and sweet in person.

    Just saying that you all don’t have to be so judgemental…

  12. Nick

    That’s the prettiest 12 year old boy I have ever seen.

  13. Sissy

    Natalie Portman is cute and sexy! She looks beautiful in that pink dress! It seems she has a major crush on mature wealthy men! Her profile was found on millionaire dating site ( last week! Good luck to her search!

  14. eickelmann

    Now that’s some good kosher meat for you all wrapped up in pink. my favorite jewess with a 12 year old boys body.

  15. whatever

    You know, I’ve seen that FUCKING millionaire match site post a half dozen times now. I hate spammers, and if I could feed spammers who post irrelevant spam shit in forums like this to Spear’s dog, I WOULD.

    Fucking asshat…..

  16. Miguelito

    Mr. Magorium’s Jew-y Emporium. I don’t think there’s a single Gentile in the cast of this piece of shit. It will bomb so badly.

    Natalie Portman films promote pedophile homosexuality — ’cause she’s a little boy — murder and Israel. Ah, it’s all the same thing.

  17. James

    What happened? She’s all skinny now. Come on Natalie. Please don’t be another anorexic celebrity.

  18. gotmilk?

    52, If you’re going to try to be pretentious, at last make some fucking sense. More importantly, just because something is in a magazine, doesn’t mean it looks good.

  19. veggi

    i bet she poops out little jew pellets just like new york sewer rats. and then she uses her long hooked jew nose to find some fresh cheese and matza.

  20. Kate

    Not being pretentious, but the Fish looks stupid when he talks trash about fashion. I didn’t say it looked good (though I think it does) I just said it’s in style, which Fish is implying with his comments that it is not..

    BTW, the dress is from Elizabeth and James, not Chanel nor Cloe, tyvm.

  21. Kent

    Pink is sexy.. but i just think it is not enough after i browse her other pictures on a celebrits site I really like her in purse.. any u?

  22. tic tac

    she’s the prettiest and classiest girl in hollywood today.

  23. blizzy

    @72 – well my neighbor is her neighbor’s cousin’s friend’s boyfriend and an actor as well. And Natalie came over to chill with normal people and she ate a whole bowl of spaghettios, had a cup of chocolate pudding, and drank a whole bottle of sparkling heinekin. Then her and I ducked off to my parent’s room where we played playstation 3 and twister.

    I’m just saying she’s a nice person even though I spent 2 minutes typing bullshit about knowing her personally. Don’t be so judgemental GAWD!

  24. kirsten dunst

    84- i hope that wasn’t serious. if so, god save your soul.

  25. christel

    Natalie Portman could wear a trashbag and be hot. Get better material

  26. christel

    Natalie Portman could wear a trashbag and be hot. Get better material

  27. christel

    Natalie Portman could wear a trashbag and be hot. Get better material

  28. SDS

    #52- her dress looks a lot like a dress from Elizabeth and James– Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s contemporary line. I’m pretty positive it’s that and not Chanel. just saying…

  29. steph

    I’m no #52, but I do like that dress a lot.

  30. Ralph

    I like the face, the brain, the body.

    That is one good looking young lady who could have her way with me, after tickling my fancy in every way.

    And I am a proud, dirty old man of 56.

  31. Ralph

    I like the face, the brain, the body.

    That is one good looking young lady who could have her way with me, after tickling my fancy in every way.

    And I am a proud, dirty old man of 56.

  32. herbiefrog

    since we got banned from her board…
    …[actually got nothing to say]

    she’s a sweet girl
    ms hershlag
    who cares some…
    but maybe “could do better”

    dya wanna be part of the establishment ???
    …or dya wanna [oops caps]
    …be part of the solution ?

    soon babes…

  33. herbiefrog


    …one thing

    lose the waxy lipstick


  34. elva

    gorgeous girl, sh is so perfect. but someone told me that she has a account on a celebrity& millionaire dating site called i am not sure it is true or not?

  35. xman

    she is a goddess. I love her. I would give anything for my tounge to be the toilet paper after she took a dump. She is the hottest chick right now and will be for a long time.

  36. yow.


  37. Joseph Wright I

    96 is correct, but disgusting. Natalie is perfect.

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