Natalie Portman is pretty in pink, but not really

November 12th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Natalie Portman attended the world premiere of her new movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium last night in New York. For her outfit she decided to wear a hot pink over-sized T-shirt from the 80s. Hmm, bold move, Natalie Portman. But I have to ask were they all out of high top sneakers and banana clips? No, seriously, you could’ve borrowed a pair of my stone-washed jeans. They’re right over here next to the DeLorean and Tom Selleck. Wow, I should probably stop before I write an entire season of Family Guy in one post. Hey, you, Seth MacFarlane! Stop taking notes. I’ll shove that Knight Rider pen right up your ass. Wait, why did you just smile like that?

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  1. veggi

    #9 – I agree! And if you’re really good at sweet-talking them, they don’t tell.

  2. you suck

    man whoever writes the captions for this stuff should really get his candy back from the world so he can quit sounding like a butthurt little bitch

  3. Steve

    Big head on a little body…I’d rather do Britney…

  4. K

    This movie sponsored by Target much?

  5. JanOLeary

    Should have worn jorts instead. Obvi.

  6. lux

    I agree…the shift is more 60′s then 80′s. I never have anything bad to say about Natalie, but I must comment that her teeth are looking a bit yellow here. It must be the shade of lipstick she chose.

  7. Looks good enough to pork to me.

  8. veggi

    12- If you don’t mind, go fuck yourself…. that’s all for now..

  9. Joe Ass


  10. How in the HELL does the fish dude know about banana clips? Kind of a girl thing.

    Let’s not forget about the stirrup pants though. Oh, and who cares? No one in Hollywood knows hot the fuck to dress anymore..

    This is making me hostile. I should really get a drink..

  11. get naked

    dustin hoffman is a drunk. i love it

  12. get naked

    dustin hoffman is a drunk. i love it

  13. Hey veggi, your troll sucks, I don’t even get what he/she is talking about, do you?

  14. yikes for kikes

    why does she always look like a jew? it’s so annoying.


    Check out this video blog, this chick is fucking funny.

  16. veggi

    I know FRIST. crackheads…..

    anyway, stirrup pants! ha! Those were the days.

  17. Lovely

    she looks like walking vomit

  18. kirsten dunst

    #21- he knows about banana clips because of that one dane cook joke. but then, you see, he bashed him earlier today in the kate hudson post. thats how all this shit works out. on the eighth day, god created hypocrisy.

  19. Clementines

    Oh ha-ha dustin is prettier than her..

  20. break the ice

    it would be better with clear gloss, not the pale stuff, not red.

  21. hmph

    is dustin related to jen aniston?

  22. Clem

    Author: “Err….hey? Anybody know of a guys name we can use that rhymes with Emporium?”

    Retard in corner: “Magorium?”

    It’s a shight title for a film but she’s still lovely and I still want to protect her. In bed.

  23. George Lucas

    Fat Ass

  24. pwetty

    i like her

  25. Well, whatever, if anyone EVEN tries to force Moon Boots or lace gloves with the fingers cut off on me, I am totally bringing back colonial..

  26. Cutetexun

    What the hell? I cant post under my regular user name because it says I have posted too many comments. I havent posted in 3 days. Help me Frist!!


  27. douglas

    celebs can win on this site. This chick is smoking hot……super smart (harvard grad I think), can act her as off, takes risky roles and is sweet as they come.

    The unique combination of innocene and sexyness…….I am in love.

  28. If that pink shirt thing ALSO harnesses “Hypercolor” technology, then Natalie Portman tops my Best Dressed list…

  29. Since when is this bitch Oriental? They love dem pink dresses…………

  30. BaconMessiah

    Yup she is sweet.

  31. Dawn, just close your browser and open it again, should be fine.

  32. Bitchy McBitchington, III

    I think she looks beautiful – as always. Her dress is also not some 80′s fashion statement – it’s trendy and yet not over the top. She looks gorgeous. Quite frankly, the guy who runs this site is a hetero male, what the hell does he know about fashion?

  33. rockdust

    That shirt would’ve looked totally awesome with my parachute pants.

  34. L.Linus

    She’s sexy and very smart. You won’t catch her marrying some piece of shit like K-fag. Just a classy gal with her head on tight!!

  35. Doomhammer

    She is looking more bird-like every day. Soon she will be able to fly.

  36. 21st century digital boy

    Don’t care. I think she’s still hot. And, she has a brain. The rarest of combinations for the Hollywood starlet type.

  37. D. Richards

    Dustin Hoffman.. That fucking pervert. Trying to taste Natalie like that. You know that Natalie’s young enough to be his great-great-great grand-daughter, don’t ya’? I imagine that Portman could grow a tremendous bush. Huge. But, she’s bald.

  38. nipolian

    Pic 6 – I thought that kid from Growing Pains died from Parkinsons.

  39. Harry

    I would love to have those legs around me 24/7. Just fantastic.

  40. Jack

    You looked at those pictures and thought “hmm unattractive?” I am shocked. You’ve suddenly come down with a serious case of either blindness or gay. Either way, I’m sure your pastor will be able to pray you better.

  41. Kate

    For the love of God, please pick up a Vogue. That’s a Chanel bubble dress and it is VERY of the moment. I don’t care if you don’t care for fashion, but you really make yourself look like an idiot when you try to position your site as providing celebrity gossip and commentary, and don’t even have a clue as to what is and what is not in style.

    It’s like suggesting a BMW is an ugly car, because you’ve never seen one in your trailor park.

  42. nipolian

    #52 – I think it’s trailer park not trailor park. Just saying, since you seem to know so much.

  43. douglas

    SALMON……..NOT PINK……………know your colors you idiot……….maybe peach…..

  44. douglas' boyfriend

    Honey, come back to bed, you cranky little bitch! And remember, you promised to swallow…

  45. Kate

    #53, I know from fashion, not trailer/or parks.

  46. Gassy McSkinajew

    Her outfit is supposed to be campy. But she’s a little too skinny so it looks sorta concentration campy. So really it’s a throwback to the ’40s.

  47. nipolian

    #56 – It’s a bubble dress alright but it’s from Chloe not Chanel. You don’t seem to know shit about anything (or should I say…You don’t seem to know shit from anything).

  48. Shallo Val

    Awful dress, even for a midget.

  49. Nappy Headed Imus

    Bitch stole my tablecloth

  50. Josh Simpson

    I don’t like the dress, and I don’t like the lipstick…that being said, I still would hit it for all mankind.

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