Natalie Portman is pretty in pink, but not really


Natalie Portman attended the world premiere of her new movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium last night in New York. For her outfit she decided to wear a hot pink over-sized T-shirt from the 80s. Hmm, bold move, Natalie Portman. But I have to ask were they all out of high top sneakers and banana clips? No, seriously, you could’ve borrowed a pair of my stone-washed jeans. They’re right over here next to the DeLorean and Tom Selleck. Wow, I should probably stop before I write an entire season of Family Guy in one post. Hey, you, Seth MacFarlane! Stop taking notes. I’ll shove that Knight Rider pen right up your ass. Wait, why did you just smile like that?

Photos: Getty Images