Natalie Portman is goddamn hot and other news

November 23rd, 2009 // 87 Comments

- Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise get an entire weekend to pretend they’re not props. [Lainey Gossip]

- Hayden Panettiere is bouncy. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jessica Simpson calls Perez Hilton “sad” for making fun of Bronx Mowgli. [PopEater]

- Lindsay Lohan continues to suck at life. [Celebslam]

- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart prove diamondy vampires are recession-proof. [Just Jared]

- Ryan Phillippe walks around shirtless now. [PopSugar]

- Jude Law might be banging Sienna Miller again. [The Blemish]

- Paula Deen is okay! [Wonderwall]

- Diddy threw a $3 million party for his birthday – and invites Martha Stewart. That’s somehow kind of badass. [Socialite Life]

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  1. Ryan the Canadian

    She is looking fine….I would ask her to buy me dinner and drinks……

  2. Ranta Claus

    I want to stuff her stockings.

  3. Sam

    Not really.

  4. Rough's P.O.V.

    Dont you have to be stacked to be bouncy…

  5. AnonyMoose

    I’d love to stuff her turkey this Thanksgiving

  6. San Diegan

    She looks like crap face on but looks great 3/4.

  7. Joseph

    I would love to shove my foot up her ass this thanksgiving.

  8. FrankNFurter

    Somewhere, locked in a vault, there is Natalie P’s TOPLESS stripper scene in “Closer”. Dumb director decided that Nat’s toplessness “distracted” from the scene and released the movie with her unfortunately garbed.
    If there is a god, that footage will make it’s way to the internet. Get on that one, willya please!?!

  9. who dat

    “Natalie Portman is Goddam Hot”……except for the fact she still smells like Sean Penn. Maybe a tomato juice bath would help. I hear it works for skunk spray.

  10. OMG I’d love to stuff her turkey this Thanksgiving

  11. Frank

    she’s gorgeous !

    but tastes like diarrhea

  12. Harry

    I would like to have her standing in front of me with that dress on the floor around her ankles.

  13. just

    Perfection. This girl just does it the classy way.

  14. Not that hot, but fuckable.

    Sorry fish this woman rates no higher than a 7.5 ….you need to get out more. By that I don’t mean Detroit. Try LA. Hot pussy everywhere you look.

  15. SO RIGHT

    The most beautiful woman in the movies today, I think.

  16. No Class

    ehh…looks too sad and sleepy. She isn’t even smiling in any of the 20 photos..not one? come on..and this is classy for now a days

  17. Accuracy

    A thousand hotter chicks on every block in LA.

    Plus Portman is dumber than a rock.

    Last month she equated eating meat to raping children…

    This month? She signed a petition to drop charges against Roman Polansky.

    It doesn’t get much more hypocritical than that.

  18. Anon

    She is perfect looking… I would kill to look like her. Kill!

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  20. Ram Punchington

    Yeah, she’s hot…..until she starts to talk.

    Punchington Out.

  21. Intermino

    Gorgeous. She’s my girl crush. <3

  22. yep, natalie’s my kinda girl

  23. kimk

    how is she dumb as a rock ?

    she graduated from HARVARD

    this woman is classy beautiful and smart :P

    nana nana nana boo boo

  24. just sayin'

    Bush graduated from YALE. What’s your point #24

  25. Inspector gadget

    psycho left-wing beotch!! I just had a juicy steak Natalie!! Suck on that!!

  26. Derek

    I’d convert for her.


  27. Derek

    Fuck it.

    I’d even go VEGAN for her.

    I hear it makes your splooge taste better anyways…

  28. Derek

    Fuck it.

    I’d even go VEGAN for her!

    I hear it makes your splooge taste better anyways…

  29. Jeb

    Hey Derek, would you even wax your vagina for her?!?!?! LOL

  30. Lemmy Caution

    Can’t act her way outtta a paper bag, tho.

  31. Kate

    She’s both beautiful and intelligent, she’s the entire package, I’m in envy and not afraid to admit that, unlike most of the fat, stupid people here who hate their lives so much and are so jealous, they must always write hateful comments.

  32. um


    Her dad was at no point the president of the United States.

  33. Olpol

    Natalie Portman looks just like my girlfriend.

  34. V


    She’s really only a 7.5/8 here too (Detroit). She gets bonus points for the personality, though, which you won’t find out in LA.

  35. Kate

    7.5/8? Are you fucking joking. She is easily a 9.

  36. wanks

    @25 are you fucking stupid? bush’s daddy was in politics and they had money asshole! natalie is a fucking angel….who should be sitting on my penis right now!

  37. Natalie Dorkman

    She’s got an alien-looking whore type quality I admire, but when she opens her mouth, my erection wilts.

    She dumb. And she not afraid to show it.

  38. Roger Clinton

    Alright, but those arms are starting to look like jello.

    Plus she should keep her mouth shut and just look pretty.

    Its what she does best.

  39. Hugh Gentry

    she is so god damn beautiful it hurts.

  40. minx

    @38 and natalie portman was a famous actress when she got accepted into harvard. the olsen twins got into NYU and their daddy wasn’t the president either. colleges are whores for celebrity too, not just plain money, you dumb fuck.

  41. datroof

    Percentage-wise, Jewish girls like it up the pooper more than the rest of the population.

    So she’s got that going for her too.

  42. Steve Dood

    OMG – I would so totally go through the full and painful Orthodox Jewish conversion for that woman. Nummmmmmyyyyyyy.

  43. Loui

    she is simply GORGEOUS!!! wow

    though i hear she is one of those super Jews who went to Israel and became a born again Jew and now she shits on everyone who is not a J O O

    i guess everyone has a flaw…

  44. hard boiled pegg

    Perfection…. I only wish the average stinking, skanky, wanna be hip young female would aspire to this rather than the 2nd rate tramp like Spears, Simpson, Lohan etc.

    I’d respect this one almost enough not spray it on her face.

  45. Jon

    Natalie Portman is one of the only ones worthy of being a celebrity and being posted on this blog.

  46. sexchill

    Is it really? I never heard of that! Frustrated by being still single and not finding your Mr. Right? I know a hot and interesting place for wealthy people and their admirers named**** where I have met my boyfriend. You may take a look.

  47. meme

    Is she color blind? Blue dress, turquoise sash, gold bad, purple shoes??? She made a pretty dress look clownish.

  48. adgg


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