Natalie Portman High

nportman_yearbook.jpgGot a few hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket? I know I know, hookers aren’t free, but you might also consider blowing your cash on Natalie Portman’s High School Yearbook. Among other things, the 1999 Syosset H.S. yearbook includes Natalie’s ‘Senior Superlative’ where she was voted “Most likely to appear on Jeopardy!”

You know, considering how cruel high schoolers can be, that’s actually not too bad. In my my senior yearbook I was voted “Most likely to masturbate to Sesame Street.” I tell you what though, that was the last time I left the webcam on in the living room. That was also the last time I ran around the house wearing my sequined man-thong. Okay, next to last.

Natalie Portman High School Yearbook [eBay]