Natalie Portman gets peed on by a dog

April 22nd, 2008 // 69 Comments

I make it an effort to try and capture the pulse of you, my dear readers. And you came out in force today to tell me the news that is most dearest to your heart: Natalie Portman getting whizzed on by a dog. There’s numerous times I worry if I’m writing to a group of disgruntled, undersexed office workers who will one day stab me in the eye with an optical mouse (Most likely after a Heidi Montag post.). But now I know for certain that you guys are HOLY FUCKING SHIT AWESOME! Seriously, I’d marry you all if not for the whole polygamy is illegal thing. Stupid laws. Anyway, don’t change a bit.

Thanks to Roxie who immediately thought of me after seeing a pooch pee on Natalie. *sniff* I’m so damn proud…

Photo: NY Post

  1. Adhara

    thank you, dog :’)

  2. muchass44

    The dogs name?

    R. Kelly.

  3. Kodos

    Hey, in the dog world, that’s a sign of approval and acceptance….
    Are you telling me you wouldn’t want to “mark your territory” if you had a shot with the lucious Natalie?
    Hike a leg, fellas!!

  4. Chupacabra

    Here is the deal.
    That dog is actually Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, and she’s sick of that goddamned “coat” Nat’s been wearing since last season.

    Capes are OUT, Natalie!!!

  5. Jackson

    I bet Kim Kardaskank would have loved getting peed on ha! But then she would have to change her girdle and she might not have a spare ha!

  6. amma

    Natalie just annoys the hell out of me. It’s that crazed, neurotic look in her eye. Vegan shoes? WTF? How about using some of that $ oh I dunno…to help starving people who didn’t have rich parents? Anyway, anyone seriously wearing a cape deserves to get pissed on. Go dog! They’re such good judges of character.

  7. peed on by a dog

    She looks eerily like Britney here.
    Too bad it wasn’t Britney-she deserves to be peed on by a dog more than poor Natalie.

  8. She's Gone Downhill

    C’mon, people! Ask yourselves — why did the dog pee on her? Because she stinks! Look at that hairy ape she hangs with. Disgusting. She’s one of those pretty girls who feel superior banging ugly, yet “artistic” guys. Damn, she must stink to high heaven by now. No wonder the dog pissed on her. How pathetic.

  9. Mike

    Good. That’s what she gets for supporting Hillary Clinton.

  10. woodhorse

    @55 Yeah, yeah. You and Penelope Price and Vogue.

    For the love of God, can no one tell me where that coat is sold?

  11. EAC

    Gorgeous doggy. Where can I buy one like that from? Does he pee to order?

  12. Jamie's Uterus

    I’m sure Kim Kardashian had an orgasm after hearing about this!

  13. G.I.R.L.


  14. G.I.R.L.


  15. G.I.R.L.


  16. Pía

    I want that dog!!! I LOVE him…nothing against Natalie, but the dog kills me!! waaaaaaahhhahahahahahhaa

  17. Queen Teriqua

    You are a great photographer! That is a one in a million shot and you caught it. I think we all love to get our laughs at the expense of shiny-happy, people that are cute! Especially when something so unusual happens. This is funny!
    keep up the strong work.

  18. dickspitz

    I would love squirting all over Natalie, but it wouldn’t be piss!

  19. dickspitz

    I would love squirting all over Natalie, but it wouldn’t be piss!

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