Natalie Portman gets blonde and angry

July 25th, 2006 // 168 Comments







  1. Add Ennui to the list for those who won’t stop whining about how boring it is here.

  2. twzzlrgirl

    #149 — I agree. If you look back on the archives, the stuff is frickin’ hilarious. But now [yawn], just not funny. The fighting is more entertaining then the stories.

    btw – i heard “Stars are Blind” by Paris Hilton. Before I knew it was her singing, I actually liked the song. Now I have to kill myself…

  3. jrzmommy

    EzEEE– so you’re pretty proud that you started posting here before some of us….You’re like the big Mahat becaue YOU had pissing contestes with other commenters before some of us. I got news for ya, being cavalier about something like that is pretty much the definition of gay. It is.

  4. I just think Superfish Owner Dude has a sadistic sense of humor and likes to see ya’all whine about being bored before he whips out the latest. SOD is a cocktease.

    152–if you really want to kill yourself, Snarkywood was a piece on the Huff that made me want to gouge out my eyes.

  5. mcsegeek1

    I’d still hit that, angry or not.

  6. Ez-EEEE

    153- no its not about timing its about being entertaining. but i know thats something you cant quite understand.

  7. Ez-EEEE

    spatz wtf is a landbeating? is that a smacking with landmans humongous cock?

  8. jrzmommy

    156–so when you exchanged crude insults with people as junk food for YOUR mind it was insightful, cutting-edge and awe inspiring prose and the rest of us are just exchanging crude insults? Okay, Shakespere.

  9. spatz

    it sure is.

  10. Ez-EEEE

    the difference between you and me is far too vast for a short comment.

    WHY are YOU capitalizing RANDOM words FUCKFACE?

    i wonder how many times youve pushed refresh while waiting for a response.

  11. jrzmommy

    160–The difference between you and me is that I really could give a fuck less about this website and the comments made here other than it’s an interesting boredom breaker while you really seem to believe it has been your personal showcase for all of your cleverness. Speaking of hitting refresh buttons, you’re pretty quick with a rebuttal, too. What’s your secret, if you’re not hitting a refresh button?

  12. scoos

    I would hit it until i collapsed.

  13. primaleyes

    I guess celebs wish they had a license to kill paparazzi. If you gave them one though, it would only lead to them demanding an extension to cover… fans, vagrants , children etc….

  14. Laura

    She must really like that sweater. It’s the same one she wore on her date with Jake:

  15. AmberDextrose

    I’d hit it (the refresh key, that is).

  16. ERLynx12

    i like when celebrities freak out at the people who take the pictures of them for the people who are buying the magazines who are the people who are paying their entire salaries. acting is 100% easy and it takes 0 hard work. i dont care what anyone says, acting is simple, all those people who are freaking out at papparazzo, your life is simple, their life of taking pictures is much harder than yours. leave them alone. also, fuck you.

  17. herbiefrog

    #70 wtf?
    oh… other thread…
    no energy

  18. I love her! whatever she’s gonna do, I still love her.
    She never want to be on the first pages of magazine “people”. She is not so stupid like paris “the bitch”

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