Natalie Portman dates billionaire Nat Rothschild


25-year-old Natalie Portman is reportedly dating 35-year-old British billionaire Nat Rothschild. The two had dinner at Wilton’s restaurant in London earlier this week and a source tells The Daily Mail:

“A casually dressed Natalie and a female friend pulled up in a chauffeured Audi at around 9pm and went into the restaurant. Nat (Rothschild) arrived on foot five minutes later. After three hours Natalie came out with her pal, who was holding hand’s with Nat’s friend, and they got into her car. A bit later, Nat ran down the street, jumped in next to Natalie and they all drove off.”

I’d comment on his looks but when you’re the co-chairman of Atticus Capital and worth a billion dollars none of that really matters. He could be 2′ 3″ and have a second head growing out of his back and I’d still ask if he’d like to spend the night. His face might be a negative 10 or 20 points, but having enough to money to build a giant robot version of yourself is worth at least 100 gajillion.