Natalie Portman dates billionaire Nat Rothschild

October 12th, 2006 // 84 Comments

25-year-old Natalie Portman is reportedly dating 35-year-old British billionaire Nat Rothschild. The two had dinner at Wilton’s restaurant in London earlier this week and a source tells The Daily Mail:

“A casually dressed Natalie and a female friend pulled up in a chauffeured Audi at around 9pm and went into the restaurant. Nat (Rothschild) arrived on foot five minutes later. After three hours Natalie came out with her pal, who was holding hand’s with Nat’s friend, and they got into her car. A bit later, Nat ran down the street, jumped in next to Natalie and they all drove off.”

I’d comment on his looks but when you’re the co-chairman of Atticus Capital and worth a billion dollars none of that really matters. He could be 2′ 3″ and have a second head growing out of his back and I’d still ask if he’d like to spend the night. His face might be a negative 10 or 20 points, but having enough to money to build a giant robot version of yourself is worth at least 100 gajillion.


  1. jrzmommy

    Nat and Natalie…..Natalie and Nat…… How are we ever gonna come up with something clever like Brangelina or Vinifer with Nat and Natalie to work with?

  2. GirlyGirl

    We could just call them Natty-Nat-Nat-Natty-Nat! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. damn, I bored myself just then! Sorry, guys…

  3. BarbadoSlim

    Nat and Nat is not workable, rules say we with last names in that type of situation.

    Celebrity composite name shall be:


  4. RichPort

    NatNat Port$hild… excellent.

  5. jrzmommy


  6. BarbadoSlim

    And may I wish a good morning to all of us regulars who are enjoying the good life as we do not have to work and we can spend the day posting here while we count our money and have our Lamborghinis detailed.
    A TOAST!!!

  7. jrzmommy

    Barbado–Good Morning! I actually pay someone to count my money for me while I pitch black jujyfruits at them from my diamond encrusted throne. I love the no job thing! Whoever said gainful employment is fulfilling was an asshat!

  8. RichPort

    My Maybach runs on shredded hundred dollar bills, leaving water and fucking daisies as its primary emissions. I actually dictate my potential posts to my Guats who, because they are quite small, hop from key to key typing it out for me. Feel free to blame any spelling mishaps on them, and this bumpy road… I enjoy rolling down my darkly tinted windows only slightly to salute the masses middle-fingeredly as they toil increasing my net worth.

    A toast indeed.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    An asshat indeed jz, asshat in-fucking-deed, average joe douchebag doesn’t know the meaning of the good life.

  10. jrzmommy


  11. BigJim

    Was it good for you, kris?

  12. jrzmommy

    By the way, the Eva Longoria/Lola Sheen dress thing is great. They should print that in the Enquirer or the Star –whichever one has the little section “Who Wore it Best?”

  13. Who gives a Gnats ass?

  14. Bad_kitty_cat


  15. jrzmommy

    One of the funnier things I’ve read in a while, on gofugyourself:

    PARIS: Dude, I’m so happy we’re friends again.

    NICOLE: Me too.

    PARIS: You make me look so tall and healthy.

    NICOLE: You make me feel so small and delicate. And smart. I enjoy that.

    PARIS: I’m just glad we’re over that thing that happened.

    NICOLE: Me too. Our friendship is more important.

    PARIS: I know. I mean, bros before hos, right? I seriously never would have hooked up with him if I knew you really liked him.

    NICOLE: What?

    PARIS: Stabby. If I’d known you were THAT into him, I never would have stolen him from you.

    NICOLE: Huh?


    NICOLE: Who is Stabby Nachos?

    PARIS: You know, tall? Greek? Your boyfriend?

    NICOLE: Stavros Niarchos?

    PARIS: That is what I SAID. STABBY NACHOS.

    NICOLE: He’s not my boyfriend.

    PARIS: He was until I stole him from you.

    NICOLE: What?

    PARIS: Or was that your sister?

    NICOLE: I don’t HAVE a sister. YOU have a sister.

    PARIS: We both have sisters, dumbass. We’re both the skinny sister! Woo! Remember?

    NICOLE: Paris. I don’t have a sister.

    PARIS: Um, did they give you electroshock therapy when you were in that eating disorder thingie? You totally have a sister. You guys were on that TV show forever, like when you were little kids? Remember? You guys are twins, or something.

    NICOLE: Paris, that’s Mary-Kate Olsen.

    PARIS: YOU’RE Mary-Kate Olsen.


    PARIS:…are you sure?


    PARIS: Really? Because I think you’re wrong. You look just like her. Do you have your driver’s license with you? Because I don’t think I believe you.


    PARIS: Then who the hell are you?


    PARIS: Richie?


    PARIS: Oh.


    PARIS: Um. So, this is awkward.


    PARIS: I guess the friends thing is off again, then.

    NICOLE: You know what you did.

  16. 86

    65 that was hilarious!

  17. …But he’s such a nice guy. It’s not the money. Nuh-uh.

  18. AppleChamp

    He’s related to the Balfour Declaration guy!!!! Yay!

  19. herbiefrog

    lol 65, and all the time…#

    …you never thought it was nat :)


  20. #2…I don’t know, why?

    OK…now you say the punchline…go

  21. sid

    #2: WHY DO JEWS HAVE SO MUCH MONEY?????????????

    Pleased to answer your question :)

    Normal Jews are okay, but many “Jews” are really descendants of the Khazzars, a warlike people who adopted Judaism en masse many years ago.

    This is where the Zionists come from, who actually persecuted other Jews themselves, to lobby for the need for the illegal state of Israel to be created after WWII.

    And, if you think Israel makes sense, just goddamn well remember that “Holocaust” is not ONLY a Jewish thing. THere were many other Holocausts, but the “Hoilocuast” industry is meant to deify JEws, making anything they do beyond criticism. Where is the homeland and nukes for the American Indian? THe black man? Well?

    Here I am criticizing Israel. Oh, “ANTI-SEMITE!!! NAZI!!!”

    Right? Right.

    Anyway, these maniacs who call themselves Jews are just an evil bunchof fuckls who want to enslave humanity. They did 911 with the help of the US governent. 911 was an inside job:

    JEws in general stick together and forgive each others’ debts. That alone makes them powerful. Also, in their Talmud, all non-Jews are referred to as “goyim,” and sub-human.

    Our soliders are dying in Afgahanistan and Iraq for Israel, not AMerica. ANd Israel doesn’t give a shit, notr does it care about all the Palestinians it kills every year, holding its stolen land.

    THe Rothschilds are a Jewish banking family, which this guy AMY be a part of, I dont know, but that’s why your ears pricked up when you read “Rothschild.”

    Even good JEws will support Israel, as it is the “Jewish state.” But it’s really home base for evil and total enslavemtn of humanity.

    JEw run American and our media, so whenever you talk about this subject, you won’t get on TV, and those who do speak a little on the net are labelled as “snti-semities” by all these people:

    As long as they run things, stick together,m support the evil of Israel and believe all non-Jews are sub-human, they’ll have all the money, and soon, with the fake War on Terror, they’ll have the whole world.

    Now before you ban me, realize that anyone can go on TV, and make fun of Arabs fucking camerls all day, and an antheist can tell God to fuck off, but if you say ONE WORD about Israel, or mention what the Talmud says……….

    ……..”ANTI-SEMITE!!!! NAZI!!!!!! HOLOCAUST DENIER!!!!!!!!!!”

    Only I believe the Jewish Holocaust DID happen. Thing is, I also know other peoples had Holocausts, too!

  22. herbiefrog

    someone said…

    “Now before you ban me, realize that anyone can go on TV, and make fun of Arabs fucking camerls all day, and an antheist can tell God to fuck off, but if you say ONE WORD about Israel, or mention what the Talmud says……….”

    …so what’s your point?
    …you think people who follow judaism
    …are like… different from the rest of us?

    …they say when times get bad
    …people look for scapegoats

    …so what is it you are looking for?

    …your very own goat?

    [and by the way, we're not jewish...]
    [we're just human :) ]

    oh we have some quotes for you…

  23. sid

    As you can tell, I wrote that pretty quick, as this subject will be wiped soon.

    “…you think people who follow judaism
    …are like… different from the rest of us?”

    No, Judaism is just another organized religion, and makes no difference to me. One of my favourite guys was Dr. Leo Buscaglia, and he had a Jewish neighbor as a kid, and remembered many good times. I’ve only known two Jews in my life, and they were okay.

    Zionism is to Judaism as David Koresh and Waco are to ordinary Christians. It’s a very complicated subject, and there’s no time to get into it all here, but it’s a fact you can’t bitch about Jews in the media without getting branded a Nazi, an anti-semite, and a Holocaust-denier. All the big guns come out, right away, and it’s not fair.

    Jews suffered a Holocaust, but so did other people. You can bitch all you want about Blacks and Native Americans, but nobody labels you as a slavemaster or genocidal cowboy. Where the fuck are the “never agains” and memorials to the Blacks and Indians? Where are they?

    “…they say when times get bad
    …people look for scapegoats”

    It’s not a scapegoat. You can call it that and I can’t stop you, but it’s the REASON.

    I’m not saying all Jews are rich, but many of the richest people are Jewish. Check out my links…Jews do run Hollywood. Even that ain’t so bad, but the Jews, right or wrong, most of them (certainly not all of them) support the illegal state of Israel, and that fucking illegal state is the reason for this fake War on Terror.

    Why shouldn’t the Arabs be pissed? The Zionists stole their land and killed their people for no reason at all. White Germans brought the Jewish Holocaust, not brown Palestinians. Don’t you ever consider that?

    I don’t even consider the Zionists to be real Jews, just like I don’t consider David Koresh to have been a real Christian. Wanna see some Jews who don’t support Israel? Here you go:

    Be sure to send THEM your Hitler comments, too.

    Afghanistan and Iraq had no amries to send to us, but we’ve blown them to hell, anyway. What the fuck for? For Israel.

    You might think Mel Gibson is an asshole, and he is, but he’s not barking mad. He’s a pretty cool guy, and he has every right to be pissed off, because the Zionists and the complacent normal Jews are keeping the whole damn thing going.

    There you go. Be sure to tune in to Leno every night for the daily Arabs-fucking-a-camel joke.

    Make fun of the Indians, do a “chop chop” at the baseball games…do what you want, but nboody makes fun of the Jews.

    Because they control the media, and they sold us the invasion of Iraq, and the War on Terror, and they keep the WTC collapses off the TV, because the evidence of demolition is in them.

    Clinton, who dodged the draft to smoke weed in Europe, said he’d “DIE FOR ISRAEL.”

    Doesn’t give a fuck about America, but he’d die for that damned state of Israel.

    Melf Gibson is an asshole, but he’s right.

  24. emily <3

    That’s disgusting

  25. tsarinaamanda


    I’m impressed that you know about the Rothschilds financing Hitler. I bet you get called an “ANTI-SEMITE, OMGZ!11″ for saying that….It’s only OK if you quote from the approved Jewish-written history, didn’t you know that? (Even though you’re RIGHT!)

    Which leads me to #73-74:

    I see that you like to quote Hitler. Here’s a quote for you..

    “I have placed my death-head formations in readiness

  26. sid

    #76: I’m glad that you and I understand it. God bless the two of us. For what it’s worth, heres another story from a blog I follow:

    These Khazzar/Zionists are pure evil. They intend to enslave humanity, and their plan is being put into place, piece by piece, every day. Unlike the time of Hitler, when people could organize and plot aginst him (as our founding fathers recommend, to even overthrow our own government if needs be), once this matrix of robots, surveilance and computers is put into place, we’ll be slaves.


    I enjoy this website because it shits on celebrity. And worshipping Hollywood assholes is keeping us distracted. Once the hammer falls on us little people, do you think that folks like Janet Jackson, who chews out her staff when her mineral water isn’t cold enough, will care?

    I bought Vibe magazine last month, because Janet was in it. She is a sexy bitch, but when people like her keep saying that they believe in God, it’s a lie. Shes a greedy, self-indulgent pig, just like Donald Trump and all the rest…Britney Spears…the lot of them. Celebs make up less than 1% of the population, but we live in a fantasyland which makes us think it’s far more. It’s just a few assholes at the top who will have money when the hammer falls, but we little people will be FUCKED, FUCKED, FUCKED!!!!

    If I was rich, I’d be buying lots of silver coins, food, water and vitamins. Think it can’t happen? The great depression wasn’t all that long ago, about 70 years. Keep in mind that “Star Wars” is now 30 years old.

    The bankers are killing us. The hundreds of billions it took to go to Iraq is all BORROWED, at fucking INTEREST, from PRIVATE BANKERS. We are being destroyed.

    It’s hard to critcize once the dead come back in coffins. “MY SON DIED!!!! Don’t you dare say anything!!!!”

    Well, sorry, but your sons and daughters are dying for a fucking lie, are not fighting for our freedom, and are just cannon fodder for Israel.

    Stuff your bullshit about this being for “our freedom,” or the “liberation” of Iraq. WE PUT SADDAM IN THERE, FOR CRISSAKES! We’re all getting fucked.

    You see all these motherfucking celebs we make fun of? Those are the kinds of people who will be running our fucking LIVES

  27. Mouseios

    1.) Why the Fuck are we talking religious rhetoric when this is a site on the commentary about the crazy and shallow world of celebrity and Hollywood? Who gives a fuck if Portman is dating a Jew? I would take a Jew over a scientologist or Brandon Davis any day!

    #73 Bravo and well said. Who would have thought it possible that a vagrant like Hitler could have risen to power and become one of the most destructive leaders of the 20th century?

    # 72, There is a slight problem with your argument. The biggest problem you have is your data is historically inaccurate and partial truths taken out of context.

    2. There is no possible way that you can quantify that many “Jews” are really descendants of the Khazzars, a warlike people who adopted Judaism en masse many years ago. How does one differentiate between ‘normal’ Jews and the ‘warlike Jews’?

    The date of the Khazzars who adopted Judaism was between the 8-9th centuries. However, there is still the existence of about 2200 years of Judaism that predates this conversion. A time frame that includes successful battles fought against the expansionist Roman War machine against the Jews in Palestine. If your argument is based upon “warlike people” What is your point? History is littered with “War like’ people like the Persians, Romans, Goths, Vandals, Saxons, Vikings, Huns, Mongols, Russians, Turks, Muslims, etc. This list can go right up to the colonialist period of the 19th century. So, What is your point?

    3. Yes. There where other Holocausts like the Boar war, the Spanish Ten Year War, and the Armenian Genocide during the First World War. Actually, like many other topics Hitler was wrong about the Armenian Genocide it was never forgotten by the world or the Media. In fact, as of last week this so-called forgotten topic was in the news. On the 12 October, the French National Assembly adopted a “bill calling for up to a year in prison and fines of up to 56,000 U.S. dollars for anyone who denies the Armenian genocide in the early 20th century.” The concept of other Holocaust including the U.S. massacre against native Americans and the British/Australian annihilation of the native inhabitants of Tasmania did not gain legitimacy through the U. N. until 1946 when the U.N. undertook for the first time the task of identifying and condemning mass atrocities. Now, we have the Darfur genocide occurring in real time, but why should anyone give a fuck about that? Where is the UN to intervene? The world does not give a shit because it is not the Jews doing the dirty work. So, why should the world care? Send in the Israeli army to Dafur than maybe we will get some international intervention.

    4. You said, “where is the homeland and nukes for the American Indian? The black man? Well?” The homeland for the Blackman actually exists. It is called Liberia. As for the American Indian, the whole point of the reservation is that it is an independent sovereign nation outside of the control of the American government. Why do you think the governor of N.Y. State is trying so hard to gain control of the N.Y. Indian reservations? He wants a chunk of all the big money that the casino, cigarettes, and gas are bringing in. It is about time that the Native American Indian got to screw over the white man so do something good today and support your local Native American casino.

    5. You said, “JEws in general stick together and forgive each others’ debts. That alone makes them powerful.” Again, I fail to see what your point is. Based on your statement I guess you could say that all Muslims stick together too. According to the Koran it is prohibitive for Muslims to receive or pay interest on loans. There are Muslim owned banks in the UK and around the world that do not charge Muslims any interest on loans. Not to mention the Wasp Freemasons that can make things happen or disappear if your a member. I am guessing your not a member of the Freemason?

    6. You said, “Also, in their Talmud, all non-Jews are referred to as “goyim,” and sub-human.” Again what is your point? Goyim is plural for a non-Jew. The Muslims call outsiders Kafir/Gigour: Non Muslims or infidels. The Arabs call outsiders: Ferenji-European Foreigner. The Japanese called outsiders: Gaijin. The Crusaders called anyone who was a non-Christian a Paynim and the Byzantines called anyone who was a foreigner a Barbarian. So, what is so evocative about Goyim? The term Barbarian was not meant as a compliment in the Byzantine period it was a slur. A derogatory term in reference to outsiders is nothing new historically. So, what is your point? My personal favourite is the Chinese term for Europeans as White Devils.

    7. The Israel/ Palestinian issue is the biggest con of the last 60 years. Israel’s the scapegoat and Palestine and the Palestinians are the throw away pawns. Russia and France sell arms to the Palestinians. America and Britain sell arms to Israel. China sells arms to both sides. Everybody makes money and everyone is happy. Mean while, America and the EU provides the largest finical assistance of any country to help sustain the Palestinians. Then there is the interloping role of its Arab neighbors who have been against any Palestinian advancement or existence since 1948. There were seven countries that originally fought the Zionist: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Yemen. After an unsuccessful military campaign that barely lasted a year and had failed to drive the Jews into the ocean, despite the fact that it was 7-1 and the Arabs could outnumber, and out gun the Jews. As well as, the British government passing on Israeli logistics. Yet they failed. All seven pissed off to their homelands leaving the Palestinians to become refugees. Does anyone actually believe that the seven Arab countries were actually ever going to give land to the Palestinians, please they wanted it for themselves. Then there is the rarely publicized fact that the Palestinians have always been looked down up by their Arab neighbors and treated like shit by them. Which is why it was so easy for King Hussein of Jordan to send in his commandos to bombard the Palestinian refugee camp filled with women and children in 1970? In the early 1980′s, President Assad of Syria slaughtered Palestinians too. But, who cares, as it is not the evil Jew’s killing Palestinians. Arabs killing Palestinians Good= Jews killing Palestinians bad.

    Then there is the question of Arafat?s money. Whilst, the vast majority of Palestinians live in poverty the lovely widow Arafat and child get to live in a luxury apartment in Paris with a nice billion dollar fortune left by Arafat. How does a leader who loved his people so much come to have a net worth around a billion dollars that he didn’t have before he took over the role of leader? Beats me, I am sure it was accumulated legitimately.

    This whole issue is fraught with misleading rhetoric and propagandistic mantras by both sides. Who really knows what the truth is? Revisionist history is constantly being written regarding this issue so that one side can appear morally just then the other.

  28. Boobies.


    Sorry, had to lighten the mood.

  29. sid

    #78: I know the Super has to move on, so I’m only wriitng this for whoever might read it all before it’s deleted. I have read your entire post. Where we can agree is, indeed, who knows what the truth of this matter is?

    Here’s one from you: “You said, “where is the homeland and nukes for the American Indian? The black man? Well?

  30. Brak

    He should look into buying a new skull.

  31. woah…that’s a sketchy date if i ever saw one

  32. Briiian Patix

    to the BLOGGER:
    So, even if he was 2 feet tall and had a 2nd head growing you’d still DO him, go down on him or have sex or whatever??
    Doesn’t that make you a whore?
    Now, don’t get me wrong:
    1. you’d be a VERY well paid prostitute
    2. lotsa women do it everyday, for a whole lot less.
    3. One can argue that traditional christian marriage is a form of prostitution: The man brings in cash, the woman provides sex and does the housework.
    4. after seeing “Indecent Proposal”, I asked all my female friends if they would sleep with a guy for a million bucks. Half of them said: Of course, are you retarded?

    Still …. if you’d only do it, coz of the money, no matter how ugly he was or how much you did not like him in any way, yer still a whore.
    Hah! betcha won’t blog this … ;)

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