Natalie Portman & Johnny Depp Signed The Word ‘Tampon’ In Paul McCartney’s New Video. Whoops.

April 19th, 2012 // 61 Comments
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Last week, the new video for Paul McCartney‘s “My Valentine” was released, and everyone tripped over themselves to say how awesome Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman were for signing the lyrics. It was a veritable hipster orgasm all over a tweed jacket of smug satisfaction. Turns out nobody bothered to consult an actual deaf person because they both managed to sign the wrong words basically ruining the song for people who already couldn’t hear it to begin with. At least Hitler had the decency to eventually kill his victims. That’s all I’m saying. Via Spinner:

As deaf music fans have pointed out, Depp makes the motion for the word “enemy” while attempting “valentine” — a pretty big misstep considering the title of the song. “My Enemy,” anyone? As for Portman’s performance in the black-and-white clip, instead of the word “appear,” she actually signs the word “tampon.” Depp makes the same error. Pretty embarrassing, yes.

Amazingly, The British Deaf Association chastises the production for not using a deaf person only to turn around and give it an “‘A’ for effort” because apparently deaf people are kind of whiny anyway. “Yes, you completely ruined the song for the hearing impaired, but have you ever really talked to these people? Biiittchhhy.

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  1. What’s the sign for “pretentious assholes”?

  2. Bonky

    You know porn star Olivia O’Lovely knows sign language. I’m just saying this could have been a much better music video and she would have got the words right as well.

  3. Frank Burns

    Too bad Ashton Kutcher wasn’t in the video, then they could have had a douchebag and a tampon.

  4. minesweeper

    I just looked up the ASL signs for valentine and enemy, he most certainly did not say enemy. But he fucked up valentine. The equivalent in English is probably a little mumble and drooling on yourself a little. but he for sure didn’t say enemy.

    • Burt

      BSL and ASL are different, which may have contributed to the confusion.

      • GeorgeWBush

        Had a feeling there would be a difference between BSL (British Sign Language) and ASL (American Sign Language) since there’s also a distinct differences between American English and British English. What do you expect when you have American actors signing for a British rocker. The British Deaf Association are lucky McCartney didn’t have Kid Rock doing the signing in WTSL (White-Trash Sign Language), every other sign would of been the middle finger- or for the Brits a flying “V”

  5. tits mcgee

    Man, Johnny Depp looks rough.

    • journalschism

      It’s probably because we haven’t seen what the guy actually looks like in 20 years with all the costumes and makeup and crap. It startled me when I saw him basically looking like a regular dude in the ’21 Jump Street’ movie.

  6. tits mcgee

    “Guise, look really forlorn. Good, good, now dial it up to 11.”

  7. Cock Dr

    With all his money Sir Paul couldn’t hire decent production staff and checkers to make sure that didn’t happen?

  8. Alright, I’ll be the bitch to say it but “as deaf music fans have pointed out”??? the what now?

  9. Marley

    Holy Christ…This was the most embarrassingly pretentious video I have EVER seen. Why is it in black and white? Why is Johnny Depp doing his best poker face? Why are Natalie Portman’s eyes so inexplicably wide and staring?
    Da fuq did I just watch?

  10. Peed In Your Drink

    In all fairness, listening to Paul’s post-Beatles work makes me envy the deaf.

    • dooood

      aww cmon, he had a bunch of good songs…… in the 70s

    • dooood

      awwww cmon, he had a bunch of good songs…… in the 70′s

      • dooood

        crap… my bad

      • Dick Hell

        Sir Paul greatly appreciates your 25% support (one decade out of four is better than nothing). Since John, Paul and George had to compete for space on each LP, at the time of the split all three had a backlog of strong, unused material (George especially since he was usually only allotted one song per side). As a result their early solo albums were for the most part very good. None of that Wings stuff appeals to me though and the post Wings McCartney is simply a cure for insomnia.

    • clint eatswood

      he is more worried about impressing the illuminati and has lost his edge – John was right in calling him a “cunt”

  11. So what’s next, sending Val Kilmer as a strippergram to the National Federation of the Blind?

  12. Livinus Nwambe

    “a hipster orgasm all over a tweed jacket of smug satisfaction.”

    Fish, you are not commended frequently enough for being goddamn hilarious. I am using that at the first opportunity. Thank you, sir!

  13. The last good celebrity music video.

  14. KC

    In all seriousness, what is a “deaf music fan?” What are they a fan of? The vibration? The lyrics? The videos? Please enlighten me.

    • Peed In Your Drink

      (this is true) When the deaf throw parties they turn the bass on the stereo all the way up and crank it. It can be a bit of a strain for any hearing friends in attendance (or neighbors) but their turf, their rules.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Hipsters everywhere just sprayed PBR out of their mouths at the insolence of it all..

  16. David Green

    Why the Hitler reference? Seriously could you be any worse of a person for bringing that into this and the way you said it is really shameful. What the hell does that have to do with this?

    • Peed In Your Drink

      He wasn’t referring to THAT Hitler. A completely different Hitler who by some unlikely coincidence was also a mass murderer.

    • dooood

      not like its too soon.
      if you don’t make fun of the biggest piece of shit in history, how you ever gonna get past it?


      • David Green

        I hear you but I think if you read the text he’s not exactly making fun of Hitler so much as “Hitler finishing the job” which I found really offensive and just thought it had no place whatsoever in this post.

  17. OldeWolf

    How funny that BSL signers are whining about ASL words used in the video. Just because our ASL doesn’t match theirs doesn’t mean ASL is wrong. Next time, if they want BSL instead of ASL, go find the right persons instead of whining about it.

    And yes, I’m Deaf and uses ASL.

    • Frank Burns

      Lets you and I sneak over to Britain and put superglue on all the teacups of the British deaf, and then have a laugh while they futilely try to sign something with their fingers stuck to the cups. You can sign “ASL rules all, bitches!” and then we get the hell out of there.

  18. Angie

    If they had signed “Linda McCartney sucks cocks in hell” it would have been much more entertaining.

  19. LordAtama

    I have always thought so

  20. Heary

    I hate the deaf. They are the most miserable assholes ever, and “deaf pride” is stupid.

    • Frank Burns


    • I’m cool with the deaf…although I do have serious misgivings about “deaf culture” and little more than contempt for parents who refuse to get their children cochlear implants and such.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

        Unbelievably, sometimes mud thrown at the funny wall doesn’t stick. Don’t make a song & dance about it, just let it slide as something that didn’t work for you.

  21. fauxrage

    Were it only possible for the hearing impaired to oh, I don’t know…find a copy of the lyrics somewhere! Yes that would do nicely.

  22. judging you

    The stupid part is that this is one of the few times actors are getting blame they don’t deserve, when it’s usually them putting the blame on someone else for something they did.

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Hi fuck, go fuck yourself.

  24. Anthony

    I can’t stand either of these 2 pretentious celebutards (Portman and Depp) ever since they came out publicly in support of that pedo old man Roman Polanski.

    I couldn’t they were defending a child rapist.

    They are both money-hungry brown-nosing ass-kissing cock-sucking gold-digging Euro-wannabe cunts who will support ANYONE so long as it helps their career.

    Depp is even worse because he’s a father (Portman hadn’t become a mother yet at the time of the Polanski scandal) and he’s also much older and should have known better.

    Both are disgusting vile creatures.

  25. Now Wow

    Portman is a REAL actress who –seems– to have
    some kind of conscience.

    We’re baffled by her SILENCE on Hollywood’s role
    in predictive programming for EUGENICS or the
    4 decades of cover up of the yet unfolding
    EUGENICS ‘friendly’ RED Chinese Halocaust.

    As we stand perhaps 3 years from receivership
    to the RED Chinese regime —this is WAY NOT GOOD.

    • viper

      Portman with a CONSCIENCE?! Where was her conscience when 2006 happened or every.single.time Israel kills thousands upon thousands of innocent Palestinian CHILDREN, where is her conscience for Palestinians at all. iIn her own words she compared them to Native Americans and said that such things are only NATURAL and we shouldn’t make an issue of it. Lightly talking about literally an extermination of native people of a country she calls her own – is VILE

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