Natalie Portman Quit Being a Vegan

April 11th, 2011 // 165 Comments

By the way this news has been breathlessly reported over the past hour you’d just assume the Earth has spun off its axis, or worse, Charlie Sheen came up with a new catchphrase. Anyway, Natalie Portman has apparently given up being a vegan while pregnant, but only to become just a regular old vegetarian, so naturally the drama is palpable. Us Magazine reports:

“I actually went back to being vegetarian when I became pregnant, just because I felt like I wanted that stuff,” she said during a Monday phone interview with the Q100 Bert Show in Atlanta. “I was listening to my body to have eggs and dairy and that sort of stuff.”
“I know there are people who do stay vegan,” she added, “but I think you have to just be careful, watch your iron levels and your B12 levels and supplement those if there are things you might be low in in your diet.”
The Oscar-winning actress — who became a vegan in 2009 after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals — doesn’t regret her decision to become a vegetarian again.
“If you’re not eating eggs, then you can’t have cookies or cake from regular bakeries, which can become a problem when that’s all you want to eat,” she laughed. “I actually wanted eggs at the beginning and then they grossed me out after awhile.”

So basically Natalie Portman has gone from one pretentious lifestyle to a slightly less pretentious one. My, God, she’s practically Hitler. An ironically Jewish Hitler, but Hitler nonetheless. Now, quickly, hide Anne Frank in the attic with the eggs. Herr Führer wants macaroons!

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  1. Scott

    Awesome Boobies!

    • Lane Meyer

      Mark this under ” who gives a shit ” .

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        She is just another Hollywood Jew, pretty until she smiles and the way her teeth are says it all.
        An Oscar for playing a schizophreniac closeted lesbian in believable way…how nice, it’s all about highest standard of performance and pofessionalism and dignity and class isn’t it, or perhaps depravity and lies they shove down our throats every fucking day. What was the message of that film again?
        No person with half moral standards would agree to play a part in such a film and then accept an (!) Oscar from it – a joke
        This makes me want to puke although I am not pregnant! Just like that time when Barack Obama got Noble Peace prize – repulsive.

    • Roman Polanski

      I never understood how she claimed to be vegetarian/vegan to save animals yet she supported child rapist Roman Polanski just because he’s a director she once worked with??!! What insane logic this crazy chick has.

      Polanski vaginally, orally, and anally raped a 13 year old child and loaded her with drugs and alcohol so she wouldn’t fight him too much. The girl and her family NEVER EVER got justice. And Portman actually has the nerve to defend him and support his work??!!

      Hollywood is like another planet – far far from Earth.

  2. Kudos to her for listening to her body. :3

    • chupacabra

      She should have eaten a goddamned hamburger or two. Bitch.

    • FYI

      It’s not listening to her body, it’s being lazy. She gets to be pretentious when she’s vegan for like, a year, but then pretend animals don’t suffer when she wants cake. And there ARE a ton of vegan bakeries, and she’s rich enough to hire a pastry chef to make her some damn vegan cake, and she’s smart enough to read a recipe and make her own damn cake. All would be just as delicious as cake with eggs, etc (if you don’t believe me, try a vegan bakery sometime. Seriously, it’s like angels cooked a goddamn cupcake)

      I don’t understand how she can just laugh off this decision. She was not only helping animals, she was a role model for others.

  3. Natalie Portman Oscars
    Commented on this photo:

    Maybe she can quit being a prude and show her little flappy tits on camera

  4. Can Vegans eat animal crackers?


  5. Cock Dr

    I wouldn’t call all vegans pretentious but as a person who’s been living with one for nearly 2 decades I can say that maintaining the lifestyle can be a huge pain in the ass.
    Good luck Ms. Portman. Enjoy those cookies.

    • some dude

      You must have the patience of a saint. Or perhaps you’re just stupid. Either way, what a douche.

      • Cock Dr

        A woman can put up with a lot of goofy behavior so long as the sex is great & the man is clean & well behaved.

    • you’re just used to tuning it out. Vegans are the most pretentious people on the planet, it’s literally impossible for someone to be vegan and not be an insufferable asshole.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      How is he (your man) clean if he is probably having diahrea round the clock from not eating meat. Just an actual thought

      • Michael Gonzales


        How does NOT eating meat give you diarrhea? LMFAO. Makes no sense. If anything, they are healthier.

        I’m not a vegan but dang that was an incredibly retarded comment to make. Usually vegans tend to be healthier and cleaner cuz meat is loaded with hormones and antibiotics. But there is organic free range beef. That’s the best to buy.

  6. hoyage

    Clearly not true she must like sausage every now and then :o

  7. Suddenly, I have a preggo fetish.

  8. Deacon Jones

    I used to work with 3 Vegans. They were all white as sheets and about 40-80 pounds overweight from eating pasta everyday.

    • Cher X

      i worked with a vegan too, and she was fat. But I would see her do things like down massive amounts of curly fries.

      And yes, she was pale too.

      • Deacon Jones

        They’re anemic from not eating any type of meat.

      • Lux

        In my eyes, vegans are those kids who *always* had to have something extra made for them at a party or a family gathering. Just darn picky eaters. And yes, almost always pale and overweight.
        And maybe it’s just that I work in pediatrics, but it’s almost morally reprehensible to be a vegan pregnant woman.

    • chupacabra

      Humans were meant to rip and tear flesh and eat meat. We’ve got canine teeth, and were scavengers up until just a few thousand years ago. Hell, some of us (freegans, tribal people) are still scavengers.

      • eatme

        …a few thousand years ago there were only a few million of us and we had to actually get off the “sofa” and hunt animals fairly ourselves.

      • Chacha

        Actually, we have the teeth of herbivores, as well as the digestive system. Humans were meant to eat a plant diet.

      • Richard McBeef

        @cha cha – expand your reading material beyond peta propaganda. Take a gander inside a cow’s mouth, a wolves mouth, and then in your mouth.

        fucking wanker.

      • mpath1

        umm…we’re omnivores. eat what you like/can and relax.

      • thatswhatshesaid

        @ Lux
        You are a fucking moron. What about people who don’t eat meat, by choice, and are also lactose intolerant? What a bunch of self-centered fucks for not eating or drinking dairy, and not wanting to sit on the can shitting their guts out for hours. Here’s a tip: google lactose intolerance, and you’ll find that humans aren’t even designed to digest lactose after infancy, ya know, when you stop sucking on your mother’s tit; they stop producing lactase to break down the lactose at a very young age, and that’s when you should stop drinking milk altogether.
        Now, there are people who are intelligent enough to research the foods they put into their bodies, and know that a meat and dairy laden diet is complete shit. Obviously you are one of the dumb fucks who doesn’t know or care enough to check out what you’re eating.
        The fact that you work in pediatrics and spew that level of stupidity is embarrassing. What is morally reprehensible about not eating meat and dairy? Those are two food groups you literally DO NOT need to ever eat in your life, and you can be extremely healthy.

      • Canine teeth?

        No, just no. Besides that human teeth can’t really chew through flesh and meat–try to bite into the side of a cow. Without a snout, good damn luck. Your back teeth do all the heavy lifting when it comes to chewing, not your canines, but bravo–the human digestive system can’t digest raw beef (hell, cooked beef has to rot in your colon before it goes anywhere); human ‘claws’ can’t tear flesh; and without tools, most people would be pretty SOL at even catching the animals. Don’t think you’re strong enough to kill most of the big slow moving ones, fast enough to catch the small fast ones, or strong enough to defend yourself against the big fast ones. The human body is obviously built to eat mainly vegetables, but the good news is we’re nice enough to supply food to the stupid people too–case in point chupacabra

    • eatme

      i’m going to slit your dog’s throat and roast it on a skewer.
      relax and have a beer, dood.

    • eatme

      @Carolla is right
      …I assure you that I am not a college freshman. I am a business professional. I also assure you that I know my ass from a hole in the ground.

      The question here is whether vegans deserve to be ridiculed for avoiding animal by-products, more often than not, because they cannot tolerate the cruelty and subjugation we, human beings, have brought to the “animal kingdom”.

      Apparently you do.

      • Vegans do not deserve to be ridiculed for avoiding animal by-products. I would never presume to tell someone what they can and cannot include in their diet.

        SOME vegans (I would say most, but that’s a purely anecdotal statement) deserve to be ridiculed for presuming to tell everyone else how they should live their lives. I’m all in favor of preventing animal cruelty, and I agree that the factory farming complex is a bad thing; however, that doesn’t mean that meat is murder and condemning people for a dietary choice is stupid and hypocritical (seeing as how you’re the ones bitching about being condemned for your choices).

        We don’t give a shit if you’re a “business professional” or if you’re familiar with your own anatomy. We do give a shit when you’re spewing bullshit at us. You’re welcome to your opinion, but I don’t see the point of getting butthurt about us telling you our opinions when you clearly have no problem sharing yours.

      • Anthony

        @eatme: You’re a “business professional? BWAHAHAHAHAHA

        Since when do they say things like” “i’m going to slit your dog’s throat and roast it on a skewer.” ??

        You sound like frat boy loaded up on steroids. You’re ignorant, angry, and talk out of his azz. Learn to debate and give proper reasons for your opinion. All you do is spew shizz. You’re probably a skinny little runt, too.

    • eatme

      I respect the opinion of someone able to eloquently articulate it, such as yours.

      But I suspect it comes from someone who has never placed a foot in a slaughter house, let alone forced the blade him/herself. I suspect it comes from someone unable to watch slaughter even from afar. I suspect it comes from someone who has a little cat or dog at home who would be devastated if said animal came to harm because it is THEIR pet.

      Correct me if I am wrong.

      But, I DO respect your opinion. I am not being sarcastic. Different people think different things. I can only ask anyone that shares your opinion to truly reflect on the relationship mankind has with the animals that we share this planet with and if you have, so be it.

      • Kimia

        eatme, I don’t think you are understanding what the above poster is truly saying. STOP PREACHING. STOP VICTIMIZING YOURSELF. Stop blaming people who choose to live differently than you. Stop judging EVEN if you think they are being ignorant in your mind.

        We don’t tell you how to live. We don’t get angry at you for not eating meat or diary. Stop getting angry at us. Stop looking down at us because you look just as miserable and stupid as you think we do.

        Vegans just need to shut the fuck up. I’m a vegetarian because I do not like meat but I hate people like you who think you are either a part of them or you are stupid.

      • And you would be incorrect on most of those points. However, whether or not I’ve set foot in a slaughter house (I live in Iowa, take a wild guess) or killed and dressed an animal (again, I like in Iowa, take another wild guess) is incidental to the point. The point is that meat is food, and while making an animal suffer unnecessarily is unconscionable, there is a difference between killing an animal humanely and killing it efficiently.

        I already told you that I think factory farming is a horrible thing, and I agree that the way mass market slaughterhouses are also horrible things. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat meat, I just means I don’t buy meat from Tyson or other major brands. I have the luxury of being able to buy most of my meat locally from non-factory farms (again, I’m from Iowa).

        I’m just not sure where you think we should draw the line. If it’s an issue of suffering, I certainly hope that you don’t poison or swat insects…they have functioning nervous systems and can feel pain just like anything else. If it’s a matter of whether or not an animal understands what’s going on and can appreciate the gravity of it’s situation, then that just means we shouldn’t eat aquatic mammals and most primates. If it’s an issue of living things having a right to life, then we shouldn’t kill anything at all (which is simply impossible).

        And my points about vegans being both preachy and hypocritical still stand. I haven’t told you that you are wrong, I may find fault with some of the philosophy that accompanies veganism, however I make no judgments as to the composition of your diet. And yet you automatically assume that I hold my position only because I have not considered it.

    • eatme

      …well said. I have stated that I accept others’ views when well considered and presented and you have done that. Not that you care about my opinion, but I suggest that many others, vegetarian, vegan, et al. will similarly respect it. There can be no debate that human beings have evolved as omivores, a fact that is a considerable blow to the vegan cause. This is a point that proponents of the livestock industry and meat eaters will bring up without end. No one debates this. The issue is only ever “what has it become?” and “can we not change?”. Clearly you have considered these deeper questions and so, I apologize for my scrutiny, but hats off to you.

    • eatme


      “People” DO tell me how to live. I am not allowed to murder. I am not allowed to negligently cause someone harm. I am not allowed to steal. I am not allowed to do scores of things. I AM allowed to practice religion as I choose. But if my religion practices polygamy, I am NOT allowed to do that.

      Now let’s dram a true analogy. Is abortion ethical? Do we not have opinions either way? Laws? Laws that change over time depending on who is in power? Who lobbies effectively?

      Your argument is terribly superficial. I do not look down on people who eat meat, just people who don’t consider what they say/do.

      • dramkit

        Totally right, eatme.

        Next time my epileptic cat sprays me in the face with a mix of urine and feces as he trashes about in a seizure at 3 am while I hold him down so he doesn’t hurt himself too much, I’ll be sure to look back on how the internet vegan saint thought me an unfeeling animal hater for eating meat. I’ll also be sure to mention your holy self to the next person who asks me why I don’t have the damn cat put down. “Yeah, I don’t get it either. After all I’m already condemned, might as well live it up now.”

    • eatme


      All i’m think is how ludicrous it is that you have no problem partaking in the wholesale slaughter of animals when you won’t put your fucking retarded cat out of it’s misery. Beyond that, I do not understand your point.

      • dramkit

        Remind me again – how many animals have been saved thanks to your heroic internet campaign? A million? Two? Surely, at least a thousand?

        It’s zero, isn’t it. That’s how many animals have been helped by your sitting on your arse replying to internet animal murderers. Yeah, it’s zero.

        You’re such an uncharted douchebag that I’m beginning to think you must actually be a troll fishing for a fight, coz there’s no way anyone could be as stuck up and self-important as you appear to be.

        *looks up at the fish post*

        Damn you, Natalie Portman!

  9. bdog821

    I don’t think she’s been a vegan for at least the last four or five months based on this picture.

  10. She was for it before she was against it. Sounds like the john kerry of veganism.

  11. adolf hitler

    hi, im natalie portman.

  12. Asoto

    Pretentious? Ah…

    • chupacabra

      Well, she’s no Fishsticks Paltrow, but the bitch is the typical vegan self-righteous batshit crazy person.

      Let me ask her this… does she wear leather shoes?

      • Richard McBeef

        I have never met a veg-cunt that shied away from medical treatment or prescription drugs. All tested thoroughly on animals before humans.

  13. The day I willingly switch to a diet of oat cake and lawn trimmings is the day you need to roll my ass off a cliff.

  14. Cheery

    Silly me, I mistakenly thought her diet change would have something to do with, I don’t know, ensuring proper NOURISHMENT for her baby. But I was wrong; eating more inclusively has nothing to do with the health of her future child, she was just jonesing for cookies! :|

  15. Jesus fucking tits…yeah, she’s gone from one type of vegetarian to another type of vegetarian, big whoop…but, merciful Zeus, those things are awesome!

  16. Euroman

    I never liked her to begin with; when I found out she faked the dancing in Black Swan and lied about it I liked her even less; now with this crappy pretentiousness my dislike for her is crossing the boundary into hate

  17. Natalie Portman Oscars
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow..look at her breasts..pregnancy does have some nice benefits..

  18. JN

    “By the way this news has been breathlessly reported over the past hour you’d just assume the Earth has spun off its axis, or worse”

    This from a blogger who can’t go a day w/o mentioning Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson.

  19. AlexK

    The only meat I care to hear about Natalie putting in her mouth is mine.

  20. However, she refuses to quit being self-important. No child is worth THAT sacrifice.

  21. Natalie Portman

    Self-important? Moi??

  22. Morgan

    I respect vegetarians and I have no problem accomodating their dietary preferences, but with vegans I just think to myself “Fuck. Off.”

  23. atotalcad

    I want her to be my milk maid.

  24. All I know is that if I were her baby with the prospect of those as breakfast, lunch and dinner, I’d be a Scientologist before I’d be vegan.

  25. michiez

    i almost anytype of food. so any party that i go to dont have to worry bout me.. well almost any party…

  26. Plobes

    I have seen so many fat pasty unhealthy , horrible looking vegans
    sersly, shouldn’t they at least be thin?

    but sugar is vegan!! they can eat as much sugar as they want

    • chupacabra

      and carbs. Don’t forget the human body was meant to digest carbs and proteins together – or seperately, but to have both in the diet and nuts don’t cut it.

      I wonder what Ms. Portman would think of getting her protein from grasshoppers like so many people in the world do, even today?

      Or would she consider it “cruel” to the little insect?

  27. Coyote

    Is it just me or are those leather shoes?

    • chupacabra

      they look patent leather to me.

      • Coyote

        Patent Leather is still leather, still a dead animals hide.

        Won’t eat meat but will wear it.

        NO I am not Vegan, I’m a Coyote we are omnivores

      • chupacabra

        I know patent leather is leather. I just specified what type of leather it looked to be. :)

        Hmmmmm wearing meat. How do you wear it?

        omnivores eat meat.

        Coyotes will eat anything, that’s for sure.

    • Even if they’re not, she’s still perpetuating a style that supports the use of animal products.

      Additionally, if she’s really dedicated, she should stop working in the movie industry…do you have any idea how many animal products go into making a movie?

      And if she’s REALLY dedicated, she should stop using gasoline cars, fossil fuel power, and undergoing most modern medical procedures.


      YOU IDIOTS!! Her shoes are fake/faux leather. If you’ve ever bought shoes as discount clothing stores like Ross or TJ Maxx MOST of their shoes are FAKE LEATHER because it’s cheaper and it’s what people on a small budget can afford. Natalie ONLY WEARS FAKE LEATHER. She even has a 100% VEGAN shoe line at the online store called TECASAN(dot)COM. Just google “Natalie Portman Vegan shoes” and you’ll see for yourselves.

  28. StaceFace

    Vegetarianism and veganism are supposed to be lifestyles not “diets.” (Sorta like Kosher, Ayurvedic or even Macrobiotics) The point is not to follow it to strickly lose weight. Which is why you see vegans of all shapes/sizes and of different health.
    BUT….if she was really vegan because she agreed with what it represented and not simply because it is a fad, she wouldn’t simply give it up so she can stuff cinnamon buns and pastries in her face during pregnancy. (Reminds me of how hardcore vegan Drew Barrymore was, only to go back to eating steak saying “I don’t believe in putting limitations on myself like that anymore.”)
    Sorry, but she sounds prentenious to me.

    • I’m a vegetarian. It IS a lifestyle, not a diet. And it’s about making choices that are right for you as a person, not about conforming to some societal norm. And since I love meat, I choose to include it in my vegetarian lifestyle…it just works for me.

      • Mike

        McFeely, I think you need to go back to school. You’re not grasping the basics. How can you be a vegetarian if you eat meat? LOL

        Vegetarians don’t eat steak. You sound confused.

    • eatme

      …i think that things change when you are carrying a child. Certain “carnal” urges become overbearing. She is in need of protein and that is not readily available being vegan. Next time you are at a restaurant, glance over the menu and think “would any item here be a substantial meal for a vegetarian” (do not make the assumption that it is possible to simply order an item “without the bacon”)? Then ask “what about for a vegan”? Life is not easy for anyone who decides to not consume food that is the byproduct of animal suffering. If she lived in a different world she wouldn’t have to cave on her ideals (not that she didn’t sound like a moron).

  29. Natalie Portman Oscars
    Commented on this photo:

    And so begins the countdown until she returns to smugly looking down on those who dare eat cheese.

  30. Good for her, making the choice to go from vegan to vegetarian is probably a good one for the baby.

    And it’s really great news that she’s invented vegetable eggs and dairy. That should go a long way towards solving world hunger. Won’t it? Can you feed poor people with hypocrisy?

  31. Friends

    Its cool. Phoebe did this on Friends. Worked out fine.

  32. Tara Overholt

    If she’d given up being a vegan a little earlier she might have swallowed and saved herself from getting pregnant with a Minipied.

  33. Are you people still suck in the 80s? You can get protein from just about any food. I’m 131 lbs; I need 41 grams per day. Peanut butter/jelly sandwich, 19 g. Bowl of brown rice, 21 g. Boom, done for the day. Even a damn potato or a grape has protein in it. Americans are so stuck on this protein thing. If I hear, “But where do you get your PROTEIN?” one more time I will barf my chicken fried wheat gluten steak all over your fucking shoes.

    • Which, by the way, is 58 g.

    • its not the protein per se thats the biggest problem its the lack of b vitamins (which can only be found in animal products) that causes loss of energy for most people.

      • The only thing that can’t be had naturally in a vegan diet is B12, because it comes from bacteria, which is found in animal products, true, because animals are naturally germ-y. I sprinkle nutritional yeast on a few things and that takes care of it. My teenager really likes soy cheese and Quorn and most of that stuff adds it in as a supplement so she’s good.
        I’m in great health, I’ve been vegan for 14 years. I’ve never had a protein deficiency problem nor has anyone in my family. You rarely see that except in countries where people can’t get calories in them at all. We’re not sickly.
        I can’t understand why it’s so “uncool” to be against animal abuse these days. I don’t know if it’s being spread around by the beef industry or what. I give a shit about animal welfare and have seen the abuses in factory farms. Sue me. Jesus. I’ve been judged since the day my kid was born that she was going to be sick and shit and she’s one of only three girls on the wrestling team at her middle school.

      • crazy doug

        @shaydie: Actually, the minimum you probably need is about 65.5g of Protein/day.

        The main issue is protein DENSITY.

        Go eat a 50lb. sack of oats for it, or have a whey or egg shake instead.

        Wanna try Soy? Enjoy it shredding the ever-loving-bejeezus out of your kidneys, even if you drink 1 gal of water/day. Everything that comes out of you for the next 24 hours will be yellow.

        +Also why a lot of vegs are so reedy. With a non-cow/horse-sized stomach, it is well-nigh impossible to eat enough protein and actually put ON muscle, which would be about the 1g+/lb. of body weight per day.

        Your teenage daughter will learn to hate you.

  34. MrsPlant

    2 pieces of bread probably have about 5 g protein
    2 tablespoons of peanut butter have 8 g protein
    1 cup of brown rice has about 6 g protein

  35. what’s so funny (but not really) about “vegans” like her is that they’re complete asinine, self-important morons (anyone remember her quote about comparing eating meat to rape?) and yet-shocker- when they realize they need animal products for energy, they see no problem completely justifying it to satisfy their own personal needs, making them now complete asnine, self-important, moronic HYPOCRITES.

  36. Moolarg

    No such thing.
    You are all idiots go eat some fucking meat and then die.

  37. eatme

    …there’s always one with this ludicrous argument. While your point is technically true…

    1) it is a matter of degrees. a vegan’s “footprint” is FAR smaller than a carnivore’s. And that is in large part due to…

    2) vegan’s almost always decidedly avoid ALL products that are by-products of animals (or gmo’s), not simply food, when an alternative is available. But, understand that vegans do have to make their way in this world and have to do so under financial burdens like the rest of us. So while they do pay more handsomely for their non mass produced, grade-A sludge, they do have to accept the human race for what it is (or what it has become). Recognize that almost everything on your list has non-animal derived alternatives that vegans do use instead, or skip altogether. If you doubt this, you have surely failed to recognize the burgeoning “eco-friendly” and non-animal tested product ranges. This, in part, because surely you shop primarily at wal-mart. Surely, there are products, medicines for example, to which no non-animal tested alternative exists. This is a simple fact of life that as much as they dislike it, it is what it is because of pharmaceutical company greed.

    Small steps, but IF we all took a step back and reflected on our consuming habits, this world would be heading in a different direction.

    …for the record, i am vegetarian, not vegan, but I consume free-range, non-gmo, “eco-friendly” products whenever I can. Yes, I drive a car. Yes, when I am out for dinner at a “regular” restaurant I loosen my dietary restrictions. Yes, I sure I have some leather somewhere in my house (FYI my shoes are not leather). Yes, yes, yes.

    Remember, it is about degrees. Reflect on the amount that you consume and then consider what the world would become is everyone on the planet consumed as you do to account for rising global standard of living, and then multiply that by whatever the global population growth rate is, and I think you will see that the world is fucked.

    • clap trap

      Or, it could be all that shit is MARKETED so effectively that you’re willing to pay more for it. That, and the part where it feeds your massive ego.

      • eatme

        Non animal-tested products are shit? Non gmo food is shit? Free range is shit? Eco friendly (eg. bio-degradable) is shit? Non sweatshop is shit?

        I promise you that ego has nothing to do with what I am saying. If it were ego then I would somehow be deterring you from, or excluding you from, “positive” change such as this. I am not. I am asking you to consider it.

  38. welldoneson

    “watch your iron levels and your B12 levels”… yup, and watch other nutrients your body NEEDS BUT DOES NOT GET WITH A VEGAN/VEGETARIAN DIET.

    Sorry for yelling, but the human body is omnivorous and I’m constantly amused when I hear any veg-variant go on about what supplements they need.
    Geez, guys, doesn’t the fact that you need those supplement mean the food you’re eating isn’t getting it done? And you know it? Hello? Hello?

  39. Noa

    Hitler?? That’s really banalizing a man that killed around what, 15 million people?
    Where do you get off calling people Hitler like that, like it’s joke, like it’s no big deal? Hitler isn’t just a word.

    • crazy doug

      And yet nobody mentions Stalin for killing off ~30+.

      But continue sitting idly by while Rwanda, Bosnia and Sudan happen while doing nothing to organize efforts to stop it. ‘Cause ALL Genocide is bad, RIGHT???

      Using Hitler/The Holocaust as a Social Bludgeon to Get Special Treatment in the country that ended WWII (instead of whining in Berlin, where they could also give you some cheese to go with it) is such awesome Ethnocentric Hypocritical Racism, I can’t bear to miss a second of it!

  40. Actually, a vegans footprint isnt smaller at all, not by a long shot. Vegans always ask meat eaters to consider where our food comes from and in return, I ask the same of you. These are typical vegan foods that occur in many cookbooks such as kathy freston, sarma melngaillis, etc..
    Agave? mostly mexican, south american, some southern states in u.s (im from canada for reference)
    Quinoa? we mostly get ours from Bolivia, read up on what the overfarming is doing to the Bolivian people and its agriculture, not pretty
    Coconut oil: most brands come from south america
    Nori:japan Goji berries:China, mongolia, tibet
    Not to mention all the organic, out of season fruits and vegetables we get shipped to us throughout the year.
    Now do all vegan eat like this? No, but this is how it’s being marketed right now; ignore meat and dairy (even if its local and sustainably grown) and eat all these amazing exotic foods that are so “natural” and “pure” to save the earth and ease animal suffering, when in reality, all this food is being overfarmed and shipped all over the world, which is not so good for our carbon footprint.
    And while we’re at it, lets also tell the innuit to stop eating meat and we’ll ship them some kale and soya cheese and eco-friendly cotton blankets to them; that should sustain them through -50 degree weather. But wait, we wouldn’t be total pretentious, self-serving assholes if we didnt tell the 3rd world countries who die of starvation everyday that maybe the cow that could have fed them, is now off limits bc, you know, that would be just mean to the animal.
    Ughhhhh sometimes people’s ignorance just baffles me .

    • eatme

      ….and the counter:

      note that I used quotation marks: “footprint”, which you immediately latched onto as meaning “carbon footprint”. I did not state “carbon footprint”. I was suggesting an OVERALL footprint.

      Having said that, let’s consider carbon footprint. The transportation of foods is an artifact of economic and geological necessity. As far as carbon emissions, the transport of foods amounts to a small fraction of overall co2 emissions. Perhaps you want, instead, the consider the millions of American cars on the road every day, or energy hungry american homes burning 2 Trillion pounds of coal each year.

      But, as i said, I intended “footprint” to be more open ended. So, consider the 35 million cows slaughtered in the usa each year. Consider the 23 million chickens killed each day in the usa. Consider the spread of gmo’s worldwide, both intentionally and accidentally, wiping out native stocks. Are you aware with how in touch vegans are in general with this issue? I know many vegans and they are ALL considerably more in tune with these kinds of issues. They are generally more involved in sustainability in every aspect of their life than most people are.

      As far as 2nd or 3rd world nations carelessly “converting” land to farm land, that is a very unfortunate set of circumstances that, due to economic realities, is unfortunately the way things are. I can only infer that that is what you mean by “over-farming”, else, I’m afraid that you have lost me. I do not know the solution, but are you suggesting that eating steak for breakfast is the solution?

      Your rant about the Inuit is flat out moronic: clearly they are not my target audience. They have not the means to change. Do note that relative to our predecessors, our lives (yours and mine) have changed drastically in EVERY way and we are morally responsible to keep that change in check, whereas Inuit by and large live as they always have: they are not the world changers, we are. The slippery slope argument never fails to amuse me.

      • eatme

        more on the “carbon footprint” issue (this does not account for the “slash and burn” (I think you called it “over farming”) tactic that is as directly related to livestock herding as anything else):

        ” * Pound for pound, beef production generates greenhouse gases that contribute more than 13 times as much to global warming as do the gases emitted from producing chicken. For potatoes, the multiplier is 57.
        * Beef consumption is rising rapidly, both as population increases and as people eat more meat.
        * Producing the annual beef diet of the average American emits as much greenhouse gas as a car driven more than 1,800 miles.”

      • The only one taking things out of context is you infact…umm where did I suggest “eating steak for breakfast”?Thats right, no where was that stated so please stick to refuting actual claims I make, rather than speak in hyperbole.
        First, I didnt “consider” the other aspects of how americans live, not bc I’m unaware (so please lay off the condescending tone), but bc I’m sticking to the posts original theme of food and veganism and the blatant hypocrisy I feel they demonstrate by telling people how they should live and yet not practicing what they preach. ,(a.k.a Natalie Portman making excuses why its ok for her to eat meat product when previously she compared it rape) The discussion then veered off into the greater umbrella of mass consumption and factory farming, which I never made claims to the contrary or disputed.
        My only points I’m debating are the subject of whether animals should be consumed (I feel they can be in small amounts given they are raised and treated ethically and in a local and sustainable manner, which I also previously stated, not gorge on them for breakfeast like you seemed to imply), now if this still affronts you on a moral account, that’s something we could debate until Lindsay Lohan becomes sober.
        The points I made about the innuit and 3rd world poor were not to refute your claims of overconsumption, but to further demonstrate the problems that would arise when you tell the world to stop eating animals on the basis of morality, an argument that was presented earlier on. Many vegans have an all or nothing approach to this and feel that no animal ahould suffer ANYTIME regardless of the persons geographic or economic background( even though in reality,they make excuses to eat animals themselves,again bringing me to Natalie Portman and her blatant hypocrisy). I have trouble w this sentiment and therefore stated the reasons I felt veganism on the basis of ethics is not a pragmatic solution to end animal suffering.

  41. Kill Yourself

    Yeah, not wanting to participate in the torture of innocent animals. Real pretentious. Fuck off, Fish.

    • whats pretentious is your attitude of being able to dictate how others should live just bc you have the luxury of overabundance and the ability to turn your nose up at food millions of people are literally dying to eat You want to be a vegan? Great, thats your choice, a choice that most ppl inthis world dont have and until everyone can make that choice, we shouldnt tell ppl what they can and canmt eat..And if you dont think for a second that a plant based diet doesnt harm animals, work on a farm for a summer and see the thousands of rabbits, snakes and nests that get squashed from the plow, so we can eat our carrots and bread.
      And I’m sorry but for a peace loving vegan, your language is pretty f’n violent, how ironic

      • eatme


        here we go again…

        are you suggesting that vegetarianism/veganism is something that only the wealthy can practice? Hasn’t been practiced for thousands of years by peoples all over the world, of various social and economic backgrounds?

        are you suggesting that the relatively limited collateral deaths associated with crop culling, deaths that positively EVERY vegetarian/vegan would endeavor to see reduced if not eliminated, is actually equivalent to the slaughter of the millions of animals every day and the subjugation and misery of a multiple of those millions on an ongoing basis in terrible conditions?

        I am a vegetarian, but how is this:

        hungarianprincess, you are a fucking moron. Seriously, painfully fucking stupid.

    • To be more concise than hungarianprincess:

      What’s pretentious is comparing the livestock industry to rape (which Portman has done) and then deciding to eat animal products because you “want them.”

      • eatme

        …actually, she was referring to the slaughter of animals, not the “livestock industry”. please check your sources before you quote.

        she also gives no indication that she is consuming anything other than free-range (“regular” bakeries vs. vegan ones, where many such bakeries do use free-range products).

        there is always the matter of degrees of consumption: here is someone who tries to limit her consumption, her impact on the well-being of sentient beings, who has done much to raise animal cruelty awareness, and who is pregnant, and you give her nothing but grief over some dairy?

        take you fucking big mac back to the corner, put your “hat” back on, and turn around.

      • I wasn’t summarizing her, I was being more concise than her. Please check my verbage before you jump to conclusions.

      • Whoops, I misread you, guess I’m the asshole.

        In any case, I judge people by their standards. I give her grief precisely because she’s been a spokesperson for veganism, if she were just random vegan who decided to switch I wouldn’t give it much thought. And you’re mincing words, the slaughter of animals is a fundamental part of the livestock industry; it’s a logical extension that I was summing up. And sure, she may be using free-range products, or she might not be. We don’t know, but if you’re going to make a big stink about the exploitation of animals as she and other vegans have done in the past, expect a big stink when you decide you don’t feel like what you preach applies to you.

        Oh, and fuck you, you pretentious shit heel. There, see? I can throw around insults too.

      • Jovy

        Thank you Matrim, I was getting sick of eat me’s self righteous dribble.

  42. Kill Yourself

    I’d be happy to roll your ass off now, dickhead.

  43. the captain

    her next goal in life.

  44. BC

    Wow, I didn’t even know she was ever a vegan or vegetarian. This actually makes me respect Natalie Portman. I didn’t think that was possible.

    Fair enough to give it up while pregnant, it’s freaking HARD to be vegan.

  45. Natalie Portman Oscars
    Commented on this photo:

    She actually has boobies now. I would love to suck the milk out of them!

  46. oy vey

    Some of my friends are vegetarians, and where I am 100% respectful of their choices I will never ever stop being a carnivore.

    BTW none of the animals that I consume are tortured, they are seasoned and cooked with all the tendreness and love I can give until my canine teeth rip into the meat and savor it. :)

    And for that dumbass above that said we are not meant to consume milk after we are children, get a better doctor you dillweed.

    I was raised on meat, my kid is raised on it as well, we are the top of the food chain people!! Not one of my grandparents has passed before the age of 80, and guess what they ate…delicious meat of all kinds…so if any one wants to judge me for that….umm fuck off???

  47. lol@ eat me, you are such a lost cause. Hows this, rather than call people fucking morons, take ur own advice and YOU learn to quote ppl properly bc all you’ve done this entire post, is miscontrue and make things up entirely. You’re so mindnumbingly retarded and hellbent on proving ppl wrong, you can’t even tell when someone is AGREEING with you. Arguing with a vegan or vegetarian is akin to arguing with a mental patient: you’ll never win bc they’re both FUCKING CRAZY

    • eatme


      I think that you will see that there were posters that I came to terms with who had opinions that are not in line with my own. Make a logical argument and we can agree to disagree.

      You did not do that. You made ludicrous and erroneous statements to support your argument…

      You maintained that crops produce more c02 than livestock by virtue of having to be transported. Laughable.

      Your Inuit peoples argument was just as absurd: you will see in my posts that at no point did I state that any of us should not be eating meat. It is perfectly natural. I simply defended a vegan’s admittedly wavering position. I also EXPLICITLY stated that the current consumption rate is out of whack and that the mega farming complex is cruel to animals because of public apathy, NOT that “we” should not be eating animals on moral grounds period.

      You went on to suggest that crop culling is paramount to a livestock industry because of the “snakes and rabbits” that killed in the process. This takes the mother fucking cake. Forgive me, but I am simply going to have to pass this argument around, doing my best to not misquote you. Yes, I understand that you are making the point that even the hands of a vegan are not entirely blood free, but who the fuck doesn’t know this, and who the fuck wouldn’t want to change it? You think she should be championing the cause of clearing out the snakes before tackling a far more grievous industry. Forgive me, but this is where you truly lost my respect.

      …and to be clear, when I joked about “eating steak for breakfast” I was undeniably making a sardonic jab that was not to be taken seriously.

      In short, there are other posters here with differing opinions than my own (possibly not that different, but in the end they choose differently) who in the end I can only respect. While you are an eloquent writer, you are not one of those people.

      • I don’t think you ever have to worry about someone taking you seriously, for even the ppl you respect here, also admitedly think your’e a self-serving dumbass.
        Its apparent you think you are the only poster on here whom I was addressing; is this your pretentious, self-important nature which prevents you from realizing there are other members here but yourself?
        Case in point, when I first started to make the claim against veganism as a totalitarian all or nothing lifestyle ( a belief shared by many vegans who feel one animal death is akin to 10 million), I used the case of the those living in economic and geographically compromised conditions to state this is not feesible for everyone, NOT to dispute YOUR concern for the issue of mass consumption and factory farming(which we both agree is wrong) because I WASN’T addressing YOU..imagine that? The only one who has consistently put words into somones mouth is you.
        Nowhere did I state that animal death through plowing is “paramount” to factoring farming or that veganism is worse for our carbon footrint, or state that we should prioritze plowing deaths before humans eating animals, I simply stated that animal death is inevitable and there is no perfect utopian solution, no matter the diet philosphy one shares and noted on the hypocrisy that arises when one dictates how another one should live their life.
        Given these undeniable circumstances, I have trouble with anyone who adopts a cavaliar, elitist viewpoint when it comes to their own eating habits and simply ask others to let people live their life as they see fit, with a focus on taking personal accountability for the world, whether they eat meat or not, and if they do eat meat, dont be a gluttonous prick about it.
        Again, these points werent disputing your claims to overconsumption or personal beliefs on vegetarianism/veganism, bc-shocker-once again,I wasn’t adressing YOU , I was adressing the charming @kill yourself and others who believe that all animal death is torture, and that we should” kill ourselves” if we think otherwise.
        The only time I was ever really addressing you personally was to explain that standpoint (which sounds mighty similar to yours) while defending the words you kept putting in my mouth,hence the overall irony of arguing with someone over not arguing with them.
        So in short, you not “respecting me” is the best compliment you can give me.

    • eatme

      Self-serving? This is about animal welfare. period. This is somehow self-serving? Please explain.

      “I WASN’T addressing YOU..imagine that?”
      …It does not matter who you were addressing and who you were not. Any time you post, you are accountable for your statement(s). But, for the record, my first encounter with you was when you directly replied to my response to “Moolarg” with your discourse about how, effectively, plant crops contribute more c02 emissions than livestock rearing, which is false. You also brought up the Inuit situation. Thanks for that.

      I do have a hard time understanding your “mind your own business” defense when I responded to your “kill yourself” post when you had already done the same to me. Again, does it matter who you were addressing and who you weren’t? It was in that post that you laid out the absolutely hilarious analogy that crop culling, too, results in animals deaths….

      ‘I simply stated that animal death is inevitable and there is no perfect utopian solution”.

      …Yes, a completely moot point which no-one would deny and that everyone would like to change and that, most importantly, is a non-issue relative to the harm that takes place with livestock. You seem to have a very hard time equating relativity:

      “…belief shared by many vegans who feel one animal death is akin to 10 million”

      …Do you honestly believe that anyone in this world believes this? Seriously, anyone?

      “(I) simply ask others to let people live their life as they see fit, with a focus on taking personal accountability for the world, whether they eat meat or not, and if they do eat meat, dont be a gluttonous prick about it”

      …hey, hey. Here we go. Is this not what I asked for too? Yes it was. I simply called you out on some misinformation that you provided regarding carbon footprint (which, again, was a trivialized comprehension of my point) immediately after calling me ignorant. Read it again. Couldn’t you have simply reiterated that all important concept rather than attack those who do state it? Rather than crucify one who tries to make a difference and perhaps falters slightly at times, support the important message.

      And re: Portman. Try not to scapegoat one who contributed $50 million to trauma patient care.

      • siiiiggghhhh, this is my last post to you and however u respond aferwards is out of my control so c’est la vie…
        you have your heart in the right place and care for the welfare for animals, something nobody can take away from you, but the reality is, you do possess a very sanctimonious and yes self-serving tone, which you have been called out for by many on this forum. This in turn does nothing to help persuade people to ease animal suffering bc you prefer to browbeat and play tit for tat to where nobody wants to listen to what you have to say, and how does that help animals in the long run?
        That is the ultimate irony in arguing with ppl like you and proves how futile it can be bc although you may think you’re “right”, you have accomplished dick all in encouraging others to see your pov and to live a healthier lifestyle. You could say the same for my tone, but remember, I agree with many of the points you initally stated, therefore you’re not swaying me to live a more harmonious life, as I already do.
        I still maintain the points Ive stated and stand behind them; how you chose to interpret them and refute them is beyond my control.
        The true testiment of someones intellect and impact on a conversation or debate, isnt the rebuttal of every single nick picking detail, but the overall impact they have on the people they speak to and their ability to shift their preconceived notions. As you may have noticed, you have completely turned everyone off and are left arguing with yourself, how smart and right are you now?*

        *This was a rhetorical question, but knowing you, I’m sure everyone can look forward to a 5 page essay, complete with pie chart, photograph of your enormous brain, statistics and grandiose verbage proving how smart you really are.

    • eatme

      o god, the pot calling the kettle black.

      This jousting was not what I intended, but you simply made too many erroneous and/or irrelevant statements. That you consider being effectively fact-checked as the “rebuttal of every single nick picking detail” says so much about your style over substance approach. Very difficult to argue with someone who refuses to, or is incapable of, coloring within lines.

      “But what about the snakes and rabbits?” ;)

  48. Chloe

    I wrote a paper about vegetarian/vegans during pregnancy a couple of years ago. It’s very difficult to maintain a healthy pregnancy when lacking animal protein in the diet. For the sake of her child, I give props to her.

    Anyone remember the story about the woman who was feeding her baby/toddler a vegan diet and he/she died?

    • Lola

      You are a complete idiot for referencing that story. The couple whose baby died were feeding their baby APPLE JUICE. I guess you could consider that “vegan,” but it’s sure as hell not a proper, balanced vegan diet. Babies need milk, human breast milk preferably, and this couple was obviously fucking stupid and/or greatly undereducated about how to properly care for an infant. That isn’t the fault of veganism, and it shouldn’t have been reported as such. It’s the fault of these idiotic individuals.

    • Malnourishment ISN'T Veganism

      A child CANNOT die from eating a healthy balanced vegan diet. They however can die from being MALNOURISHED die to eating an improperly balanced diet. That’s two very different things.

      Remember that potato chips, soda and chocolate are vegan. And if this is all your kid eats they could die from malnourishment. And it could be considered “vegan”.

      Lots of kids are vegan and 100% healthy. But that poor child that you’re talking about was malnourished. May that little Angel rest in peace. :(

      • Malnourishment ISN'T Veganism

        *DUE* to eating an improperly balanced diet. That’s two very different things.

  49. Natalie Portman Oscars
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Just as her formerly-perfect ass gets preggo-wide, her boobs pick up the slack, keeping her way hot. Anus, take a lesson when you see what is about to happen to vagina!

  50. Archie Bunker

    all this talk of her being a vegan when the real problem is she is a filthy jew

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