Natalie Portman Has Leaked Photos Now

March 21st, 2011 // 64 Comments

Apparently the hackers who’ve recently leaked photos of Vanessa Hudgens, Renee Olstead and Scarlett Johansson, also went after Natalie Portman, according to TMZ:

Sources connected to the hackers tell TMZ … Natalie Portman (Oscar winner for “Black Swan”), Lindsey Vonn (Gold medal skier in 2010), and Carly Patterson (all-around Gold in gymnastics in 2004) are all among the women who have been targeted by a ring of hackers who have gained access to over 100 active email addresses of celebrities, politicians and sports stars.
We’re also told Dianna Agron from “Glee” has been targeted as well. And a prominent 17-year-old actress was also hacked … though we’re not releasing her name.

It’s Taylor Momsen. There’s no way someone who constantly one-ups Miley Cyrus at every turn and openly admits penises do nothing for her hasn’t taken an entire hard drive full of naked pics. Except she’s probably sending them to the hackers herself and they can’t delete them fast enough. “Hey, guys, guys! You should leak these. Look at this one, I’m holding my driver’s license with my date of birth on it. Edgy as fuck, right? Guyyyssss, c’mon.”

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  1. Levi

    There’s an

  2. Levi

    There’s an “

  3. Levi

    oh for the love of god… it wont let me type it…SDFBJK

  4. Ruth

    That really sucks. I would hate for any of my emails to be hacked and sensitive information released. What a violation of their privacy.

    • Dan

      Agreed – but it is a good lesson. Once something is on the internet in almost any form, it is on the internet.

    • chainsawbuzzkill

      It’s her own dumbass fault for taking nudey pictures in the first place. A 100% effective way of making sure no naked pictures of you are leaked is to not allow naked pictures to be taken. SHAZAM! It’s like abstinence, only much easier.

      • Snooki Lover

        @ chainsawbuzzkill – “It’s her own dumbass fault for taking nudey pictures in the first place.”

        Right! Because people shouldn’t expect that private photos they’ve taken privately and never shared with anyone should remain private; OBVIOUSLY they’re public property.

        What you’re saying is like objecting to having your TV stolen and being told, “it’s your own dumbass fault for owning a TV in the first place.”

  5. Will

    Whoa, taylor momsen knows html? That’s hot.

  6. Levi

    so just out of curiosity… where would one find all these hacked photos… for research purposes only of course

  7. dan

    leaked pictures implies the pictures were leaked, and not just obtained.

  8. molly

    as much as i would love to go lesbian for her. that dress is about as flattering as a potato sack

  9. Vandal

    I would fuck that into next week, y’hear me?

    Where are these ‘leaked’ photos anyway? I’ve heard them mentioned but can’t find any.

  10. ThisisnotTigerWoods

    She looks great!

  11. we already seen portman topless sunbathing.. how about some the hotties who ARE’T already all over the net naked..

    where is this megafile, am already starting to lose interest

  12. Deacon Jones

    Will these fuckers just leak all of these photos and get it over with before they get caught?! JESUS.

    This is Grade A material they’re sitting on.

  13. This is a disgusting invasion of privacy. Now bring on the TITTAAYS!

  14. Scott

    Usually when something leaks it can be seen. Anyone notice none of this has been seen anywhere? It’s just TMZ hype and bullshit.

  15. Thank you Nat…er ,damn you Hackers for showing Natalie portman nudes.

  16. How is this news? I’ve leaked all over photos of Natalie Portman in the past. Unless I just don’t understand this whole “Internet” business.

  17. Are we still doing this “ring of hackers” thing? Are we also still blaming rich men’s sex addiction on invisible alien wizards too? I want to keep up on what fantasies we’re buying into this week.

    • johnny cashed

      “I fell in to a burnin’ ring of hackers…I went down down down and only saw fat greasy slackers..”

    • well they are certainly not gonna admit they leaked their own photos.

      • argleblargle

        The “ring of hackers” are also known as their publicists. It’s like The Justice League. When they get together they get a code name.

      • I’m willing to grant that not all were deliberately leaked. However, when you send drunken photos of youself naked and diddling every orifice with a cheese grater, don’t give me this “I got hacked” bullshit when the person you sent them to sells the pictures for cash.

        Doesn’t matter squat how they get out…you’re taking embarrassing photos of YOURSELF…that makes you, um…stupid?

  18. the next thing you’ll hear is that Natalie Portman is gonna have sex and bear a fan’s baby. oops!

  19. The Critical Crassness

    I know that you all think actually reading the posts is a waste of time and energy, however, had you skimmed this post even superficially (no pun intended), you would have realized it said, “targeted”, which is a great deal different than “successfully hacked”. The fact is there are a lot of names being added to the list of “targeted” female celebrities but that doesn’t mean there are images of a nude or semi-nude variety of all those targets, floating around some hackers hard drive….Damn IT!

  20. slappy magoo

    V For Vaginaroids.

    (That’s Polaroids of a Vagina, not hemorrhoids on a vagina. You’re welcome)

  21. AssIn9

    Today’s conspiracy theory (you have to disregard my previous one for this to work)
    It was a trap. V . Hudgens is working with ‘ the man’ and put up her censored pics as bait .
    I have been searching all over and find no evidence of a trove of 50+ celebs hacked pictures on the net. It’s not like the internet is good at keeping secrets.
    If Jamie Spears is 17 then she’s the minor.

  22. Natalie Portman Leaked Photos
    Oh yeah baby
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d give her fetus something better than a thumb to suck on.

  23. GrandDragon

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her jewbs again.

  24. Glog

    There’s truth in this; the scar-jo leaked picture confirms it. She was the next name on the list after Vannessa H.

  25. Lara

    Hmm, I’m sorry, but where in that TMZ statement does it say they found nude pictures of her? Even if they did manage to hack her computer, that is, people have to stop assuming everyone in the world has a naked picture of them in their computer.

  26. MrsEllis

    I’m having a tough time picturing a Harvard graduate sitting around taking nude pictures of herself. That is what stupid and/or insecure girls do.

  27. Joshiba

    I dont think any nudes were found or leaked. However, where the hell are the UNCENSORED Vanessa Hudgens pics?!?! Has ANYONE even seen the uncensored ones?

    • crack bang

      I haven’t, but I *have* seen the jack links beef jerky commercials…they don’t show her crotch but pretty close

    • MrsEllis

      I saw them on perezhilton but he everyone had to take them down because she was under 18 when she took them. She had a pretty big bush. That’s all I really can remember.

  28. Natalie Portman Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a jar of Grey Poupon. A Grey Poupon baby momma.

  29. Ash Bones

    A movie coming out April 8th, coincidence?

  30. Ash Bones

    Maybe there will be video of her giving birth. Her scene in star wars giving birth gave me a boner.. that O face of hers was awesome!

  31. Natalie Portman Leaked Photos
    Ash Bones
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s dead inside :(

  32. Cuthbert

    This might have been said already, but no one ever claimed that Natalie had nude pics taken. Just that her email was hacked, and the same hackers did have nude pictures of other celebrities.

  33. All that is rough in the world

    “And a prominent 17-year-old actress was also hacked … though we’re not releasing her name”

    Yeah! meanwhile how many times her bits have been exposed on the superficial?

  34. the captain

    she needs attention?

  35. mike nike

    Wheres the fucking pictures?

  36. mike nike

    Lets see her fuck holes.

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