Natalie Portman is Pregnant, Engaged Now

December 27th, 2010 // 95 Comments

Apparently Natalie Portman did more than just have lesbian sex with Mila Kunis while working on Black Swan. She also had heterosexual sex with choreographer Benjamin Millepied who thanked her by putting a baby in her uterus and now they’re engaged, according to People. This makes these shots of her in a medieval thong all that more precious because Natalie Portman died today which I’m pretty sure is what I just said in the headline. *looks up* Yep.

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  1. jojo

    Nat, we hardly knew ya.

  2. Kevolution

    Best reason yet to hate the French.

  3. datroof

    LOL impregnated by a dance choreographer. Millions of Star Wars nerds just cried out in pain.

    Listen people, one more time: They don’t get pregnant from buttsex.
    And Nat’s a Jew. And Jewish women love it up the pooper.

  4. grobpilot

    “Millepied”?? I know the spelling’s not quite right but, does that mean the little bastard will be born with a thousand limbs?

  5. forney lover

    Awww I love forney.

  6. good time to bail, that artsy fartsy shit sucks. come back as matilda grown up n killin– or stay down

  7. dr.jimmy

    goodbye body, goodbye career!

    • Jammy

      So true, even when women do lose the weight, their body never looks the same, just look at Alessandra Ambrosia.

  8. mcfeely smackup

    Meh…don’t care. She’s getting less and less attractive as she gets older. She was smoking hot in her first couple movies, but now she’s plain-to-midland.

  9. J.P.

    He’s a choreographer…and his name’s Millepied, which means “thousand-footed” in French. I call bullshit on that being his real name.

  10. Rough and the hate factory

    Well, certainly put an end to the impassioned debate between her and MK. Congrats to the chosen dick…

  11. fapstar

    R.I.P. Natalie Portman.

  12. RUINED!!! She’s RUINED!!!!!

  13. Elf

    Worst! Xmas! Ever! :(

  14. Galtacticus

    We’re calm waiting for our flower to be ready to be picked. We’d understand that the vulnerable flower roots have to be carefully excavated and shaken gently to remove soil first. In the meantime we’ll remain in our spartanic military sheds in the way most soldiers do. Polishing our armor and sharpening our swords and axes, playing cards and drinking booze. Simply because we’re soldiers and we don’t know anything else to do. Oh wait, forget about the booze. All what’s left for the rest to do is hoping and praying that our flower is going to like you.

  15. xar

    Don’t say like it’s the end of the world for her beauty. Remember that, for instance, Audrey Hepburn, whom Natalie resembles a lot, looked very attractive and slender in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was shoot couple of months after she gave birth. 50 years later Natalie has dozens of ways of bodycare more.

    • yeah but in 50 years Natalie portman will be remembered for only her Star Wars films. unless her kid(s) do something and she will be remembered for as so and so ‘s mom.

  16. Gando

    Good things happen but usually all the good things don’t come at once. Be patient and don’t conclude to fast.

    • dingdong

      Her unrealistic, impulsive attitude is sometimes really annoying. Like the road to Rome was paved in one day.

  17. Gando

    Generally true, permanent change is a process and therefore it takes time. Sure there’re the stories from people having spiritual revelations or experiences, changing there life at once. But for that you need to have a clean, clear soul and mind.

    • Galtacticus

      In those cases it works like a vicious circle. People feeding each other and therefore they believe, even become lyric.

    • Rhialto

      Hmm, i haven’t seen such a wonderful clickerdeclick ever before.

    • Galtacticus

      Only elite soldiers play open cards. Fearless, because they don’t like to hide, but always keeping them to the legal system of card play’s rules. Giving their opponents a fair equal chance. How many others aren’t there who have really something to hide and for that what’s getting them on their nerves? A better world is a fearless world for all.

    • Rhialto

      In the glory time of the vikings some of them used to fight even naked in battles. To show off their braveness. Absolutely fearless but crazy, yes.

    • Gando

      We’ve learned and studied a lot and that’s what made us what we’re now.

    • Rhialto: those vikings were called “the Berserkers” which the word berserk came from. it means bear skin. which means these vikings just fought with a bear cape and two hand axes. they were generally sent out ahead of the other vikings as they had a tendency to attack anything near them including other vikings.

    • Rhialto

      I’m off to do some serious cardio exercises now. Not for to lose weight but just for a better health and condition…

    • Rhialto

      Hey Lightdragon! Excellent timing! But i’m afraid it’s nothing to do with any ‘bear skin’! But thanks for your information anyway!

    • dingdong

      And that’s how most stories get a different twist. Because of some fool is just waiting for the right moment.

    • Rhialto, then i think you were thinking of the Celtic warriors. they sometimes fought naked in battle.

  18. annoying portman

    She wanted to trap him. He isn’t really in love with her. He feels obligated. Divorce in a year make my words……

    • Nat the Brat


      • Rhialto

        You’re just jealous because you’re annoying. If it was only for the money and i’m talking about all of them, wouldn’t there be at least dozens of better choices?

      • Galtacticus

        It’s never good with these annoying people. Or they think the girl isn’t hot enough or they’re afraid their own little plans aren’t getting through and so on and son. Be patient and back off!

      • Nero

        Just be glad that you’ll be soon getting rid of them. They’re starting to work you on the nerves… And that after all what you did for them.

  19. wim

    she will kiss anybody’s *SS, folks!!

  20. Rhialto

    As a matter of fact i don’t owe them anything. It’s rather opposite.

    • Gando

      You’ve been continuously surrounded by parasites. It’s the right time to get out. Nature does work in mysterious ways.

      • Rhialto

        I’ll be glad to get rid of all of them who are self proclaimed ‘supportive’ to me… Who’s the owner here of a white poodle in heat?

      • Galtacticus

        Where’s the UGG spammer when you need it?

      • Rhialto

        For every post i’m making i first got to check 35+ tabs. Because people are eagerly jumping on it to give it their own twist. And even then i can’t always check all the tabs just because of the timing.

      • Galtacticus

        That’s right, my UGG comment was referring to somebody else with another page.

  21. Sybianz

    Fat chick havin a kid isnt that awsome, just makes fat chicks fatter.

  22. Walter Roberts

    Just saw her last night in an old movie from the 80s “Beautiful Women” (1996). She was really wonderful. Not a fan of her recently, but watching that movie revived my interest. I wish her all the best in the world.

  23. Miss Red Flag

    I wish her the best!

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