Naomi Watts is super pregnant

July 20th, 2007 // 90 Comments

I’ve seen pregnant women before, but Naomi Watts is out of control. If I didn’t know she was pregnant I would’ve guessed she was faking it. And faking it poorly. I wonder how she felt when she got her ultrasound and found out she was giving birth to a traffic cone.



  1. gaby

    holy crap!

  2. MissDior17

    That’s huge. Must be triplets.

  3. P911GT10C

    She givin birth to a 3yr old?

  4. woodhorse

    That has got to hurt like hell. Everyone stay out of her way or bitch will share some of her pain.

  5. samo

    this kid will have to go to 1st grade straight away! or to a wrestling fight..

  6. katers

    I feel like that woman has been pregnant forever. Fuck, I’ve had three kids since she announced. GET ON WITH IT!

  7. lickmybutt

    YAY!!! fish is actually funny today. muahaha.

  8. Vicky

    it must be a boy… apparently when the belly is kinda pointy (this is a perfect example) is a boy, and if it is saggy and rounded its a girl .. I dont know.. thats just what people say ..

  9. Macy

    Vicky, it is a boy.

  10. Ammortal

    damn, now that’s exactly the kind of humor writing that started me frequenting this site.

    well spake!!

  11. Hey Fish, Don’t trash talk Naomi Watts like that! I’d still bang her. I’d bang that bitch so hard and so long she’d scream KING KONG!!!!!!


    Wow! Screw the whole “it’s a boy, it’s a girl” thing. She’s getting ready to punch out a fucking mmidget. Either that or a baby Elephant. Who knows? With the increasingly high capacity of weight gain in Pregnant women nowadays, they can give birth to teenagers and it would be normal.

  13. Jen

    I’m about that pregnant right now- geez guys could you be a little nicer to the ninth month preggo! You guys should thank God every day that women have the babies, most guys would crumble!

  14. wedgeone

    Make the arms bigger and that’s my dad.

  15. Pat


  16. jenny

    The veins in her wrists are a little scary though.

  17. schack

    that thing is gonna tear right out of her skin if she’s not careful

  18. FirstTimeCaller

    @14 lol!

  19. That is a basketball under her shirt. Fakest thing, ever.

  20. Chauncey Gardner

    Are we sure Liev Schreiber didn’t get sucked in there are a result of a freak sex accident?

  21. Italian Stallion

    Damn!! That light bulb is going to be at least 360 Watts………….

  22. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    jesus tap-dancing xrist! i though Sara Jean Lilac Queen was brooding the devil spawn but apparently Naomi is putting up some fierce competition.

  23. becca

    JESUS CHRIST. i thought that was photoshopped for a split second.

  24. lambman

    That makes Kate Holmes pregnance look real!

  25. TheRage

    i’ve never before heard that rumor about a boy making the pregnant belly pointy and the girl making it round. i’ve heard that a rounder belly means a boy and an oblong (like a watermelon) means a girl.

  26. Hecubus

    This is what happens when you let a 50ft tall Gorilla fuck you.

  27. wedgeone

    #14 – I’ll bet when the placenta comes out, she’ll name it “SchackTroll”.

  28. Bill Clinton

    Damn, she looks like she’s got the role in the remake of Xtro as the woman who gives birth to a fully grown man.

  29. Cloe

    Yeah–that’s EXACTLY what I look like now at 36 weeks–and to think they never told us in health class that pregnancy is actually 40.5 weeks! She could get bigger than that!!!!! Do you think Liev will be in the delivery room with a camera? Directing?

  30. That looks VERY uncomfortable!

  31. Sauron

    Looks like she swallowed a 15th century cannon-ball.

  32. Lowlands

    Holly Crap!This is one of the reasons why you’ve to watch out when you’re doing some skippyball jumping girls!Always wear pants!

  33. SexyBeach

    26 lmao!! Genius.
    “This is what happens when you let a 50ft tall Gorilla fuck you.”

  34. Chauncey Gardner

    Maybe all those long, loving looks between Naomi Watts and King Kong led to a bun in the oven. I don’t know how she’ll carry Kong, Jr. to term without exploding, though.

  35. tati

    im surprised she hasn’t gained massive weight in other parts of her body. her arms look pretty nice. i just want to see how she’s going to recover from that skin stretching.

  36. mulva

    Wow, she’s still carrying awfully high for as far along as she is. Look at this picture of Bridget Moynahan and how low she’s carrying.

    Don’t listen to all those pregnancy wives’ tales (pointy=boy, round=girl, etc.). They don’t mean jack.

  37. Hollie

    It’s a boy!

  38. Hollie

    It’s a boy!

  39. swan

    She really is pink and glowing. I just had my son in November. 9th (really 10th) month sucks so badly. It’s funny how they NEVER mention the fucked up stuff that happens to you and how AWFUL you are going to feel. Please have respect for all of your moms- definitely the hardest thing I have ever done, hands down.
    I can compare it to a swollen tomato about to pop out of its skin while you’re hot and pounding with every step like a giant elephant. The best part is when the baby comes out. Then afterward sucks too.
    The baby is totally worth it though.
    Sorry to go off!

  40. zhe lookz like zhez having
    a horze..and
    I’ll bet that zhe haz a C=
    the rezt of theze Chickenzhitz
    do..thatz ztomach
    makez me zick, dumb=bitch?

  41. OMFG, She’s going to give birth to Kim Kardishian’s ass!

  42. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    #41 ROFLMAO…….

  43. ImpeachBush

    The shorter you are, the bigger your stomach during pg.

    She’s barely 5’5″, hence the enormous belly.

    I’m 5’8″ & wasn’t 1/2 that big w/my boy. Also I worked out a lot.
    Makes all the difference.

  44. 24

    ummm… Holy shit?

  45. Tessa

    Naomi Watts is kinda annoying. Her belly is abnormous!

  46. yajick

    I looked the same way when I was pregnant. I bet she’s having a boy.

  47. lala

    wow yep its a boy

  48. luxe

    i’m sorry, but couldn’t she wear something that flows AWAY from the belly? i would.

  49. HOLY SHIT! It’s like King Kong got her pregnant! It looks like it’s going to bust right out of her like in that movie Alien.

  50. carmie

    haha it looks like she’s got a basketball under her shirt…

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