Naomi Watts in a bikini

July 21st, 2009 // 34 Comments

Here’s Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber on vacation yesterday in Italy with their sons Sacha and Sammy. While it’s kind of cool seeing Naomi in a bikini, I can’t help but find these pics a little disappointing. Mostly because they don’t involve Liev Schreiber drowning himself to atone for making X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That’s $8 and 90 minutes I will never get back no matter how many action figures I perform voodoo on.*

*NOTE: Should Hugh Jackman suddenly get gang-raped by Spider-man and Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, you never read this. Wink.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Truth Teller

    Gross. A picture of a woamn who shot a baby out her vag. DO NOT WANT. That is not a woman – it is a housekeeper and nanny.

    Woman = nubile hot girl who has never given birth.

  2. Deacon Jones

    First? More like no thanks

  3. What is the purpose of filming a nucleus family on vacation? is there a demand for this?

  4. She really shouldn’t wear a bikini with a stomach like that – get a cosy!

  5. jbones

    nice milk jugs.

  6. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    She looks absolutely lovely! What a gorgeous and happy family.

  7. Janelle

    Its refreshing to see that not all stars have super human bodies. This is what a NORMAL woman looks like after two kids.

  8. Pill


    Baby = disaster to the female form.

  9. your mama

    You pale piggish pink skanks and skankettes better stay out of the sun. It looks like 5 minutes will give you skin cancer. Besides, your piggish pink skin will look like a prune by the time you’re 30

  10. jennifer_hammond

    She didnt shoot anything out her vag, she had c-sections because she was too posh to push. And as for #9 I would rather be pink skinned then be borned in the world looking like a wet turd . I’d be jealous too tar baby.

  11. me

    $8. stop crying. It’s $14 here. Good thing I saw it for free.

  12. keijo

    I’d hit her

  13. Truth Teller my @##

    #1. You are a waste of flesh.

    This is what women look like after having babies.

    Anyone who is disgusted by this beautiful body must have serious issues with them self…

    She looks happy and is enjoying her family. What are you doing??? Oh, let me guess. You are sitting on your computer.

  14. disgusted

    i agree… giving birth to a child doesn’t turn a woman into a “housekeeper and a nanny”. naomi is still beautiful. i think she looks great; she created two people with her body. motherhood isn’t shameful and it shouldn’t be repulsive.

    giving birth isn’t disgusting. where do you think you came from? would you say that kind of thing about your mother, that she is no longer a woman if she is not a “nubile hot girl”? Of course, giving that your definition of “woman” includes the word “girl”, you in all your ignorant, infantile glory would likely not understand.

  15. WTH?

    Who gives a shit about her and her kids!

    Truth Teller – Your 13 year old girlfriend is calling you, she’s wondering what all the blood in her panties is.

  16. jesus

    god damn what a gross figure. no wonder so many of us guys dump bitches when they get pregnant.

  17. me

    give the lady a break!!!!!! No one was suppose to take these pictures, they were taken from 500 yards away by some loser trying to make a buck. she is on vacation trying to enjoy herself. Give her some time….she’ll bounce back. until then, if you dont want to see her in a bikini than dont look, ….ASSHOLES!!

  18. I get stabby

    She looks nice but I hope shes wearing an spf 1000 sun lotion.

  19. hell bent on leather

    I think she is very pretty for a white woman.

  20. Tom K

    She looks like big foot in a blonde wig. Giant bitch!!

  21. marka

    I hate this site, everyone on here is a f*cking immature 12-year old boy with the IQ of an ant.

  22. Dull pics. King Kong should’ve shopped around. Naomi only looks 50 to100x better than Uma Thurman in a bikini. That’s just not enough for me.

    @ 11 – Hah! Think I only wasted $3!

    @ 14 – GO TO OPRAH! GO TO OPRAH!

    @ 20 – Maybe that caught Kongs eye…

  23. Interesting fact: these were taken at night… she just fucking glows…

  24. Nero

    These baby pics start to annoy me.Nature is crying another tear.

  25. Darth

    The virus is spreading quick.

  26. vito

    Naomi doesn’t look beautiful, incredible, or spectacular. She looks “OK.” She’s an attractive woman who looks fairly good, even after giving child birth.

    I find it interesting (read: really fucking absurd) that Britney Spears, who looks great and has also given birth to a pair of house apes, gets ragged on and called fat or just downright ugly.

    Just sayin’…

  27. mirror mirror

    She doesn’t need to look airbrushed and plastic-surgery-perfect. She has talent.

  28. get real

    the woman iis 41 YEARS OLD.

    and she looks STUNNING for her AGE.
    stop bullshitting about “white chichks who would have a piggish sagging skin by the age of 30.
    with the right sun protection everyone can have a beautiful skin.

  29. regarding your sexuality.

    why are 99% of the men who comment on this site so disgusting? actually… why are they on this site at all. its a celebrity gossip site… something alot of queer men go looking for. got something to put out in the open, fellas?

  30. Fadeke

    She looks great for her age, most of you won’t look 1/2 that great.

  31. I agree … Giving a child a “do not turn a woman in maid and a nanny. Naomi is still beautiful. I think she looks great, he made two people with his body. Motherhood is not shameful and it should not be repulsive.

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