Naomi doesn’t like Sienna

*naomi_campbell_thumb1.jpgNaomi Campbell is furious over the comparisons made between Kate Moss, who is currently on a comeback after her cocaine scandal, and Sienna Miller.

“A lot of people compare the actress Sienna Miller to her. But I can’t stand to hear that. I don’t know Sienna Miller but there is no comparison to Kate. I don’t like imitations, I like the real thing.”

There are some things that Naomi Campbell does well. I’m not exactly sure what those things are, but I imagine they involve small children, teddy bears, fire, and lots of tears. One thing that she certainly doesn’t do well is make friends. Except, of course, for Kate Moss. Maybe they bonded while doing enough coke to line a football field. Hell, maybe Naomi has AIDS too. In any case, I doubt Sienna will be too upset. Any time Naomi Campbell criticizes you without trying to knife you, murder your pets or set your car on fire, you have to count yourself lucky.