Naomi doesn’t like Sienna

December 20th, 2005 // 18 Comments

*naomi_campbell_thumb1.jpgNaomi Campbell is furious over the comparisons made between Kate Moss, who is currently on a comeback after her cocaine scandal, and Sienna Miller.

“A lot of people compare the actress Sienna Miller to her. But I can’t stand to hear that. I don’t know Sienna Miller but there is no comparison to Kate. I don’t like imitations, I like the real thing.”

There are some things that Naomi Campbell does well. I’m not exactly sure what those things are, but I imagine they involve small children, teddy bears, fire, and lots of tears. One thing that she certainly doesn’t do well is make friends. Except, of course, for Kate Moss. Maybe they bonded while doing enough coke to line a football field. Hell, maybe Naomi has AIDS too. In any case, I doubt Sienna will be too upset. Any time Naomi Campbell criticizes you without trying to knife you, murder your pets or set your car on fire, you have to count yourself lucky.


  1. cornelius_prot

    I am not providing you with legal advice. However, saying that someone has aids is one of those slander/defamation per se offenses, and you can’t really get around it arguing free speech. The Kate Moss story yesterday was presented well enough, but the clause in this story is a close call. I’d hate to see you sued and shut down.

    Saying people fuck monkeys or kill babies is one thing: everybody knows it is untrue. Saying that people have loathesome diseases is pretty well-settled tortious defamation.

    Please continue.

  2. MrPloppy

    Am I the only person who has never found Naomi that attractive. I

  3. i-see-peeee

    There’s just no way anyone would/could mistake Sienna for Kate. That nose!

  4. lina77

    Its pretty obvious that Sienna has been trying to copy Kate’s style. Its easy to be a replica, harder to be an original.


  6. HollyJ

    Little Jewbacca Banks.. How cute! Me likey…

    Naomi is completely deficient in both intelligence and personality. I wish she’d just get swallowed up by a big black hole.

    In the meantime, I’d appreciate it if she’s STFU about her opinions on things that don’t concern her. NO ONE CARES what an ignorant has-been has to say.

  7. andrewthezeppo

    While this is one of the most pointless “news” stories I have ever heard, and one of the least entertaining entries I’ve seen on this site….

    Naomi makes a good point. Sienna Miller puts some leggings on under an ugly skirt and a miss-matched top and all the sudden people say she’s the queen of Boho style. When in reality she’s just a cheap rip-off of the style Kate has made popular in recent years.

    Didn’t Lindsay Lohan say the same thing in an interview about a month back, that she loves Kate’s style and Sienna is a rip off?

  8. bcgirl

    Ya ………that’s right ,Naomi is sooooooo devoid of personality AND intelligence(although I do not see anyone saying they actually know her) that she has been able to stay a top model and favorite of cut-throat,change their minds every nano second,fashion designers.For over 10-15 years .In case you have not noticed she still walks the runway for ALL the top designers.Has been,eh? I suspect that Naomi could give a rats’ ass about what a bunch of petty,biased and jealous bitches think of her.

  9. Right bcgirl, guess Naomi has been a favourite with fashion designers over a very long period of time… They must all snort cocaine together and sign contracts binding themselves to each other while they’re as high as clouds… Sienna Miller has nothing on Kate Moss, but Naomi Campbell is one of the most revolting, monsterous human beings in the world. Anyways look at the latest designers, they’re a bunch of drugged up maniacs… Right, they’re REALLY good judges of character…

  10. doom

    who gives a shit? Naomi is honest which i think is better than how sugary and fake the other celebs are. She is good at what she does – modeling. I think she’s gorgeous and has a great style, just like kate moss -sienna miller, tyra banks, jessica alba, lyndsay lohan and whoever else was mentioned have got nothing on them when it comes to looks or style

  11. bcgirl

    Sally,I think we have very different ways of looking at the world.I do not in any way get your comment,”Naomi Campbell is one of the most revolting,monsterous human beings in the world.” Really? Wow. Anyway,I was merely trying to say that Naomi Campbell,whether anyone likes her or not,probably does not give a flyin’ fuck what you or any other person on this site thinks of her.Considering I have not read anyone piping up and saying they actually know the woman, it’s all just nasty gossip and conjecture with a little bit of jealousy thrown in.
    Posted by andrewthezeppo on December 20, 2005 05:03 PM:

    While this is one of the most pointless “news” stories I have ever heard, and one of the least entertaining entries I’ve seen on this site….

    No, it’s not “news” , it’s The Superficial.

  12. Leslie

    I adore Naomi and her blunt honesty and sharp tongue. I think she’s funny and beautiful, and I KNOW, as does anyone who knows anything about the fashion industry, that woman is not a has-been.

    Yea, and Sienna sucks.

  13. I was referring to the way she looks… I’m sorry, but I just think she’s ugly… & mean… Good on her for having that attitude. If I was a celebrity and read mean things about me, I’d sit in a corner and cry… I dunno, I just prefer the Kate Moss look… Now SHE’S beautiful (although she looks as though she could use a bath or two)…


    i also get them mixed up very freequently.
    when my eyes are closed and i am getting my pee pee sucked.

  15. slinkhard

    ‘I suspect that Naomi could give a rats’ ass about what a bunch of petty, biased and jealous bitches think of her.’

    I suspect Naomi could also care less about your sad whiny little defence of her, and won’t become your friend because you slather about her on the internet.

  16. ThatsHot

    Naomi Campbell can eat it. She’s such a monster. I agree that comparisons like that are kinda lame, but anything she says is immediatly negated because she’s such a douchbag! Kate Moss is a great MODEL, Sienna Miller is a great ACTRESS. And Naomi is a great HORSE’S ASS. Please, just please don’t put anymore of her drivel on here anymore, she’s such a moron. Pretty yes, eloquent, not so much.

  17. bcgirl

    Posted by slinkhard on December 21, 2005 05:56 AM
    ‘I suspect Naomi could also care less about your sad whiny little defence of her, and won’t become your friend because you slather about her on the internet.’

    Whoa Slinkhard,don’t get your knickers tied up in a knot over this.
    I think you need to go back and actually READ what I wrote.People get so uppity when the facts are in their face.The fact is that she is: A.successful B.still workin’ for all the top designers C. does not give a rats’ ass what you or anyone (considering I was writing on this site about this topic, that includes me too,ya dumbass) thinks about her.Also,I disagree with you”Slinkhard,” if Naomi read this stupid mo’fucker site ,she would probably be happy to read that someone w/some common sense is piping up .Nuff said on this ridiculous site.

  18. slinkhard

    That’s presuming she can read.

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