Naomi Campbell strikes again

April 3rd, 2008 // 61 Comments

Naomi Campbell is on the attack again. This time with her saliva while being arrested at Heathrow Airport. She allegedly spat on a cop after an argument over her luggage, according to The Sun:

Naomi first kicked off in BA’s first class lounge after being told that one of her three bags had not made it onto the flight. Despite apologies and assurances she would be reunited with her luggage, the temperamental supermodel flew into a rage.
She began harassing airline staff who called cops as the flight was called and Naomi walked onto the plane. She was still yelling at boarding card staff as she took her seat. Three officers from the MET’s SO18 Aviation security branch then came onto the plane. They tried to calm the model down, but she is alleged to have reacted by spitting at an officer and then laying into him with her fists.

Mere mortals tried to tame the Naomi Campbell? What foolishness. Be lucky she wasn’t yielding a cell phone, peasants. Lest it be your face that bare the mark of her magic talking box of death on ye face. But, no, seriously, I’d stick my arm in a tiger’s mouth before telling Naomi Campbell to take her seat. I sort of enjoy living. Call me strange, but it’s a hobby of mine.

Thanks to Anthony who’s retreated to an underground bunker until this blows over.

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  1. Italian Stallion

    Somebody needs to kick this naggers ass, hopefully a woman but at this point, who the fuck cares………..

  2. Summer Kat

    Yep, coke will make you ANGRY!!!

  3. KillMONTAG

    this bitch is an embarrassment to black people and England.

  4. LB

    she sucks

  5. Jenn


  6. First a story about blacks and drugs, now a story about blacks and violence. It’s like the world is upside down today.

  7. lipper

    That dress looks like she rolled around in road kill. Ick!

  8. Grunion

    Holy PMS batman.

  9. Aunt Jemima

    what is this bitch’s problem? shit. someone needs to beat her over the head with a cell phone.

  10. Abdo

    I used to think “Man!! She ‘s so hot in the In The Closet video”
    But now….
    Well, forget it!

  11. Silver

    Hey I have an idea! How about 6 months in jail like the rest of us would get minimum for assaulting a cop. Stupid low-life bitch.

  12. Cooper

    Good luck to Naomi with SO18 – they’re one of the few gun carrying units in the Metropolitan police and they’re also nutjobs – ask a Brazillian.

    For all the idiots above me, don’t bring race into it. She’s a fucking bitch, full stop.

  13. Lisa

    She is a real bitch! So what did they do about her actions? Nothing? Hmmm is that why she acts that way?

  14. dude

    maybe we could get her to do something to Randal for us

  15. iHateDemocrateSCUM

    Question is, will the brits have the balls to throw this bitch in jail for awhile. She need’s a “time out” -Jail style……….

  16. grobpilot

    Fuckin’ twat whore. I wish this cunt would fall off a cliff and take several days to die.

  17. norton

    This is what you get when you make entirely too much money for your IQ to handle and are surrounded by yes people.

    This chick sucks.

  18. insecthero

    #12: Amen!

    #13: She got arrested at least. Hopefully she’ll get more.

  19. Marsha

    Heathrow sucks, this ugly bucktoothed woman sent me back and fourth because my bag was too large, turns out, it wasn’t! If only I could spit on that woman….

  20. Spazz

    Just another prissy bitch of privilege insulted when the mere mortals of this earth dont give into her Diva demands.

  21. campbell's thrown cell phone

    I’m glad they arrested her ass, this bitch is just bad news all around. If British Airrways has any balls, they won’t let her on one of their planes again.

    I’m just waiting for the day when her ass, tits and face fall and she has no clout or pull and then pulls one of these kindergarden tantrums.

  22. kc

    OJ slit the wrong bitch’s throat.

  23. CuntSlasher

    Filthy n!gger. Why do people constantly have to say “don’t bring race into it?” Makes you think.

  24. NY Ted

    Ms. Cocaine herself is back in action!!! I heard tell that they glued a new nose on her head…the other one was burned out with holes from all the blow she has snorted into her fucked up pea-brain!!

  25. Mighty

    I’m starting a new super vilain group called The Ringers. They all communicate telepathicly through GSM, have high frequency ring tones battle cries and throw different types of phone devices at their would be victims. So far, I’ve got Naomi Campbell and Russell Crow signed up.

  26. bo

    SHE’S BEEN ARRESTED FOLKS. YAY, JUSTICE PREVAILS! (sort of),,20188240,00.html

  27. Mighty

    Wow! #24. If we’re lucky maybe you’ll get to meet her, have her spit in your mouth and see you die from a horrible “black” disease i.e. gangbangers crushing your skull open to spit on your biggot brains.

  28. peeps

    She was never jailed. But she should be. I imagine a woman used to 5 star hotels, 24/7 luxury and designer threads who looses it when her precious luggage is delayed wouldn’t be so happy in a thiny little cell forced to wear an ugly jumper.

    “After pleading guilty to a charge of reckless assault against her employee Ana Scolavino, she was sentenced to five days community service and ordered to attend two days of anger arrangement course by a New York court on 16 January 2007. Two months later, she mopped floors in New York’s Department for Sanitation.”

    The racism is fucking revolting. Bitches and assholes come in every flavor; vanilla, chocolate, lemon, caramel etc..


    this is why coke is bad, children!

  30. Matt

    Im not your friend, buddy

  31. Anna

    If she was white, I guess she’d just be “troubled” but because she’s black many of you have resorted to calling her the N word. Shame on you white america. Once again, you have proven that ignorance and racism is still very alive in this country. Why not look at her actions and not her race? She is a cunt, plain and simple.

  32. tight lipped smiler

    I think she bit to death the rabid wolf around her neck. Poor cop.

  33. Goya

    24, exactly.
    It’s not the color that annoys me about them, but their attitudes. Their ghetto personalities. Their ridiculous language, and how they butcher the English language. Fuck. I tried liking them, but they are repulsive. Sorry.

  34. human race

    Goya you obviously live in a sheltered little world. You are talking in stereotypes. If you had ever really gotten to know a black person you would realize how full of shit you are. I have known many black people and none of them fit that mould and for those who do there’s nothing wrong with talking a certain way or dressing a certain way you are just putting a negative spin on it. We’re all different on the surface yet deep down in terms of what counts we are surprisingly similar. I am Caucasian and you are exactly the kind of person who embarrasses me. You are shameful and full of hate and judgment. You’re a racist and a bigot and that’s your problem not anyone else’s. There are horrible people in every race category and you are one of them. I hope one day you know what it’s like to be judged and hated for something you can’t control so that you can understand the pain of discrimination. I pity you.

  35. Goya

    35, most of them are the same. I don’t understand what they’re trying to prove and why they act the way they do.
    Even Africa won’t take them back. These are spoiled pigs that think they’re elite, better than any other race. “We going to grab some eats” “We” this “We” that.
    Why can’t the stupid fuckers use the word *I*?
    These are idiots that are making their own language, their own world but complain that the rest is racist because WE cannot adjust to their ridiculous world. We use proper grammar. We have manners. Unlike them.
    Go back to sucking that dirty filthy black cock.

  36. PostmortemG

    “I’m just waiting for the day when her ass, tits and face fall and she has no clout or pull and then pulls one of these kindergarden tantrums.”

    Did you mean her physically down falling, or when she eventually loses her assets? I’m confused.

  37. Bart Alder

    Lest it be your face that bare the mark of her magic talking box of death on ye face.

    bare? Surely that’s bear.

  38. bootlips

    Negroes are the same violent monkeys everywhere.

  39. 3RD PLANET

    I wasn’t going to comment on here til I saw #24! U R a piece of work!! It’s ppl like u who always hav to play the race card! She’d be that way if she white, pink green, or yellow! She’s just a spoiled bitch who’s never been taught better! I hope she’s learned her lesson, but prob. not…ppl like her never do! I used to think she was pretty, but now I think she’s pretty……….ugly!! I wonder how she’d like it if someone spit on her!?? She should consider herself lucky it was in London… if it had happened here, she could’ve been arrested for assault! I bet she never even reads these blogs… if she did, maybe she’d change her attitude………

  40. Dorito Man

    She looks like a tranny.

  41. Erica.

    34-36 I agree. Most, not ALL, black people I meet are the same. They are pushed into that stereotype of being loud, obnoxious, stupid, and flat out trash. Though, I have met many that are nice and intellegent. I just wish all of them were like that.

  42. peter

    One day she’ll go off on the wrong person and she’ll be beaten like a rented mule.

  43. Troll

    #8, LMAO!

    British Airways is claiming her stunt cost the airport somewhere near $16 million dollars. That’s bullshit, but if they can stick it to her, even her lawyer would probably say: “Well, not really, your honor. But she’s a stupid bitch. So I guess that’s fair.”

  44. Queefer Bukakke

    Fucking cunt needs to be wrapped in barbed wire and rolled down a long hill.

  45. sweetz

    #44 cant wait for that day ….. hopefully a nice big mama

  46. sweetz

    #44 cant wait for that day ….. hopefully a nice big mama

  47. Jonathan

    #23, 100% right. I read through your entire post, but you had me at “nude beaches”.

  48. s

    ban her from flying BA …………eventually she will act civilised

  49. s

    ban her from flying BA …………eventually she will act civilised

  50. gus

    Don’t expect a ‘pretty’ model not to act like a typical negro. (and no, that’s not stupid or ignorant, it’s just blunt truth, and you all know it)

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