Naomi Campbell strikes again

Naomi Campbell is on the attack again. This time with her saliva while being arrested at Heathrow Airport. She allegedly spat on a cop after an argument over her luggage, according to The Sun:

Naomi first kicked off in BA’s first class lounge after being told that one of her three bags had not made it onto the flight. Despite apologies and assurances she would be reunited with her luggage, the temperamental supermodel flew into a rage.
She began harassing airline staff who called cops as the flight was called and Naomi walked onto the plane. She was still yelling at boarding card staff as she took her seat. Three officers from the MET’s SO18 Aviation security branch then came onto the plane. They tried to calm the model down, but she is alleged to have reacted by spitting at an officer and then laying into him with her fists.

Mere mortals tried to tame the Naomi Campbell? What foolishness. Be lucky she wasn’t yielding a cell phone, peasants. Lest it be your face that bare the mark of her magic talking box of death on ye face. But, no, seriously, I’d stick my arm in a tiger’s mouth before telling Naomi Campbell to take her seat. I sort of enjoy living. Call me strange, but it’s a hobby of mine.

Thanks to Anthony who’s retreated to an underground bunker until this blows over.

Photo: Getty Images