Naomi Campbell still beating people

yscio_naomibeat.jpgNaomi Campbell reportedly attacked Italian actress Yvonne Scio last Saturday because they were wearing the same dress at an event at the Hotel Eden in Rome. Scio says she was kicked and punched,and had to go to the hospital because she suffered injuries including a cut lip. She filed a complaint with police and hired a lawyer.

“This will be going to court and Naomi will have to appear,” Scio’s attorney said. “Yvonne is in bed in a lot of pain. Her face is in a terrible way. She lost a lot of blood. She is an actress so she will not be able to work for a while. We will also be looking for loss of earnings.”

A rep for Naomi denied the model attacked the actress, saying the two merely had “a disagreement.” What Naomi Campbell really needs to do is buy a pet gorilla and put boxing gloves on it, and then drag it along with her wherever she goes. That way, if she ever starts beating people up again, her reps can just shrug their shoulders and say, “The gorilla did it.” Who do you think the jury is going to believe put the pastry chef in the hospital – the 100lb supermodel or the 600lb gorilla wearing boxing gloves?