Naomi Campbell Rampages

20041122_naomi.jpgNaomi Campbell is being investigated for allegedly assaulting another of her personal assistants, 31-year old Amie Castaldo. Included in Castaldo’s complaint was lip biting, yanking to the ground by her hair, and a head-butt. Yes you heard me right, when in crazy mode, Naomi Campbell head-butts people. I know Marines that don’t even head-butt, but I guess they just don’t have the killer instinct that Naomi has. Wait did I say ‘killer instinct’? I meant complete lack of mental stability. The whole incident reportedly started when Naomi falsely accused Castaldo of failing to line up the right stylist to make Naomi up for an event earlier this month. That sounds pretty legitimate to me. I mean if somebody messed up my stylist, I’d probably have to head-butt them too.