Naomi Campbell loses another assistant

*naomi_campbell_thumb6.jpgNaomi Campbell parted ways with her latest assistant on a British Airways London-L.A. flight last week. Before boarding, Naomi was heard complaining on the phone about service. Then, she turned on her assistant. “Naomi was angry because some dresses didn’t get where they were supposed to go, and the assistant yelled that she was quitting,” says a source. “Passengers complained to the stewardess, who was going to get the pilot, when they stopped their screaming match. Then they didn’t speak to each other for several hours.”

Being Naomi Campbell’s assistant is right above “professional ass-eater” on the list of world’s worst jobs. Normally I’d feel sorry for the assistant, but I don’t have any pity for masochists. Maybe now she can concentrate on a more relaxing job, like wrestling a pack of hungry badgers, or opening a Pakistani strip-club called “Mohammed is a Mohomo.”