Naomi Campbell is still out there. Lying… Waiting…

Naomi Campbell assaulted her driver yesterday in New York who has decided this morning not to file charges because who the fuck knows where she could be hiding. RadarOnline reports:

The driver, 27-year-old Miodrag Mejdina of Queens, sought emergency medical service at the 17th Precinct station house, as he suffered bruising and a swollen eye after Campbell’s attack. He did not press charges Tuesday, according to police, who issued a harassment report in connection with the incident.
Campbell was last seen exiting the black Cadillac Escalade the incident allegedly took place in, and darting through mid-town Manhattan clad in a black designer coat, police said.

I love how no one is safe from Naomi Campbell at any time. This guy was driving around with her life in his hands yet she still attacked then rolled out the back. Seriously, I’m surprised there’s not more reports of her taking out a whole cockpit crew then parachuting out a side door. “Folks, this is your head stewardess speaking. Apparently Naomi Campbell was on our flight, so if you’ll fasten your seat belts, we’ll be making an emergency lan-” WHACK! “I’M STILL HERE! MUHAHAHA!”

Photos: Getty