Naomi Campbell is still out there. Lying… Waiting…

March 3rd, 2010 // 54 Comments

Naomi Campbell assaulted her driver yesterday in New York who has decided this morning not to file charges because who the fuck knows where she could be hiding. RadarOnline reports:

The driver, 27-year-old Miodrag Mejdina of Queens, sought emergency medical service at the 17th Precinct station house, as he suffered bruising and a swollen eye after Campbell’s attack. He did not press charges Tuesday, according to police, who issued a harassment report in connection with the incident.
Campbell was last seen exiting the black Cadillac Escalade the incident allegedly took place in, and darting through mid-town Manhattan clad in a black designer coat, police said.

I love how no one is safe from Naomi Campbell at any time. This guy was driving around with her life in his hands yet she still attacked then rolled out the back. Seriously, I’m surprised there’s not more reports of her taking out a whole cockpit crew then parachuting out a side door. “Folks, this is your head stewardess speaking. Apparently Naomi Campbell was on our flight, so if you’ll fasten your seat belts, we’ll be making an emergency lan-” WHACK! “I’M STILL HERE! MUHAHAHA!”

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  1. zomg


  2. y3n0


  3. Richard McBeef

    I have always been a proponent of the idea that if a bitch wants to fight like man that she can take a fucking beating like one.

    I would have knocked that bitch’s teeth out.

  4. Nameless

    Well if the driver was trying to keep it on the down low that he was beat up by an older 98lb model…he failed miserably. He should go ahead and press charges, sue her ass and get paid.

  5. chaos

    go Naomi!

  6. Drunk Pervert

    Black women are batshit crazy, every last one of them.

  7. Drunk Pervert

    LOLOLOL, it fucking works!’

    This is Deacon Jones, I was locked out of this fucking site for months! I thought I was permanently banned…

  8. y3n0

    @ #4:
    That’s probably why he’s not pressing charges. There’s potential that he’s getting paid off because this will be some sort of “three-strikes” deal for Naomi if charges are pressed against her.

  9. Captain_Insano

    I want to get a job as this dumb bitches assistant just so I can beat the black out of her.

  10. Inmate #2648927

    Fashion Week at Rykers.

  11. Fati87

    What the fuck is wrong with this bitch?! She’s ben doing shit like that for the longest time and getting away with it because she has long legs and is fucking rich! If it were a regular woman begaving the same way, she’d be rotting in jail by now. Thanks, justice system, once again you prove worthy of your name.

  12. SO RIGHT

    If she were a man, she’d be in jail. This b*tch needs to be locked up or forced into an inpatient mental health facility for borderline personality disorder and anger management.

  13. OTP

    Fiesty bitch. I’d tear her apart.

  14. She needs her entitled ass kicked up between her shoulder blades, then locked up for a couple of years with the most vicious prison lesbians they can find.

  15. AteIsEnough

    She is an arrogant bitch. Fucking throw her in jail and let a real woman show her some manners.

  16. Jully

    Her dress makes it look like she has a penis! O.O

  17. Well, we’ve all heard these stories about chimpanzees going crazy and attacking people. Why is this a surprise?

    RPG, over & out

  18. It's Me Fuckers

    lol @16! I thought the SAME thing! A big, scaly, blue headed cock. Rofl!!

  19. Irene Barcelo

    Why is this woman not in jail?

  20. AnnaDraconida

    Spoiled rich bitch.

  21. Primatologist

    A pity that a low life animal like this is made rich and a “diva” (devi is female yes?)
    We should breed this speciman with O.J. Simpson. This could accelerate the inner city violence!!! Yay!!!!!

  22. Mastah

    Somebody needs to put her black nasty ass back in ankle chains. Pick the cotton and shut your mouth bitch!


      and someone needs to put your racist bitch ass back into the dirt with the rest of the rotting scum.

  23. gigi

    eh, feh….. isn’t it obvious she’s milking this little violence thing to keep herself in the media & current? so lame & obvious….. sad really….. poor Naomi…. Christy’s still doing campaigns, Linda too! maybe Cindy is getting a little long in the tooth, but Naomi can still work if she just relaxed & behaved…. the poor thing…..

  24. j

    She needs to start dating Chris Brown. That is the only logical option we have.

  25. tom

    She honestly doesn’t need jail. She needs electroshock treatment and lots of it. Waterboarding might be necessary too.

  26. justifiable

    #24 Seriously, not even Chris Brown deserves that.

  27. grobpilot

    When is somebody gonna crack this cunt’s skull wide open and put her out of our misery?

  28. Ashley

    Anyone else think her armpit looks like a straight up vagina? Ew.

  29. Ashley

    Anyone else think her armpit looks like a straight up vagina? Ew.

  30. anon

    I would say this pig has no respect for men but she treats women exactly the same way. In fact i think women who work for her are in more danger.
    She has no respect for anyone.

    So why don’t we show her that we have no respect for her.

  31. Anon

    I can’t stand looking at this piece of shit. She ruined her reputation, I hate seeing her in ads, who likes her, seriously?

  32. justifiable

    #30 I’d say I don’t understand why this bitch isn’t doing serious jail time for assault, but obviously she picks on “little people” who can’t afford to fight back to bear the brunt of her entitled cunt temper. She’s paid off her housekeeper (whom she hit in the head with a phone) and other victims. I think all she did for that is community service by mopping floors at a police station and she turned that into a photo op.

    I really pray that she’ll hit someone rich who either won’t care about being bought off or else has a black belt in something, and then she’ll really learn what consequences are. Dammit, God, I’ve been really good so far this year, answer my prayers!!

  33. Gordy


    I’d let her beat me to a bloody pulp.

    Think she would kick me in the balls?

  34. Naomi Campbell was a Trending Topic on Twitter today What a hot-tranny-mess!

  35. right on

    ROFL! Funniest post in a long time! It just cracks me up the way she acts.. kinda have respect she’s so daring. Still gorgeous as well.

  36. cc

    “I want to get a job as this dumb bitches assistant just so I can beat the black out of her.”

    Raises an intersesting question…does she only hire docile women a lot smaller than her? I’d love to see her hire some amazon who, at the first provocation, kicks the living shit out of her.

    In front of security camera so it can immediately get posted on the web.

    And none of this amateurish hairpulling shit either. I want some bitch that can throw combinations of jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks, just to be sure she gets her mug pounded from all angles.

  37. the only opinion that matters

    These are some of the funniest (and least politically correct) comments I have ever read. She is an nasty cow who should not be hired by anyone or given any of the perks rich people get. In fact, I vow not to buy any product she is associated with (and yes I can afford to buy products she is associated with). She has a nasty temper and needs to be taken down a peg or two. This violence isn’t about staying in the media…everytime she does something like this she lowers her chance of working. She is just a nasty hot tempered arrogant bitch, she does not deserve any respect #35, if you think so then you a more than a bit twisted.

  38. Twinkle

    She’s a bully. She only beats those that are less powerful than her. She’s nothing more than a schoolyard bully.

  39. bete noir

    This bitch needs her assed whipped!

  40. Dread not

    She’s black! Just have some undercover cops drive around Manhattan in Cadillacs and she’ll show up. Blacks are drawn to Caddys, like moths to a flame.

  41. idiot

    To #40.





  42. lola

    She looks like OJ in the face

  43. captain america

    she must have been sorry.

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  45. mk

    That’s a big cock coming out of her dress!

  46. Dread not

    to #41

    Yum, yum, give ME some!

  47. Gymo

    I read all the post here and am now in a position to report. YOU’RE ALL LOSERS!!!
    There are the women haters/Black haters//people haters and the I hate my suckky life crowd.
    The American education system has failed you all, you should sue them for negligence, they failed to take the idiot and the moronic out of you all.

    Naomi is what she is a beautiful, wealthy woman with a short fuse, who is doing better than before – Now that’s the intelligent and mature response.

  48. Blitz

    LMMFAO @ making an emergency lan-” WHACK! “I’M STILL HERE!

    Crazy rich black bitches! WTF is a person to do with big headed cunts likes Naomi I’m a super model so fuck you Campbell?

  49. overtly racist


    I’m not sure how you quantify intelligence, somehow I doubt that a model who started walking the catwalk at 14 had time to cultivate any sort of brain power …..

    at 30 something, she competes with other girls who are literally half her age, and we all know beauty belongs to the young.

    The money she does make now, does not come from her modeling-that was over years ago. This girl is the white mans jungle bunny fuck. All her johns are white rich men who can parade around a black woman and not look like he’s getting head from a hooker in a car(HUGH GRANT). She gets paid to have rich white man with black girl fantasy sex. she gets paid like Bill Gates gets paid.

    Furthermore, I am happy to hide behind the anonymity of this computer because the truth be known, most of the black women I know are hideously ugly, and have a temper equivalent or worse than a drunk white sports fan. .

    the only black woman I would ever have sex with is Megan Fox, but that’s only after she agreed to have her mouth ducked taped.

    in conclusion number 47, judging by what you write you probably don’t speak eubonics, and may have some sort of redeeming qualities to your character, so take this advice.MARRY WHITE. SAVE YOUR DNA AND MARRY WHITE.

  50. A Bloke

    Intelligent she isn’t. She did poorly at school. I remember one of her teachers remarking upon her flourishing her paycheck at him and saying something to the effect that she didn’t need an education because she was pulling in so much money as a model. She’s thoroughly unpleasant through and through. Her looks have about another ten years before they catch up with her personality.

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