Naomi Campbell dates royalty

naomi-campbell-prince.jpgNaomi Campbell has hooked up with the Prince of Dubai, with the two of them vacationing in Sweden. They stayed at the Grand Hotel last week, which is the most expensive place in Stockholm. Additionally, the paparazzi over there almost caused them to run over some pedestrians. A source told Page Six:

On Wednesday night the two were snapped by paparazzi at the Plaza Club after “they had had a lot of drinks,” said our spy. The Swedish snappers sound just as reckless as the loose-cannon lensmen racing around L.A. in SUVs. Our source reported, “One Swedish photographer forced Naomi’s limousine to drive up on the sidewalk with his car, almost hitting two pedestrians.”

It’s always nice to read a story about Naomi Campbell that doesn’t involve head butting people or running through walls. Though I predict by next week we’ll hear about how Naomi Campbell head butted the Prince of Dubai and then ran through a wall. It’s what she does.