Naomi Campbell beats up another maid

ncampbell-beat-another.jpgOne of Naomi Campbell’s former maids has come out with claims that she was also abused. According to The Sun, the servant made a formal complaint in January but couldn’t press charges because she didn’t have a visible injury. And although her case won’t go to court and Campbell won’t be arrested, her story will help back up the other complaints against Naomi.

“She assaulted me too – and for the same reason as the other girl – over a pair of jeans. She hit me with her hand on the back of the head when I couldn’t find her Stella MCCartney jeans. She was cursing me. Naomi was so upset. She was threatening that she was going to get me arrested and put me in jail for stealing her clothes.”

Six years ago Naomi pleaded guilty to hitting her former assistant with a telephone and was ordered to take anger management classes. And clearly those went great. Whenever I read about somebody head-butting their assistant or assaulting their maid with a cell phone I think to myself, “Man, those anger management classes they took really worked wonders.”