Naomi Campbell beats up another maid

April 27th, 2006 // 45 Comments

ncampbell-beat-another.jpgOne of Naomi Campbell’s former maids has come out with claims that she was also abused. According to The Sun, the servant made a formal complaint in January but couldn’t press charges because she didn’t have a visible injury. And although her case won’t go to court and Campbell won’t be arrested, her story will help back up the other complaints against Naomi.

“She assaulted me too – and for the same reason as the other girl – over a pair of jeans. She hit me with her hand on the back of the head when I couldn’t find her Stella MCCartney jeans. She was cursing me. Naomi was so upset. She was threatening that she was going to get me arrested and put me in jail for stealing her clothes.”

Six years ago Naomi pleaded guilty to hitting her former assistant with a telephone and was ordered to take anger management classes. And clearly those went great. Whenever I read about somebody head-butting their assistant or assaulting their maid with a cell phone I think to myself, “Man, those anger management classes they took really worked wonders.”



  1. Vampyreska


    And she is a man.

  2. I’m shocked, utterly shocked. Does anyone believe this? Oh.. wait, it’s Naomi we’re talking about here.

  3. Mr. Fritz

    Damn! I thought I was going to be first for the second time. Anyway, I am sick of this bitch and hope she ends up eating from a dumpster with Kate Moss and her ugly boyfriend. Maybe Rosie O’Donnell will keep her promise and kick her ass.

  4. mamacita

    Is it me or does Naomi bear a striking resemblance to Lavar Burton’s character in Roots? Well, if you take away that extremely disturbing slave collar, anyway?

    Seriously, I keep expecting her to say something about her name not being Toby.

    P.S. Reading Rainbow was the shit!!!!! Butterfly in the skyyyyy…………..

  5. Chrystal03

    If I was that assistant, I would have knocked that weave off her big 4×4 head!!!

  6. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    (yawn) another day in the life of a superbitch. and WHY would her maid “steal” her jeans???? naomi is like, 95lbs soaking wet, and what? is her maid nicole richie’s stunt double? as IF the superbeeyyootch couldnt just buy another pair!!!

  7. Nimuë LaMer

    I would LOVE to see someone – maid, personal assistant, total stranger – kicks this skinny bitch’s ass! Pop her right in the nose and bust it.

    Oh yeah, don’t tell anyone, but I heard Tom Cruise loves the cock.

  8. bjpack

    I don’t know about you people but sometimes the only way to keep the maid in line is to hit her. That’s what I do. Actually, it is not the maid it is my wife. And I don’t hit her, she hits me. Well, close enough.

  9. jkough

    Is anyone really surprised by this?

  10. tlcccc123

    Naomi is totally justified. Housekeepers always steal the jeans of their supermodel employers because they fit them perfectly and really work for you when you are vacuuming and cleaning toilets.

  11. Dr.Rokter


    Reading Rainbow was rad. Did you ever see the episode where LeVar Burton read the kids a letter he had written to Penthouse Forum? Way better than the one where he read that caterpillar book.

  12. mamacita


    I don’t know, man. My favorite one was the one where he read the one on how to build a molatov cocktail. Unlike books about caterpillars and pizza making, that one was SO applicable in real life.

  13. mamacita

    I don’t believe that it’s possible for me to have used the word ‘one’ any more than I did in the comment directly above.

  14. dirtypiratehooker

    Man, someone put this bitch in a strait jacket.

  15. And yet another famous person gets away with abuse. Yay.

  16. jenny4a20

    I bet Grace Jones could kick her ass!

  17. Fisher55

    thank god *somebody* is finally taking action against these filthy thieving third world servants. if they can’t take the heat, go back to el salvador

  18. Phoenix

    She even beats up other models. And those women are the same size as her – so why don’t they fight back.

    I want Kevin Federline to beat the shit out of her skinny ass – hitting a woman(?) won’t be a problem to him and we’ll also see him in jail – two birds, one stone.

  19. Trotter

    Put it down and walk away from the pipe, ma’am.

    And yeah, she totally reminds me of Lil’ Toby. I can’t WAIT to read that one of her servants has clubbed her foot.

    “No more running starts for headbutts NOW bitch!”

  20. Fisher55

    #6: 95 lbs? she’s the size of a linebacker…

  21. meat-tulip

    #16 – Grace Jones could smack Tyson, Federline AND her maid while crackin walnuts with her cunt.

  22. TaiTai

    I think Naomi and Russell Crowe would be a match made in heaven. But instead of phones, they should go back to old style communications devices. Maybe they could throw engraved stone tablets at each other? That ought to do the trick. Two birds with one stone, har har.

  23. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #20, who naomi or the housekeeper? :)

  24. Code58

    Anger Management doesn’t do shit.

  25. mamacita


    God, I hate you.

  26. Hueco Mundo


    Thanks for bringing some laughter to an otherwise shitty morning.

  27. Courtney

    What a great plug for Stella McCartney jeans.

  28. gammanormids

    So, Naomi beat an assistant up and she just got there until she had a chance to sue her? Why didn’t she just kick her useless ass back!? That’d be news I’d be glad to read!

  29. chanel_bear


    I saw that episode, and it changed my life.

  30. mamacita


    Mine too. I bet that little bitch who used to make fun of my fake Keds (don’t know about you guys, but around here, people called the fake Keds “bubbles” or “bobos”) regrets that shit.

  31. gogoboots

    Someone needs to kick her ass, women are way more vicious, especially about a stupid pair of jeans!

  32. Jonboy in SF

    LOL TaiTai…

    One of these days that bitch is going to cross the wrong maid and get her ass beat down. And I hope there’s a hidden camera to catch it all on film so we can see it on Celebrity Insider! Karma, bitch…KAPOW!

  33. Italian Stallion

    #22 nice…….

  34. The title bout:

    mamacita vs Naomi.

    Ten bucks on mamacita.

  35. sweetlips

    Rosie ODonnell said she kick that bitches ass just for fun. I’d love to see that and Naomi needs her ass kicked so far up it looks like she’s a hunchback.

  36. I won’t believe this until I see it re-enacted by puppets.

  37. LilJenny

    Haven’t I seen this post three times already this month? Remember when TS used to be about news?

  38. bunnyhugger


  39. Wild Rose

    Will somebody PLEEEAAAZZZZEEEEE beat the shit outta this fucking bitch?????

  40. Pez_D_Spencer

    No worries – the way this broad goes through servants, she’ll end up with some MS-13′s chica eventually, and then she’ll get a machete through the face. That should be fun.

  41. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    Posted by mamacita on April 27, 2006 11:02 AM


    God, I hate you.

    why??? what did i ever do to YOU???? and “hate” is a pretty strong word….. i LIKE your comments and if you actually read through them, im usually agreeing with you.
    but what did i do to you?

  42. mamacita


    You’re annoying as fuck. That’s as simply as I can put it.

  43. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    oh, cool then, im glad we understand eachother

  44. Pearly

    She needs some anger management, actually I need her on my roller derby team. She’s washed up as a model so why not?

    #43 mamcita will shred you..back off! You’re not even a little funny.

  45. mamacita


    It’s NOT cool. And we DON’T understand each other. YOU will never understand me, and, conversely, I will never understand YOU. I am an intelligent person who has some grasp on reality. You, on the other hand, remind me of one of those stupid dolls that talk when you squeeze them, and only say inane things like “You’re my friend!” or “I love hugs.” or “Puppies are cute!”. We’re polar opposites, see?


    “#43 mamcita will shred you..back off! You’re not even a little funny”

    That’s righteous. And true. I will shred her like a Microplane would shred a hunk of parmigiano reggiano.

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