Nancy Grace Killed Again

July 10th, 2012 // 76 Comments
Nancy Grace
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In 2006, Nancy Grace strongly questioned Melinda Duckett, and basically point blank accused her of being behind the disappearance of her two-year-old son. (According to Wikipedia, she was never investigated by police, but was a suspect as all parents in missing children cases are.) But before the show could air, Melinda Duckett shot herself and CNN still went ahead and aired the interview anyway prompting Duckett’s family to sue and eventually settle with Nancy Grace in 2010. Jump to last month, where Nancy Grace dubbed Toni Medrano of Minnesota “Vodka Mom” after she “allegedly” drank a fifth of vodka and passed out on her three-week-old son (after her husband had previously warned her about falling asleep/blacking out with the baby), suffocating him to death. So you’ll never guess how this story ends. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports:

Medrano doused herself in a flammable liquid on July 2 and lit her body on fire in her mother’s backyard in St. Paul Park at 4:01 a.m., said Police Chief Michael Monahan. Medrano was “despondent and suicidal over personal issues,” he said.

LIT HERSELF ON FIRE. Now, granted, some might say a mother who kills her baby by drunkenly blacking out on top of it probably did her other children a favor by taking herself out of the equation, but others could easily counter she should live with that guilt for the rest of her life. Neither of those are the point here. No, the point here is that Nancy Grace should be charged with murder because a.) irony is hilarious and b.) clearly giving her an excuse to get up on her high horse killed these women far more than the guilt did because who wants to live in that world? Not counting Casey Anthony. Dead inside people don’t count.

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  1. EricLr

    The REALLY scary thing is that this ditzy shrew was once a prosecutor. Can you imagine how many innocent people she sent to prison (many of whom are still there) because of her tendency to jump to conclusions before the evidence is even in, and then stick with it no matter what?

    • Sven Golly

      Prosecutors tend to be ambitious career minded individuals who who are more concerned with adding another case to their win column than justice. If they learned midway through the trial that a defendant was innocent many of them would press on instead of dropping the charges. I think we can assume that’s how Nancy would have operated.

      • cc

        Sadly, based on the experience of a friend who was unjustly accused of a crime, it’s worse than that. They’ll prosecute someone even if there’s no case to begin with, just to be on the safe side.

      • Fribble

        Luckily, it’s the low-lifes who hold this opinion. Real prosecutors are just as concerned with protecting the innocent (and those who don’t meet the legal standards of guilt) as they are about convicting the guilty.
        Sadly, this country is full of low-lifes. Including the one in the White House.

  2. kimmykimkim

    Jesus fucking Christ! Set herself on fire?! Could she not just find a gun or I don’t know, anything, except fucking fire? Good god. And if the father was so concerned, why didn’t he take care of the baby when this bitch was schnockered out of her mind? Which I’m guessing was all day, everyday.

    And Nancy Grace should have her mouth sewn shut.

  3. I blame Tom Cruise.

  4. Livinus Nwambe

    1) Nancy Grace never lost a case as a prosecutor. Never. Her drive to win may be partially to blame in asking attacking-style questions

    2) To directly link Ms. Grace with this is… well, kinda skeezy. It’s like saying that Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly are directly responsible for the actions of the people they belabour on their show.

    3) The lady’s son died, and she was facing a court case. PTSD and a ton of other latent issues might’ve smacked her in the face

    In sum – Nancy Grace is an asshole, and I think she should be taken off the air (for her ratings alone – Who the hell watches Nancy Grace and DOESN’T want to kill themselves?), but I don’t directly see how she was responsible. Besides, if as few people watch Nancy Grace as I’m led to believe, it’s not the pressure of being exposed in front of America that led to this woman committing suicide, but probably being exposed to about 750,000 people ACROSS THE UNITED STATES. Put into perspective, that’s less than 0.3 percent of people at any time, and her biggest demographic is the 50-to-dead age slot.
    Nancy Grace is a sad cunt, but not responsible for this woman’s death.

    • Do they not have satire in the UK? So you think the tragic death of her child might have played a role in her decision to take her own life? Tremendous insight.

      It’s “kinda skeezy” to imply Nancy Grace played a role in upsetting someone’s tenuous mental state? That she deliberately shamed people who were already shouldering enough guilt to consider forfeiting their lives? Really? But I guess it’s not “kinda skeezy” to refer to a woman as a “sad cunt?”

      • Livinus Nwambe

        I wouldn’t know if they have satire in the UK, as I live in Canada. As a wild guess, though, I’d say they do. It’s mildly ironic that you point out my lack of insight, and proceed to entirely take apart my argument without offering any insights of your own. Dish it out but can’t take it?

        …Speaking of lack of insight

        Since you point out that I have no insight for pointing out that someone who killed their kid (allegedly) might take their own life, and then posit that Nancy Grace “deliberately shamed people enough to forfeit their own lives”, which is it?

        I’m pointing out that there’s a difference between journalistic and personal judgement. Journalistically, you can’t say that Nancy Grace played a role in their deaths any more than you can say the same for similarly scandalous media personalities; I make a personal value judgement that Nancy Grace is a sad cunt in the same way that I make a personal judgement that you may need to go back to first-year university and sit through remedial rhetoric (Please, avoid the tropes of saying you have a masters, or some sort of qualification that proves you can write. You clearly cannot, and won’t convince me thereof). I can’t believe I have to hand-hold you through this argument in full knowledge of the irony of your calling out my lack of insight.

        aaaand done!

      • Whoa, now. Let’s be fair. I didn’t take apart your entire argument. As I remember, your original “argument” had three prongs. I chose to focus solely on the latter two. If I were going to take apart your ENTIRE argument, I would point out that Nancy Grace’s history as a prosecutor, and her concomitant “drive to win” as the impetus for her “attacking-style questions”, has absolutely no relationship with your central thesis. Which, if I can find it in that rambling mess above, is something along the lines of:

        “Journalistically, Nancy Grace didn’t play a role in their deaths.”

        While my mind struggles to fathom the brilliance of that sentence, I’m fairly certain Ms. “Sad Cunt” Grace’s history as a prosecutor, and her tenacious (you might say cunty? cuntish?) personality have absolutely nothing to do with it. Oops, I forgot to give any insights of my own again. Sorry.

    • Fribble

      “1) Nancy Grace never lost a case as a prosecutor. Never.”
      Which means that she only took lay-down cases.

    • ProsecuteGrace

      Never lost a case… except for the ones overturned for gross prosecutorial misconduct on her behalf. Knowing use of misinformation, a couple instances of straight up lying, 2 times before the ethics board facing disbarrment and barely getting out with her membership intact… no, this woman is obviously a paragon of justice. (That last statement was sarcasm, for you Nancy fans out there that have long since checked your brains at the door.)

  5. El Jefe

    I hate this fucking bitch. She is the reason that Casey Anthony is walking around free today.

    • Yeah, I guess the Florida prosecutors that aimed for murder one when they hadn’t a hope in hell of even proving how the kid died, let alone that she was killed with premeditation, had absolutely nothing to do with it.

      • El Jefe

        She is such a vile hateful person who drones on and on about cases and taints the jury pools that this crap happened. If she had shut the fuck up and let the prosecutors do their job and not made some idiots sympathetic to Casey Anthony that bitch would be in a prison cell today.

      • I agree with your assessment about reckless accuations and tainting jury pools, but the prosecutors were the ones who let Anthony skate. It was a ridiculous charge – they didn’t have a hope in hell of convicting her of first degree murder in a case that was essentially circumstantial, where they didn’t even have a cause of death. Public demand be damned, unless they somehow figured every juror in the box was Nancy Grace in disguise, they let Anthony walk.

  6. alex

    You know what happens when someone sets themselves on fire, dont you? Coming soon…Arab Spring part 2! Only this time the corporate sponsors aren’t Facebook and Twitter, its CNN and Nancy “without” Grace Inc. (TM pending)

  7. Frank Burns

    That chick is hot.

  8. Bane

    Nancy Grace needs a fucking bullet behind the ear.


  9. She should be charged with murder? Get the fuck out. NG is only saying what everyone with any sense is thinking. I only wish she had been around when Jon Benet Ramsey was kidnapped. More and more I realize that you people are less concerned with people paying for their crimes. Everyone is concerned with “fairness”. LIFE IS NOT FAIR, YOU DUMBASSES!!!

    • You’re one of those tiresome dumbasses that take absolutely everything literally, aren’t you?

      Aside from that: here’s the 411, moron. People who have a national media showcase and use that privilege to make wild accusations against people who haven’t been charged with anything, as in Ducket’s case, are one the reasons that “life is unfair”.

      Wise the fuck up. Nancy Grace is not concerned one little bit with “people paying for their crimes” – if she were, she’d still be employed as a prosecutor. Except, see, the courts have a real problem with prosecutors whose unethical conduct results in mistrials and vacated convictions. Based on her past misconduct, it’s clear that ol’ Nancy doesn’t think that any justice could possible be achieved without her placing her big fat thumb on the scales to tip them in the direction she knows they should go. Worse, for her to blindly blame “the media” for hijacking the justice system – without once looking at her own culpability in the issue – is, to say the least, ironic in the extreme.

      What Nancy Grace is concerned with is the ratings that come from proving that she’s the one who always gets it right. That sort of self-righteous hubris is never concerned with tainting jury pools, leading a witch hunt against people who might actually be innnocent, or even piling it on to someone whose negligence has resulted in personal tragedy. In Nancy Grace’s world, you’re guilty until she declares you innocent.

      This might be a big shock, given that you already know that life is unfair and all, but the courts are actually where people should be called to “pay for their crimes”, not on TV before some bleached blonde harridan with a overweening sense of her own importance. If the prosecution overshoots the mark in an attempt to pander and give the public what they want, as they did in Florida with the Anthony trial, then you have cause for complaint.

      And even then, you better look long and hard at Nancy Grace for being one of those who clamored for that overprosecution in the first place.

    • Carol Loch

      Your the dumbass! Innocent until proven guilty is suppose to be the law of this land; not Nancy bitch Grace’s law of everyone is quility until proven innocent. I guess you want to go back to lynching people. Idiot! Read the Bill of Rights.

  10. Dick Hell

    Excellent choice for the photo accompaniment, Mr. Fish.

  11. Dude of Dudes

    Remember. She slipped a nip for attention. A DRIED UP OLD LADY NIP. She answers to no one.

  12. shit. I saw the headline and HOPED somebody killed HER worthless ass. Fish you’re a tease.

  13. This bitch needs to be punched in the face; multiple times.

  14. puddleduck

    Nancy Grace calls it like she sees it. Freedom of speech is a bitch when it’s something you don’t want to hear or agree. Change the channel and get over it. She’s right more often than wrong!

  15. Kinky Minx

    The Devil has many faces. This is one of the scariest.

  16. Deacon Jones

    The only thing worse than a loud-mouthed opinionated woman entering menopause, is one with a southern twang.

    Rage inducing within seconds.

  17. Grand Dragon

    You people think Nancy should be shot for publicly shaming women who kill their children? Has society really moved that far into “everything is acceptable” territory?

    Guilt and shame are powerful tools that can prevent people from becoming the pieces of shit they become and end up killing their kids.

    • Grand Dragon

      P.S. I fapped to Nancy’s nip slip

    • Tom

      Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

      • Grand Dragon

        Yes, but maybe the exposure of this story can help even just one piece of crap parent out there see they should stop drinking a bottle of vodka a day and blacking out on top their kid.

        It’s only my OPINION (since this can’t be quantified) that it’s a net benefit for society.

      • I have news for you. If someone is at the point where they’re drinking a bottle of vodka a day, they won’t be “seeing” anything that approaches reason, nor will they shamed into stopping.

        And why this wouldn’t be apparent to anyone in the picture, like her husband, or her mother, so that her child would not be left in her care, unsupervised is the real question.

        And “piece of crap” parents tend to deny all responsibility for their negligence – what they don’t tend to do is punish themselves by setting themselves on fire.

      • Tom

        Just love the whole “OPINION” bit.

        “That’s what I think so you can’t call me wrong for it, nanny nanny boo boo!”

        Shaming someone who’s getting blackout drunk around their baby isn’t gonna work. Intervention might, who knows. Either way, shaming someone into killing themselves is kinda a bad thing. Now they’re dead and they’re not gonna get any help. I’m sure their loved ones feel great about it, too.

    • Hugh Evers

      I think the point here is that not only did NG get the baby killer to off herself… She got her to do it by torching herself in the backyard. Why parse the esoteric nuances if we are all in agreement of justifiable homicide? It doesn’t mean she is no longer a nauseating, loud-mouthed southern bitch. I think there is a win/win here if we would just grab it.

      • OK, let me get this straight. A woman, who was already having such trouble in her life that she was drinking herself to sleep, crushes her infant to death not through deliberate intent, but because she was incapable of takling care of it while intoxicated, and it’s not only “justifiable homicide” that she can’t live with the act and immolates herself, but you consider we should regard this as a “win/win”. Even though Nancy Grace has a more than questionable role in orchestrating this by haranguing for justice, vengeance or whatever the fuck she decided should be done, since she’s God in her world?

        Yeah, that’ll sure show the next alcoholic mom. They’ll be real sure to think twice before reaching for that bottle, knowing they’ll be hounded into “offing themselves” by the Lone Twanging Voice of Vigilante Justice.

        Just asking – what about the baby’s father and grandmother? Why was she left alone with the infant? Medrano’s drinking wasn’t an isolated incident, so where were all the torch and pitchfork wielding fingerpointers before this happened?

        I know asking what support systems could be implemented so this doesn’t happen again isn’t as much fun as baying for someone’s blood, but you might wanna “parse the esoteric nuances” here that unless you were callous enough to bring marshmallows, any satisfaction you got from her setting herself on fire will be pretty transitory anyway.

  18. I think people have missed the real important point here….

    Does Nancy Grace take guest list suggestions?
    Here is mine…

    My ex-wife
    The Ayatollah
    Tom Cruise

    Just think of all the evil she could eradicate.

  19. USDA Prime McBeef

    Fucking so don’t care. I would have brought the marshmallows if I knew that fatty was gonna celebrate the 4th a bit early.

    Oh and Nancy Grace needs a heaping spoonful of STFU.

  20. I live in a small town and there is a guy here who considers himself a member of the ‘media’. He had his own website that was shut down by the CRTC. When someone stands up to this guy he constantly harasses the person online and attacks them on one of his sites. He is a fucking menace. He wants to be the area’s version of Nancy Grace. The personal attacks are so damaging to the people he is attacking especially when they are actually upstanding people who have never broken the law. One woman in the area has spent HUNDREDS of hours volunteering and helping anyone who needs it and he is doing everything he can to break this woman’s spirit.

    People like NG (the right fighters even when they are wrong) seem to band together and think it is okay to harass and humiliate people who they don’t like. This shouldn’t be allowed. ESPECIALLY for entertainment.

    • cutthecrap

      While I am sure that man is annoying (and probably tiptoeing legal lines) , in my opinion, that has no relevance to this story. Bullying/harassment takes place through many different ways, in person, internet, phone calls…you get the point, The man is obviously a bully with probable mental health issues who hides behind the excuse of “media interest.” Unfortunately, this woman clearly had a severe drinking problem that had extremely sad consequences. The husband and rest of her family will now have to not only deal with the painful loss of a child, but the subsequent suicide of this woman. While I agree that Nancy Grace is pushy, annoying and downright rude, it’s about taking responsiblily for one’s own actions. Stop blaming everybody else (media or otherwise) for personal fuck-ups. It’s called being an adult. I used to watch Nancy Grace years ago and will sometimes tune in, but not like I used to. Facts are always the bottom line: woman drank, fell asleep on top of her child, who then suffocated to death. Not really any different if I drank , strapped my kids in the backseat of the family car and wrapped it around a tree.

  21. Michelle

    Fear mongering media whore.

  22. Jerry Falwell

    Who’s Nancy Grace?

  23. cc

    The only good moment on this women’s show was when she tried to dig into the salacious details of Amy Smart’s kidnapping and Ms. Smart told her to shut her fucking pie hole.

  24. I admire the conviction of someone dousing themselves on fire. That’s not a cry for attention, that’s serious business.

    Usually only see that from Tibetian monks.

  25. YTBOY

    DAMN!!!! This is the REAL Joker!!!!

  26. MIA

    Nancy Grace is a white trash slayer.

  27. The joaker

    Wait till they get a load a me

  28. SkyGod2.0

    Screw Nancy for being, well, Nancy.

    Screw the Mother for taking the cowards way out, instead of facing up to what she did, and dealing with it. Shit, she may have actually gotten some help.

    Especially screw the Father for not stepping in and taking the kids away from the Mother, because he KNEW FULL WELL she was drunk.

    The lucky one here was the kid. With the aforementioned screw ups, he never had a chance anyway.

    • Again, if someone’s crawling into a bottle of vodka well before suffocating their child, just how likely is it that they’re going to be capable of “facing up to what they did and dealing with it”?
      You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

      And FYI, dousing yourself with accelerant and setting yourself on fire is not exactly a “coward’s way” out of anything.

  29. Mike Walker

    I was hoping this was our Toni, but the bitch is still posting.

  30. Reece

    Whats the difference between her publicly shaming someone who is already in a vulnerably emotional state and all those high school bullies that are charged with manslaughter (or something to that affect) for teasing a kid who later kills themselves? The difference is that Nancy is an adult and should understand the consequences and what could happen to someone who is already on the edge of despair. She’s a horrible person who gets rich bullying and shaming people. She needs to keep it in the court of law and not the court of public opinion. Karma will get her

  31. tlmck

    She’s the new Tammy Faye Baker.

  32. Chris Rader

    wouldn’t it be ironic if the “flammable liquid” was Vodka. and even more ironic if, perhaps she accidentally spilled it on herself and then tried to light a cigarette.

  33. Were Screwed, Enjoy The Ride

    but others could easily counter she should live with that guilt for the rest of her life.

    She did.

  34. fuck you nancy grace

    Funny shit man lmao reading these post ,I can only hope some crazy fan of nancy THE DEVIL grace shoots her in the face i would suggest a 38 revolver with hollow points or hit that bitch with a hammer in the nose it whould make me sleep better at night as for casey anthony i think she is innocent she had three years of that bitch running her mouth and never once tried to kill her self but george anthony is a former cop (pig) and he did but not with a gun look closer at george he is the real killer but that would not bring the fame and fortune for nancy grace . also why did she say the devil is dancing tonight and then go on dancing with the stars ?

    • What a fucking train wreck of logic. Please never serve on a jury. Hell, please refrain from voting forever.

      Casey Anthony is used to living with lies and people reacting negatively to them – simply because she’s the one who usually tells them and has to deal with being found at out at some point when they start to pile up. She’s most probably a narcissist with an antisocial personality disorder, in this case, sociopathic tendencies. A narcissist’s inflated sense of self-importance means they would never, ever consider committing suicide, and Anthony’s obvious lack of empathy and conscience clearly demonstrate she has no remorse for anything she’s ever done, and damn little empathy for any of her victims: that incudes the woman who she claimed was looking after Caylee and the people whose checks she stole, let alone her dead child. Color her amoral.

      In short, that’s not the type of person who ever displays a consciousness of guilt and decides they can’t live with themselves or the consequences of their actions and ends it all – so just because she never tried to kill herself doesn’t make her “innocent”.

  35. Nancy Grace is fucking disgusting. Why does she even have a TV show? Anybody remember the days when TV perrsonalities had to be likable? She’s loud mouthed asshole.

  36. GhostofNancyGrace'scampfireodeath

    Not many people know this, but a couple of years ago CNN told NG to go to rehab or she was out. How bad was NG real name Nancy Lynch *oh the irony*… she was forced to go to rehab and she did, because Nancy Grace was under investigation by … wait for it… DCFS apparently there was a photo of NG with a social worker on her porch that was posted on a CNN forum but it was quickly taken down. There was a comprehensive case against her. So next time NG is so outraged by a bad parent just know she herself was under investigation for NEGLECT and ABUSE of her very own troll-like offspring she’s basically given to her nanny and had to rehab to even keep her job. She’s rarely with the brats, and I guess it’s much better for them. Let the name calling begin!

  37. Dee

    “Nancy Grace is a cunt” is the first thing that comes up on a google search for Nancy Grace…… go figure.

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