Nancy Grace Was Wearing Nipple Pasties That Look Exactly Like Nipples

September 28th, 2011 // 36 Comments

Monday night Nancy Grace flashed what I’d say without a reasonable doubt was a nipple on Dancing With The Stars, except she’s adamantly asserting her innocence and has now taken to Twitter where she posted the above pic of her “Breast Petal” pasties along with claiming she wore an “industrial strength bra” because apparently Nancy Grace wants you to know her tits are the goddamn Hulk. Anyway, Casey Anthony laughing at the delicious irony aside, this is like me taping another man’s penis on top of my penis then going, “I don’t want people to see my penis.” Then again, there’s usually duct tape involved which hides a lot of the shaft, bad example. Can I start over?

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  1. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip Pasties
    Commented on this photo:

    She should have held up a slice of salami with a wink and the sound of collective vomitting.

  2. SarahK

    Do you know what full figured means. FULL OF FAT!

  3. Inmate 12236969

    The Duke Lacrosse players need to gang rape this whore in her fat ass.

  4. m

    It would have been easier for her and made a lot more sense if she just said it’s the fault of the costume designers, which it is. She had to do a super fast dance and they put her of all people in a low cut dress. What did everyone think was going to happen?

  5. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip Pasties
    Get over it
    Commented on this photo:

    Three pairs of pasties and still you didn’t cover the nips? This bitch has more than 2 nipples! Probably 3 on each tit. Somebody please give Nancy some duct tape before her overcooked roast beef gets exposed. Then we’ll have a real fall out on the superficial. “garcon, please bring me a plate setting”

  6. direchef

    The Christian mind (nipple) is a terrible thing to taste.

  7. V

    Only in america to people freak out this much over a boob. no wonder your teens get pregnant before college.

    • it had to be said

      Ha! The joke’s on you. We don’t send those teens to college. Dumbass.

    • TomFrank

      I don’t buy it. Under your thesis, a politician—a governor of a state, let’s say—who promotes abstinence-only education would wind up with an unwed daughter getting knocked up at 17. C’mon…has that ever happened?

  8. bondbabe

    Since when did nipple covers come with Montgomery glands (bumps on the areola)? Puh-leaze!! Own up to it.

  9. SarahK

    She’d need two large cheese pizzas to cover those saggy nips.

  10. Sandy

    Everyone knows CNN is a spanx free zone, now it looks like a bra free zone too.

  11. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip Pasties
    suck it
    Commented on this photo:

    She must have used the pepperoni pasties up. She only has these nude ones to show.

  12. meat

    Really? Who cares???

  13. “Whenever my man and I play “Hide the Salami” I wear these things. I ain’t letting no MAN touch MY nipples!”

  14. Allow me to be the first to suggest it: Let’s call her TIT MOM.

  15. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip Pasties
    still hit it
    Commented on this photo:

    ok if she didn’t want you to see them….why she is wearing a WOW t-shirt…..any Opie and anthony fan would buy it either….whip ‘em out honey

  16. CandyApple

    A boob is not a big deal, at all. Anyone with a reasonable sense of humor would laugh it off, stuff it back in, and take a bow. But I absolutely CHERISH the fact it’s a big deal to this horrible mean spirited woman. Karma loves cold hearted cunts!!!!!

  17. anonym

    disgusting woman who also spews nothing but bullshit on tv.

  18. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    When is Casey Anthony going to appear front row in that audience while Nancy impresses us with her dancing? Now that would be appointment television!

  19. amanda

    I have no idea who this old hag is, but I do know no company says “Hey, lets make pasties that look like old pepperoni!”

  20. Nice try Nance, but the other night those petals were just like Natalee Holloway: MISSING.

  21. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip Pasties
    Commented on this photo:

    I know she’s lying but my penis is forcing me to believe her if I ever want it to work again.

  22. forrest gump

    99.9 percent of american celebs do not talk about these things……….

  23. butt fuckman

    i hate this bitch, the world would be better off without this cunt

  24. KumaTenshi

    Worst. Damage Control. Ever.

  25. aboosh natah ashoel

    with big fat wrinkly titties, it doesn’t matter if there is a pastie or not… wear more clothes you fat loudmouth cunt… you are not Jennifer Lopez(someone we want to watch dance) your are Porky Pig’s ugly inbred ex wife

  26. perder peso

    Yo aun necesito leer mas sobre este tema para poder seleccionar la opcion mas acorde para mi. Actualmente busco informacion sobre lo que comentan de la “dieta dominguera”.

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