It’s Nancy Grace’s Nipple. Hot Dog.

September 27th, 2011 // 118 Comments

While Christians lost their shit over Chaz Bono‘s mere presence on Dancing With The Stars being an affront to God and a harassment of traditional family values, no one kept an eye on Nancy Grace who gave viewers an eyeful of her nipple last night. Legend says it emerged solely to utter the words, “Casey Anthony, Casey Anthony…” before retreating to its hole where it will wait for Arnold Schwarzenegger to ask how to restore oxygen to Mars.

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  1. chainsawbuzzkill

    Am I the only one who didn’t see all this “Christian” outrage at Chaz Bono?

  2. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    She’s a feeder.

  3. yon

    Not bad gotta give her credit 4 goin on tv n atleast trying. So her nip slipped go 2 any decient club on a fri or sat nite n u will see a hell of a lot more on display on purpose

  4. CranAppleSnapple

    Damn. She is UGLY.

  5. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
    El Hoolio de Justiciarrrrrrre
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    I wonder how much of her presumption of guilt is a projection of her own subsumed self-doubt and guilt. That said, I found her nipple quite adequate to spoof to.

  6. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    AHHH!! Yuck Poo!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    Just think, you hide behind a desk for a career. You poke your head out of the hole for just a few weeks and the world sees your stretched out saucers. NOW LET’S GO FIND CASEY ANTHONY !!!!

  8. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    I bet her armpit is tighter than her cunt.
    I’m also betting she smells like a tuna fish and onion on rye sandwich with coffee breath.

  9. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    I love how she’s denying the shit out of this now, and is telling anyone who will listen that that isn’t nipple, but a “breast petal”. Sorry cuntface, but men know a nipple when they see one, no matter how disgusting it is.

  10. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    I love how she’s denying the hell out of this now, and is telling anyone who will listen that that isn’t a nipple, but a “breast petal”. That’s a goddamn nipple, and everyone saw it. Get over it and stfu.

  11. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    I’m Blind!!!

  12. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    WHY aren’t the screaming about that wardrobe malfunction? Bigots!

  13. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    That is absolutely NOT a pastie (pasty?).

  14. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    It looks like she stole her hair from Betty White.

  15. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    lol i would enjoy titty fucken those fun bags just to blow in her face. let the cadaver dogs lick it off ha

  16. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    I complain about Chaz Bono being in the hot section, and this is how you improve. You know what? I’ll take it.

  17. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    that’s what happens when your push-up bra is padded to the point where your nips are so unnaturally close to the top of your dress.

  18. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    that nipple looks like it has been through some rough-wild-kinky-wax dripping-horse crop spanking-high heel stomping-bite me! bite me harder! sex. (WOOHOO)

  19. wtf bruh

    I’m hard as a rock. love me some feisty NG.

  20. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    I believe her thing about nipple pasties simply because that is NOT where real nipples belong.

  21. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    THAT is NOT a pasty. I don’t give a shit what she says. That is a real, big bumpy nipple. Definitely!

  22. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    THAT is NOT a fricken pasty… I don’t care what she says.

  23. jon anderson

    she looks like freddy flintstone having a heart attack!

  24. Good God, how did she get a last name like “Grace?”

  25. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
    A Mom 2
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    You guys are all so disgraceful! How would u like someone talking about YOUR mom that way? So she’s not a young starlet…the young starlets won’t be young starlets forever either! Get over it! Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you are worthless or horrible… Obviously this generation is only concerned with sex and beauty and to hell with everyone and everything else, right? Maybe you can pass a law that once you turn 39 you are automatically gassed or something. What hateful horrid people this generation is!!!

  26. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    It looks like a badger has been chewing on that nipple. That is one ugly woman and one ugly nipple! “The devil is dancing tonight!”??? Yeah, looks like he danced all over her wrinkled, ugly face! I’ve seen drag queens that look more like a woman than nancy graceless.

  27. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    are you sure its a nipple? it looks like a big pink star to me!………lame.

  28. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    This bitch is satans spawn.

  29. Nancy Grace Nipple Slip
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    Nancy “I smell Shit” a Soybellyed Smartass

  30. Hugh Jass

    I have to admit that when I saw that nipple I threw up in my mouth a little bit. But my vert next thought was “I wondewr if she takes it up the ass?” Let’s get real here folks – it’s not that big a deal.

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