‘Must.. Get.. Spoon.. In.. Mouf…’

“Britney.. want.. make.. num.. num..”

I probably shouldn’t insult Britney Spears here considering she’s actually spending one-on-time with Sean instead of Jayden, her obvious “fave-it.” Although, his absence should probably be cause for alarm. (Has anyone heard a cannon shot lately?) Not to mention, she spends 98% of these photos shoving her face into an ice cream dish as a motherly black nanny* tends to Sean because apparently Britney’s January Jones in Mad Men now. I honestly never took her for the AMC type, but I’m willing to assume she drags her ass across the carpet whenever Don Draper’s on the picture box. “Something fierce is happening to me, y’all. I ain’t even know!”

*I also would’ve accepted “complete stranger.”

Photos: Fame, Flynet