MTV Movie Awards: Celebs did a bunch of crap but nothing as cool as Robert Downey Jr. attacking Jack Black’s nutsicles

June 2nd, 2008 // 38 Comments

While attempting to watch the MTV Movie awards last night, I quickly realized, “Hey, I don’t hate myself,” and shut the damn thing off. But but before that, I happened to catch this clip of Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and Ben Stiller trying to make a viral video for their new movie Tropic Thunder. Surprisingly hilarious. If you guys want more info on the awards and whatnot, steer your browsers over to our sister site I Watch Stuff later today. Whenever my esteemed colleague crawls out from under his Ricky Gervais sheets, he’ll bring you the 411 on the night’s asinine events. Provided he didn’t drink a half gallon of Clorox five minutes into it.

UPDATE: Aforementioned coverage up at I Watch Stuff. Be the first in your office to know that Transformers is the greatest movie ever, according to a random selection of 13-year-olds with Internet access.


  1. Kaly

    what a joke! someone just PSed his pictures to hot ones and then uploaded to the famous rich men seeking affairs club !!!.Sugar mingle. c o m.. you know it is a rich men seeking sugar babies site.. so he is said to seek an extramarital relationship there! lol

  2. tommy slami

    i am first now go gargle my mayonaise you sniveling cunt

  3. david hatfield

    wake up, bitches, fo’ I snackcake you’ asses…

  4. tommy salami

    kaly the spammer must die!

  5. ETV, BETV, Channel after channel of WWF t.v. Somedays I just wish there were like a whole channel just dedicated to watching music.

  6. Coco


    I am up early

  7. r

    lol #5 – you forgot:

    much music
    much more music
    much loud
    much vibe

    there are more in my area too…

  8. samechick

    That video is great!

    Kaly, die in a fire

  9. Carrie

    Wow, that was actually kind of.. lame :(

    A few funny parts though, I can’t believe they went there with the hookers and blow.. haha.

  10. britney's weave

    i would stray from my marriage for robert downey, jr…

    and i can’t believe a spammer got first.

  11. Shady

    lol that was funny
    BTW downey still looks hot at his age


  13. Barely Stearn

    13th bitches!

    Still coming down off my Heidi Montag-in-a-bikini high…Manthat’s nice and tight. And to all you gals out there that bash implants…? Two words for ya’: F and U.

    Thank you. Signing off…

  14. Corlyss

    That couple, the one at the end (I don’t actually care to know who they are, but they’re black, can’t miss ‘em) aren’t amused with anything throughout the night whenever their faces are on camera. White people didn’t think it was funny either, but white people actually know how to act at public events. You know, like they’re having fun. It’s easy to pretend, just try it.

  15. HuckyDucky

    Robert Downey Jr. is the fucking BEST. EVER.

  16. Corlyss

    #13: It’s not her tits I have a problem with (it really is a great boob job). It’s just her. She’s famous for no reason and she gets press by posing for them. There’s more fake than just her tits, and it’s her career.

  17. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Rhianna and Chris Brown look so bored and unamused, lol. Well, it really wasn’t that funny. I mean, Robert Downey Jr. is god and both he and Stiller and Black did awesome, but it really wasn’t that great. Oh well.

  18. alex cutter

    They stole the whole “can I film you while my nephew kicks you in the nuts?” bit from The Simpsons.

  19. rohi

    robert downey junior is sooooooooooooooooooooo F’in hot

  20. JB

    So why’d they cut to the black people who had no idea any of these people are or what a viral video is, because they only watch BET & don’t use the internet?

    They just looked confused. Poor black people. Guess there wasn’t enough references to bling or baby daddies.

  21. bubba

    robert downey jr is amazing

  22. Jackson'shole

    So I would blow RDJ for 72 straight hours. I would go to sleep and wake up with his cock in my mouth. His spunk is all I would eat for three days. I have loved this man my whole life.

  23. Thanks for the hillarious comment and hillarious video. Those guys are funny and so is demented humor.

  24. Idiot

    @28 Ooohhh, you’re so edgy with your anonymous racial slurs. What does them being black have to do with them not enjoying the skit? Oh, right, so because all the other sheeple laughed, they were supposed to join in? I get it. Your pack mentality dictates everyone has to think like you or your fragile world will fall off its axis. Get a life, moron.

    On topic, I LOVE Robert Downey Jr. He could be Iron Man on numerous levels.

  25. Dr. Emmett Brown

    Great Scott!!! #24 has built a time machine and is attempting to pwn somebody from the future!

  26. Rayce Bayton

    If RDJ would have said “Know what I’m sayin’” or “dass whut Ah’m talkumbout” after each sentence, the blacks would have gotten it.

  27. HuckyDucky

    #22 that is hilarious.

    I wouldn’t do that, but I do have the biggest man crush on him ever.

  28. Corlyss

    #24: There wasn’t a #28 before you commented. You feeling ok?

  29. Ella

    Robert Downey Jr. Is god. Enough said. ;P

    Anyway Rhianna must have said something to Chris, because he was enjoying himself last night with the show until this point. Meanwhile Rhianna looked like she had a stick up her ass the ENTIRE NIGHT.

    What a Bitch.. Stay home next time…I’m sorry the awards are too good for you.

  30. electrictree

    I am so with #24 on this one. It is so sad that your only “witty” rejoinders are pointed at a typo rather than the content of the message. These people would make fantastic politicians-respond to a side issue rather than the issue at hand. Bravo for showing us how witty you really are!

  31. silly!

    why does rihanna always look so snooty whenever the cameras catch her?

    think of that time britney spears was doing her “comeback” and they caught rihanna and a friend just laughing like something was the funniest thing? whatever. it looks like shes a snob.

  32. britney's weave

    @31, well, to be fair, britney’s “comeback” WAS rather amusing.

  33. carlena

    RDJ has made one of the best comebacks ever, I f’in love this man!

  34. Cougar Texas

    ROBERT DOWNEY JR. was FUCKING HOT in Iron Man. Damn. My two sons (elementary school age) couldn’t figure out why I kept saying “DAMN” in a semi-squeel tone during the movie. I am SO proud of him for the come-back and I am proud that I was part of the generation that knew him when he first got started and truly was hot back then too.

  35. All I can say that Rihanna and Chris Brown are the most beautiful and exciting denial couple in this awards night. They might look bored but I never got bored on these two questionable couple.

  36. I have started reading this book and love it so far! I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back

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