MTV Movie Awards: Celebs did a bunch of crap but nothing as cool as Robert Downey Jr. attacking Jack Black’s nutsicles

While attempting to watch the MTV Movie awards last night, I quickly realized, “Hey, I don’t hate myself,” and shut the damn thing off. But but before that, I happened to catch this clip of Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and Ben Stiller trying to make a viral video for their new movie Tropic Thunder. Surprisingly hilarious. If you guys want more info on the awards and whatnot, steer your browsers over to our sister site I Watch Stuff later today. Whenever my esteemed colleague crawls out from under his Ricky Gervais sheets, he’ll bring you the 411 on the night’s asinine events. Provided he didn’t drink a half gallon of Clorox five minutes into it.

UPDATE: Aforementioned coverage up at I Watch Stuff. Be the first in your office to know that Transformers is the greatest movie ever, according to a random selection of 13-year-olds with Internet access.