MTV Movie Awards 2009

May 31st, 2009 // 104 Comments

Here’s an assload of shots from the 2009 MTV Movie Awards last night. I don’t really have much to say about a program that recognizes Twilight as a superior film than The Dark Knight except we’re basically doomed as a civilization. Oh, and also, Lauren Conrad looks fucking ridiculous, Cameron Diaz is old and Kristen Stewart couldn’t be more baked if the entire stage was made of ganja.

Okay, I’m done.

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  1. JONNnk


  2. mikeock

    Yeah, but that asshole Eminem got to suck Sasha Baron Cohen’s balls. That was worth watching the rest of that idiotic show.

  3. mikeock

    If Rumor Willis and Robert Pattinson had a baby, it would need to walk through doorways sideways. That fucking kid would look like Stewie.

  4. It was like watching a film about a douche factory.

  5. mikeock

    “we will all laugh at gilded butterflies?” Fuck Shakespeare. We will all laugh at celebutards who tattoo novels on their backs,Megan Fox.

  6. ginger cunt

    yes… totally douchey… and MegMAN Fox was looking especially tranny

  7. jason

    Megan fox is fugly.

  8. fuck you, superficial fag writer

    Cameron Diaz is 37. That’s old?

  9. Zac Efron called MTV headquarters angrily, asking why he didn’t get to smell Sasha Baron Cohen’s crack too. He then sought out Eminem, asking to sniff his face like a dog on a fire hydrant, mumbling “It shoulda been me… it shoulda been me…”

  10. max

    Megan fox is fugly. She is a total butter face with the shittiest tattoos I have ever seen. If you put a bag over her head I’d probably screw her though…but only if there was a bag.

  11. Chelle

    Cameron Diaz looks like a young(er) Barbara Walters?!?! The hell?

    Kristen Stewart could not possibly look any stupider. Yeah, we get it, Kristen: You are young, you cannot be put in a box. You are completely unique! Which is why you’re wearing those extra-douchey shoes that look like they came off an extra from the movie “Hoosiers” about a thousand years ago.

    Eminem drawing himself up to his full height and flouncing out of the room after his, erm…contact….with Sacha Whatsizname, hahahahahahahahaaa….

  12. I dont know who this kristen stewart is but that I dont care look is so freaking hot…

  13. Stephareeno

    Rumer Willis needs to get a face reduction.
    Why was Paris there? Who the f stands like that?

  14. FACE

    Guess there were no people of color at the awards…what a chicken shit site

  15. angela

    Thank God Rumor Willis showed up… I mean, she’s so relevant & everything!

    Seriously, if you looked like that, don’t you think you’d bother to try to look as flawless as possible to make up for it? But no, bitch couldn’t bother to even bother to take a shower.

  16. heyface

    hi Face.
    Denzel Washington, the guy that said he doesn’t want anymore white people to buy/watch his movies, was there.

    I’m sure, just like the videos, he wouldn’t want white people looking at his picture either…

    I used to like him until he made such a dumbass comment.

  17. Godiva

    Robert Pattinson is so breathtaking! He is the most attractive man I’ve ever seen!

  18. Randal

    Wow, some great shots sent to The FISH by some very big celebrities showing off their best!

    Miley – You shine like a diamond with your warm smile.

    Zac – What’s up man? You look very sharp and detailed.

    Audrina – Sparkling my dear, sparkling!

    Kellan & Ashley – Talk about spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle.

    Paris – xoxo


  19. Johnny Bravo

    @16 So what ??? Tommy Hillfigger made the same comments about not wanting black people buyin his shit ! so there !!! we’re even !

  20. Justin

    when 2 bitches crack fists its a cat fight, reading these comments makes me want to scream Fag Fight! Im lovin it.

  21. Seriously, I was so pissed off. It’s these crazy dumb ass fans that don’t know quality even if it punched them in the balls. How the hell does Slumdog Millionaire steal the show at the Oscars (well deserved) and then Twilight becomes the star of the MTV Awards. The whole obsession is ridiculous. I can see it now…millions of teenage girls (and the occasional boy) sitting at their computer screen click vote at their heart’s content whenever they see even the word twilight.

    Dumb asses.

  22. Pilatunes

    Audrina looks great, Rumer looks like ass, and who the fuck is Ashley Greene?

  23. lizzy

    oh my god megan fox, what the hell happened?
    she usually looks perfect but her hair is atrocious!

  24. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I dont know who half these people are.

  25. Jonny

    Robert Pattison is a twat, Twilight is a symptom of pop culture that is rotten to it’s core.

  26. Slappy White

    Thanks, but I could have done without the Rumer Willis shot at the end.

    Boner killer.

  27. Max Planck


  28. Laura


  29. Laura


  30. ToRiMiLi

    I thought it was funny when Megan Fox and Michael Bay were on stage and someone screamed “I love you Michael Bay!” she put up her hand as if they were talking to her. :)

    We shut it off after Twilight won it’s 50 millionth award! The Eminem thing was pretty funny though :)

  31. beep beep

    Rumer Willis = Mrs. Potato Head

  32. jaime

    kristen stewart is still hot as hell. i don’t give a fuck if she’s stoned or not.

  33. Ken

    How come Keyboard Cat didn’t get to play when someone’s speech ran too long?

  34. jaime

    whoaah #11, don’t you go badmouthing the converse allstars, ok? those shoes are timeless.
    plus, douchey? i’m not sure douchiness applies to shoes. just to humans like you.

  35. Yaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn.

  36. Reality check

    hate hate hate fucking hate megan’s hair like that, but i can’t deny the rest is lovely.

    audrina looks surprisingly great here, wow! more of her and less of that troll hayden, she makes me limp.

  37. Deacon Jones


    Ahh, yes. “People of color”. I love that term.
    What am I considered then? Am I a “person of white” or a “scandinavian/irish/russian american”?

    Shit, another 10 fucking years or so, even “Person of color” will be considered politically incorrect. This PC shit is single-handedly turning me into a Republican.

  38. Krassy McKrass

    A couple of thoughts:

    Audrina looks great with that hair coloring. Good dress as well so not to show the crevice between her implants.

    Why is Paris there? Why does she strike poses jutting out her torso. Creeps me out.

    Lauren Conrad looks good.

    Vanessa got a matronly dress on. I wonder if she is using it to hide the mega-bush.

    Anna Faris is button cute.

    Rumer looks like her dad. That’s not a compliment when saying your daughter looks like a man.

  39. Rumer Willis looks like an Al Hirshfeld drawing.

  40. seeta

    shes an angelina wannabe

  41. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  42. Chris

    I was about to be outraged that Twilight beat The Dark Night but then I looked at some of the nominees and found Shia LeBeouf was nominated for best maled performance and know this whole show had to be fake.

  43. isitin

    They should call this The Walt Disney Movie Awards. This show is crap.

  44. alisa

    lauren looks hot. you’re blind

  45. Alli Watermelon

    Megan Fox isn’t looking so good in these pics, sorry! And when she makes that “serious face”, she looks like she’s having a hard time breathing..if that makes sense. WTF is up with all the loud, obnoxious lipstick on some of these women?

  46. Adonis

    What’s going on with Megan Fox’s hair in these pics? It looks like she hasn’t had a shower in a couple of weeks, and just ran a comb through it, grease and all. She looks bad here, but then, I think she usually does. White trash, fake lips, bad boob job, ugly hair.

  47. I am so glad I don’t own a TV and I was not able to watch this.

  48. friendlyfires

    Rumer Willis is porky … mmmm … bacon …

  49. blahblahblah

    What the fuck is LeAnn Rimes doing there?

  50. Bee

    haha you guys are all stupid. youre just mad because theyre all more famous than your dumb asses. the viewers voted, obviously more people liked twilight or the people who liked the other movies didnt care enough to vote.

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