The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

August 29th, 2011 // 278 Comments

So we can move on with our lives and never speak of this again, here’s Blacky GaGa and the rest of the 2011 MTV VMAs. And just to demonstrate how irrelevant this entire event was, Katy Perry didn’t even bother to show any cleavage and Jake Busey was there. Jake Busey. When you can’t even get his dad to show up, it’s time to search deep within your soul and start asking yourself some serious questions. Questions like, did he eat the invitation? Or perhaps fashion it into an airplane which he then threw at a satellite dish to deflect the bullshit beams? Perhaps a combination of the two?

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  1. Jake Busey VMAs
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    This awards show used to have Guns n Roses and Prince on it. Although the stink left by Arsenio still lingers, so….

  2. Benji Madden Joe Jonas Joel Madden VMAs
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    clearly he likes the poon a bit, he’s standing next to a couple of grade A vagina chins right there.

  3. Uncle Phil

    Let’s all take a moment to reflect on the 6 y/o girls bedroom that was destroyed in the making of this outfit.

  4. Selena Gomez VMAs
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    Hey God, is there any chance you might call dibs on this one? I can’t tell you anything about her, but whadda-ya-say you keep at least one of these kids from landing on Bukake Place?

  5. This reminds me of that movie “Party Monster”.

  6. Katie Holmes VMAs
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    You know what, fuck it, she’s hot. There i said it.

  7. lo lo

    Uhmmmm, she’s awesome. Check out Murakami; assholes who hate.

    • She’s awesome because she’s carbon copying plaid out Japanese design? Add to the fact Nicki can’t even pronounce ‘Murakami’ and it’s a double whammy of pathetic try hardness.

  8. Ash

    I liked it when musicians were ugly & boring yet, extremely talented.

  9. Dude of Dudes

    Kill it. Kill it with fire.

  10. Kreayshawn VMAs
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    shes trying to market herself as an all-in-one pop

  11. Miley Cyrus VMAs
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    She looks extra hideous when her picture is immediately after one of Selena Gomez. Yikes.

  12. Miley Cyrus VMAs
    lo lo
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    “in about three years holla at me miley cyrus”

  13. Katy Perry VMAs
    lo lo
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    uhmmmm; hot yes, talented no…

  14. Adele VMAs
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    Isn’t that a country in Australia? What is it doing at the MTV Video Music Awards?

    • Miss Thalia Amour

      1. Australia is a country.
      2. The area you are talking about is called Adelaide.
      3. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia which is a state of the country Australia.
      4. You’re a moron.

  15. Kreayshawn VMAs
    lo lo
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    “I wish I was lady gaga”

  16. Pete Wentz VMAs
    Dude of Dudes
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    Hey there little feller.

  17. Taylor Lautner VMAs
    lo lo
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    FIRST and hopefully LAST

  18. Katie Holmes VMAs
    Dude of Dudes
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    Glad to see the robots finally getting their due. I loved her hit “BEEP BEEP BOOP BOP BEEP BEEP”.

  19. Demi Lovato VMAs
    lo lo
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    now that’s something I can get behind. mmmmrmmmmm

  20. Nicki Minaj VMAs
    Dude of Dudes
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    Covering her mouth was a brilliant move. Now can we seal it permanent like the BP oil spill?

  21. it had to be said

    So, the whole I’m a Lesbian Rapper thing didn’t really work out. Now it’s on to Wear Anything You Catch with the Claw at Chuck E. Cheese thing. You do NOT want to know where she goes from here.

  22. Miley Cyrus VMAs
    Dude of Dudes
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    Im guessing surprise buttsecks.


    The FUCK does MTV have to do with “music” anymore anyway? This show is just a self-masturbatory circle jerk fest for the shit-hop “community” and the record company.

    Is this what passes for music these days? A bunch of black guys who think they are kings because they can auto-tune fart out an “album” and “performers” who don’t write their own songs, don’t play one fucking instrument but oh they can dance with a shitload of gay backup dancers and lip-sync like Milli Vanilli.

    Man do I miss the days of real musicians. Four guys, 3 chords, and a shitload of attitude. NO teenaged “musicians.” And no shit-hop. Hip-hop’s 15 minutes ended about a decade ago so can we please just move on to the next thing? I think all the proof we need that al Quaeda is a fictional entity is that the creators of Auto-tune haven’t been firebombed yet.

    (Oh and anytime someone says “Lady Gaga” Freddie Mercury cries out from his grave.)

    • rican

      You were going on strong until the al qaida nonsense

    • me

      agree with Rican and also…. the only way the shit is ever going to stop is when we stop handing money to our teens to buy this shit. Or when grown ups let themselves grow up.

    • A.R.

      Ouch! I don’t like auto-tune either, but music is an art form that belongs to no particular group of people. Hip hop is a culture that has international influence. So, it is and is going to continue to be a significant fixture in the music world. I hear you on craving real music, but your comment has racial overtones that are better kept to yourself.

    • fuckyou

      shut up butthurt grandpa and go back to shitting in your depends.

  24. villenuv27

    Is she supposed to be one of those claw machines from the bowling alley?

  25. Katie Holmes VMAs
    Double D
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    I loved her as the creature in “Splice.”

  26. Adele VMAs
    Dude of Dudes
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    This chick can sing her ass off (and probably should). But why the 1950′s fat girl haircut?

  27. Mike

    This is going to be a constant dick measuring contest between Minaj and Gaga…I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them turned up wearing nothing but Jello at the next event.

  28. Nicki Minaj VMAs
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    this is what care bear’s diarrhea looks like

  29. Jonah Hill VMAs
    Dude of Dudes
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    Is it just me or is he like the only person in the world who should have remained fat?

    • Ono

      He’s skinny, Britney Spears is winning awards for music, Tiger sucks at golf. It’s pretty clear we’ve entered a parallel fucking universe.

    • allykatt

      I was just thinking, “bet he got nailed more when he was fat.” I would have fucked him all chubbo, now I wouldn’t let him buy me a drink or a purse…… expensive shoes? maybe. but he could have gotten anal if he hadn’t gone on the subway diet.

  30. Katie Holmes VMAs
    Dude of Dudes
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    You’re right, she is hot. And she comes with an off switch. Perfect woman? I thought so too.

  31. Nicki Minaj VMAs
    Satan's bitch
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    Fuckin’ Halloween comes earlier and earlier every year! (sigh)

  32. Pete Wentz VMAs
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    “I took a shower and dressed up real fancy. Do you think Ashlee will notice me now?”

  33. Kreayshawn VMAs
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    Who the hell is this girl?

  34. Richard McBeef

    and that’s only half the stuff she stores in that mammoth ass.

  35. Nicki Minaj VMAs
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    how does she know where the camera is pointing when she’s completely blind in both eyes?

  36. Taylor Lautner VMAs
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    I will NEVER understand how is this guy attractive at all… Look at that nose, yikes!

  37. Satan

    Looks like Candy Land threw up all over her.

  38. Nicki Minaj VMAs
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    somones trying abit too hard, stealing crazy Japanese Styles.

  39. Taylor Lautner VMAs
    Michael D
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    “See? I totally have chest hair! Up high bro’”

  40. Nicki Minaj VMAs
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    Right idea Nicki, but just need a larger size.

  41. Selena Gomez VMAs
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    She’s on my “free 5″.

  42. diddleysquat

    Today’s celebrities are so tame. VMA’s as well. Remember Rose McGowan with the see-thru dress with Marilyn Manson? This event used to be unpredictable & exciting….blah

  43. Kreayshawn VMAs
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    I thought Amy Winehouse died?

  44. Rebecca Black VMAs
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    “And lo, all the no-talents congregated in the city of angels. And from amongst them rose one with less than no talent, and she was made their queen.”

  45. J.R.


  46. Nicki Minaj VMAs
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    Her outfit is symbolic to the way she writes her music.

  47. mia

    When you look like a wildly decorated barbie from far away, maybe it’s time to change up your image.

  48. Bilvis

    Little fella looks like a bowl of fruit loops.

  49. Katie Holmes VMAs
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    I’m pretty sure legs are not meant to bend like that.

  50. Busta Rhymes VMAs
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    “The whole black man big penis thing is a lie. It’s really only this big”

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