Reese Witherspoon Burns Blake Lively

June 6th, 2011 // 111 Comments

“My words gonna make your kids not grow no more, bitches.”

While receiving her Generation Award at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, Reese Witherspoon decided to unload on Hollywood by basically calling out Blake Lively, who presented an award not even 10 minutes earlier, and the entire reality television industry which took some balls considering she was accepting an award from a network that continues to air VD Edition Wicket whenever it’s not glamorizing pregnant teenagers by slapping them full of silicone and making them bikini models:

“I get it, girls, that it’s cool to be a bad girl. But it is possible to make it in Hollywood without doing a reality show. When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed. And if you took naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face, people! Hide your face!

I love how Reese Witherspoon talks about how girls should be embarrassed for themselves as she accepts a “Generation Award” from an MTV awards show where trophies are doled out by 13-year-olds voting on the Internet. Because if Reese Witherspoon actually had a sense of pride and self-worth herself, she would’ve bolted out the door the minute Twilight and Justin Bieber starting winning every single fucking award around her. It’s sort of the like the old saying: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw pointy dagger chins.

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  1. Linxx

    women are empowered now.. they can show their titties and not have to hide

    • Doris Earwigging

      Women are indeed empowered… therefore they shouldn’t HAVE to display themselves sexually to get attention.

      • xevi

        they shouldn’t have to pretend they don’t want to display themselves to get attention.. it’s the 10′s, y’all

    • GeorgeWBush

      Amen my brother, and I hope they start growing back there bushes too…WE WANT BUSH!!!

      • That Bastard Tony

        Speak for yourself bra. I don’t want to feel like I’m traveling thru the tundra if I’m going down on her.

    • Rant Casey

      Yes! Leaking nude pics of yourself, and doing all sorts of questionable things to get ahead in your publicity stunt of a life, that’s what feminism is about! Sweet Jebus, when Serena Van ThoseAintMyTits is right, and an Oscar winner with a respectable reputation is wrong, we know we deserve a crappy awards show filled with sparkly vampires and prepubescent egomaniacs.

      • if memory serves me correctly, reese witherspoon’s been naked in at least a couple movies. so it’s only ok to have your face in it if you’re being paid?? fuck off you really sounds like an old woman

      • Tony, tundra is a barren landscape. But rather than sounding condescending or bitchy about it I thought I would let you know to help you out. I would also like to take this time to let Cam R know that he is a jagoff that was conceived thru anal intercourse. Toodles.

      • The Listener

        Dudeatdudedotdude, being nude in a romance-comedy isn’t the same as taking pornographic photos with a camera phone. In a film, the nudity is part of legitimate acting within a specific context and purpose. With a camera phone, the nude photo is made for the sole purpose of letting someone else see the person naked and get the recipient sexually aroused.
        That’s like comparing a nude in art to a porn magazine like Playboy.

      • Randal(l)

        Nudity in film is no different than these camera pictures (in most cases). I’ve never seen a movie a thought This scene makes no sense because I can’t see her nipples. Especially in this case. I’ve seen her titties in a movie (on the internet from a scene from one of her movies anyways)…I jerked off to them. does that make her feel better about herself that I jerked off to her Sweet Rack on a higher quality film. Does it make her feel better because the director said “it makes perfect sense that you show your awesome boobage in this scene, because you are looking through a drawer. (That’s all it was, her Dirty Pillows out while she looked through a drawer).

    • watdafuk

      Yea, they can get long dicked in the ass and let the bro`s piss on their heads too if they want , You go girls !

      • TomFrank

        The Listener’s right! It’s the same thing with prostitution and pornography. If I pay someone to have sex with me, it’s illegal and wrong and I can go to jail. But if I pay her to have sex with me ON CAMERA, then it’s protected speech and legal. See the difference?

      • Dr Ha-Ha

        @”I’ve never seen a movie a thought This scene makes no sense because I can’t see her nipples.”

        The point of such a scene is not that YOU can’t see/can see her nipples, it’s about whether the character relating to her can or cannot see them, and in consequence what that means about (the nature of) their relatings/relationship within the context of the story being told.

  2. benjy

    all women are whores

    • JR

      Oh, I’m sure that’s the mantra you say to yourself as you cry yourself to sleep at night with cut up pictures of your mother surrounding your bed, but it simply isn’t true. If all women were whores, wouldn’t you have gotten laid by now?

    • Rant Casey

      Poor thing! Don’t let your cheating ex turns you into a lonely moron!

    • Shilo

      Oh, that’s orginial. Never heard that before. Date much?

  3. he's right

    He’s right. Not to disrespect the women readers here but 99% are. You pay a hooker for sex (or to leave as some people justify it) but you also pay regular women, dates, food, wine, presents etc. and sometimes they end up costing a lot more. What am I even doing here?

    • That Bastard Tony

      …and you don’t always get laid at the end of said date.

      • Sorry, but if you have to buy your way to getting laid through food or gifts, ur doin it wrong.

        That being said, it’s more than possible to be a private whore for the person you are with while still showing a little self respect to the rest of the world, which is something this generation of ‘empowered slutbags’ don’t get.

    • no one is making you pay! stop paying so much for a girl on the first date. if she expects so much, kick her to the curb! there are plenty of women out there that can appreciate you paying for dinner and will offer to pay for drinks after, or whatever. and if you are just buying her shit so you can sleep with her, well that doesn’t make you any better than her!

    • Shilo

      Not getting a date, that’s for sure. Tell me, what’s worst. Getting paid or fed for sex or paying and feeding for sex?

    • ale

      And for every hooker, there’s about one hundred men willing to pay her. Not to mention men who pays for sex knowing the girl used to be the innocent girl next door, but got kidnapped and force-hooked on heroin. Yeah, WOMEN are the whores, that’s a really fucking smart thing to say.

    • timmy

      the guys who say all women are whores are the ones who only date whores.

    • chainsawbuzzkill

      You can say it two ways: “All women are whores,” or “a sexual economy exists.” Traditionally, men provided money, security, and safety to a woman, and in turn she provided him with a unique emotional bond and sex on the regular. It was a fair deal in its time.

      Of course, now that women can provide money, security, and often safety for themselves, the economy is off balance, especially given the new massive outlet men have for sex, porn (which isn’t your father’s Playboy). Were women still the only source for sexual experiences beyond nudes, the sexual economy probably wouldn’t be so fucked. (Hurr hurr hurr. Fucked.) So now you have women competing with other sources for the attention of men, and as a result, many of them try to match the function and accessibility of their competitors. Add technology to the mix, and you get Congressmen snapping dick pics and actresses squishing their boobs together and saying cheese.

  4. yeahright

    i don’t know where you all meet these gold digging women. I’ve never had a guy pay for any of my things, that’s so awkward and embarrassing!

    and @benjy, all guys are cheaters, liars, bastards, manipulative, the list goes on. so i guess it evens out, shut your crying

    • If it’s a date, I’m paying. As far as I’m concerned, “I only go Dutch” is code for “I plan on finding my own way home.” And if you find people doing things for you “awkward and embarrassing,” that says loads about your self esteem issues. The only people who react that way are those who feel they don’t deserve kindness and consideration, and you should really seek professional help for that, or at least do some serious thinking on the matter, before it sabotages your future relationships. People who don’t know how to be gracious receivers are a real pain to be around.

      • ham

        Agreed with the going Dutch thing. But I offer to pay, at least, whether I like the guy or not, or pay for something else. Basic courtesy. And yes, you can find that sort of attention awkward, and not for low self-esteem. Thing is, nobody gives you anything without expecting something of equal value in return, most of the time. The act is pretty loaded, and there’s the question of sustainability. How many guys sustain that behavior, I ask you? I’d prefer someone to behave the way the way they did before and after marriage, or it feels like false advertising. So yeah, it can be awkward.

    • That Bastard Tony

      In the end, we ALL make the wrong choice. Some men choose women based solely on looks and not character. They get burned (figuratively and literately) and label all women the same based on their experiences. Some women go out with men based solely on looks, power or money (just keeping it real). They get screwed (figuratively and literately) and label all men the same.

      As for going dutch, that may end up being the norm soon. They had a study that said 20% of women in New York City make more money than men with similar positions and that it was causing problems when it came to dating. Apparently, women there are feeling like they have to pick up the check more so now.

      Welcome to a new era people.

      • Tony, interesting study!! it’s cool, perhaps now people can make better partner choices through talking about stuff like money. if you can talk and make decisions about finances, it will be better in the long run, i think. it’s rather un-romantic but logical considering most divorces are over money.

  5. KC

    Reese did her nude work where it belongs: on film! At least give yourself good lighting and a professional camera operator. Bathroom mirrors are so low class.

  6. Veronica

    I think it’s a bit rude and smug to put Blake (and Vanessa) in her place. Why should Blake hide in shame? She’s an adult. At the same time, I agree with what Reese is saying, especially since she’s a mother. I’d cringe if I thought my teenage daughter might think it’s something to aspire to but her timing and forum was inappropriate.

    Besides, Reese has slept with a couple of famous men. She’s hardly one to cast aspersions. Also, who says she wouldn’t have been on a reality show?They weren’t around when she got her break.

    • vitobonespur

      I agree with you. Blake is an adult. A really hot adult with a smashing body. I think she ought to pose for Playboy, or at least post more nudes.

    • If being an adult means she shouldn’t hide in shame, it also means she should own up to the images being her and not have her publicist try to claim they aren’t. You can’t have it both ways.

  7. the captain

    she looks like my grandma in her younger years…….

  8. Mama Pinkus

    Reese is showing her age, in her face and with her comments – in a couple of years she’ll be saying, “Back in my day, people didn’t (fill in the blank)…..” Trust me: I am 54 and I know the evolution of such snarky comments, which says more about jealously of younger folk than it does about any concern for morals.

    Hang tough, Blake…….this too shall pass.

  9. Enrico

    Big deal, Blake Lively took naked photos of herself on her phone and she looked really good in them. If I was her, I’d be more inclined to hide if I had looked like crap in those pics. Reese Witherspoon is being a sanctimonious twat for calling out Blake on something that wasn’t entirely her fault, the girl got hacked. It’s not like Blake sent those photos to Reese’s husband, so it’s really none of her business. This little speech of hers is nothing but a c-nt move to up her profile.

  10. LJ

    Blake was hiding her face in hopes that Jennifer Garner wouldn’t see who it was who was doing her husband while Ben and Blake were working together if she came across the pictures on Ben’s phone.

    Come on. Those photo’s were “leaked” by Ben Afflecks’s wife.

  11. Bringbackbabalu

    Ya Reese, its better to show your tits on a movie because you can’t act…ok, cunt. Could she be any more ugly?

  12. Bringbackbabalu

    Was 1998 when Reese showed off her lopsided tits in that movie Twilight…but I guess thats ok because she got paid for it. Hypocrite cunt! (And she is ugly!)

  13. Charlie

    I had sex with Reese a couple a times and I can say that
    she´s one creative sex muffin. She can be my Goddess
    anytime…wait, she´s married? Is he a Rockstar Vatican
    Assasin like moi? No? Then she´ll eat him up…

  14. Aja

    Reese’s comment seemed so bitchy. MEOW. We get it – you’re a prude. Blake was hacked, she didn’t put her nudes out there – and as a female, I can honestly say she has a gorgeous body.. Also – um, they didn’t even have cell phones when you were coming up. STFU Reese.

    • I love how having a bit of self respect automatically means a woman is a prude. You have no idea what Reese is like behind closed doors.

      And yes, she was so clearly ‘hacked’.

      • Aja

        Reese’s bitchy comment doesn’t make her classy…it was rude. Women who come down on other women like that usually have ‘issues’ with sexuality – it’s a fact.

    • @Aja. You’re confusing confidence & sexuality & desperately exploiting yourself. Guess what girl? Most self respecting guys don’t date girls who deliberately flash their lady bits on the net for the world to see. They may think the girl is hot but they don’t respect her. Does this mean they’re jealous or ‘coming down’ on women? No. Does this mean they have ‘issues’ w their own sexuality? No. It means they have respect for themseves, their family and their partner. It’s no different when girls have the same view.
      You admire the sloots of the world and villify the girls who stick up for themselves and try to get other girls to respect themselves in a world where being a slut gets you a paycheck by falsely crying out ‘jealousy’.
      You can be sexy, have great sex and admire female bodies without compromising yourself. It’s girls like you who don’t know how to do this & bring us down. You are the one with the real ‘issues’-That’s a fact.

    • timmy

      Girls like Aja are the ones who go on about how they’re cool about sex and “comfortable with their sexuality”, but then when a guy doesn’t call them back after sex they freak the fuck out.
      RW may be a “prude” (people who throw that word around at other people are almost always insecure cunts), or she may just realize that when you leak photos of yourself trying to look sexy, you look good to douchebags on the internet but to people with an IQ of greater than 100 you look like a desperate girl with something to prove.

  15. ghost

    Is it just me, or does Reese look really old in that first photo?

  16. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:


  17. Lena

    How do you above KNOW Blakey got hacked? Or who she supposedly sent them to? You don’t so don’t pretend you do. Besides, they are not Blake Lively photographs, havent you heard?

  18. NTT

    Whoa, Reese looks rough! She got married a month or two ago and is already letting herself go. No wonder she’s jealous of the attention Blake is getting attention.

  19. It had to be said

    Reese Witherspoon makes a great point if you have a 16 yer-old daughter in “the biz.” If you are, say, a reader of The Superficial she is making an idiotic, terrible decision. Reese, without hotties with low self esteem pages like this would die!

  20. biz

    blake lively sucks.

  21. The Listener

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree with Reese. I think it’s a sad shame when females feel the best way to get fame as an actress is to take nasty photos of themselves with a camera phone.
    Everyone is looking for a short cut to fame, and these women have no problem paying the price of having the ENTIRE world know exactly what they look like completely naked with the tap of the keys on the keyboard.
    Oh well, so much for hardwork and self-respect!

    • “nasty” pics? i didn’t find those pics nasty. no animals crushed in the making etc.. i take it you’ve never lived outside your conservative town, cos nowhere else outside taliban type countries are people so fucking hung up over nudity

    • Short cut to fame? She was plenty famous before the cell phone pictures. I doubt that she would want the world to see those desparate-looking, myspace-style mirror shots. And I highly doubt that anyone would decide that naked cell phone pictures would get her more roles. She was a respectable, working actress on an upward slope. There would be no reason whatesoever for these to be leaked by her.

  22. She has a valid point, and it’s not just her chin.

  23. Yikes. I can’t believe some of these comments from the girls.You’re defending sending naked pics of yourself for attention? My ass they were ‘hacked’. Who cares if they have ‘gorgeous bodies’? I have a great body too but I don’t need to flash it. There’s a difference between sending an intimate pic of yourself to your husband or filming a nude scene in a movie & purposely flashing your shit to anybody in a desperate ploy for attention, which is what these girls are doing. I’m all for having fun with my bf, but I’m also too smart to not put myself in a compromising position that will embarass myself or my poor family. This doesn’t make me a prude. And it doesn’t make Reese one either..or a ‘cunt’, ‘sanctimonious’ ‘twat’ or ‘bitchy’. Good for her for finally telling these pathetic girls to get some self respect bc nobody else is. Girls need to stick together and respect themselves and not pander to men under the guise of proclaiming their open sexuality and love for women’s bodies to not appear jealous.

    • Very well said.

    • Bow Chica Wow Wow


    • Aja

      The pics were meant for her boyfriend…what’s the big fucking deal?

      • Wow. Ppl leak this shit on purpose and you’re a damn fool to believe otherwise. Even if you didn’t want this exposed, what the bloody hell are you doing in 2011 with these incriminating photos on your i phone knowing full well ppl have hacked into them? If you can’t 100% trust the guy you’re with or the technology you’re using, don’t risk it, it’s that simple.

    • lambiepie

      thank you for the intelligent woman’s response. unbelievable attitudes here…

    • Anysthasia

      I agree!!!!

      Blake lively was NOT hacked. I dont believe it. She has a movie coming out soon, its OBVIOUSLY publicity.

      • jessica

        what has she done to make you think that she would do such a thing? she’s said that it wasn’t her in the photos. make the world a better place and give her the benefit of the doubt for a small thing like this. she must be humiliated to think that everyone believes this.

    • Enrico

      Okay, then maybe coming from you I wouldn’t be as offended by that sanctimonious crap. But Reese has A LOT of her own crap hidden in the closet. Please. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. And yeah, I think that Blake was hacked. Judging by the poor response of her management to the first batch of photos and the hacker’s reaction of sending out more, I believe she was hacked. Check the photos, some of that stuff would never make it past her publicist. So that brings us to this simple nugget of truth: what people do in private is really their own business. Most of the time it’s not going to be something someone as, erm, proper as you or your family would approve of, but c’est la vie. Let’s put it like this: if you’re the type of person who reads articles like “5 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life” you can’t blame someone who’s actually applying that stuff to her real life.

      • Hi Enrico. As you can see, my comments(and Reese’s) were referencing all women who exploit themselves for attention, not only Blake.That being said, I don’t think she deliberately leaked them but I do think she purposely put herself in a vulnerable position knowing a) there’s a good chance they could get hacked like everybody else a& b) scandals=publicity. They were hacked. She has more publicity. In 2011, where this shit has been going on for yrs, the “Poor me, I was hacked” line is a steaming pile of crap. I do question her judgment, credibility, intelligence & yeah morals, when knowing all you do today, you still choose to have all this crap so easily accessible to the world. Until we have better privacy settings & security, we have to think “Taking naked pics= having them on the internet” bc that’s how thin the line is. Having them hacked and leaking it yourself doesn’t change the end result, so why deliberately put yourself in that position for 2 sec of fun? Are you that narcissictic & are you not worth more that you can’t find another way to be arousing or express yourself sexually w/o compromsing yourself or being grouped into the same group of girls who actually do this for the money and fame? All Reese was saying was protect yourself and if you are going to have these photos, hide your face lol. Don’t exploit your body. Don’t make yourself vulnerable. How could that possibly be viewed as ‘sanctimonious crap’?
        Maybe girls are reading the pre internet ‘Improve Your Sex Life’ edition where taking naked photos spices up your love life. I’m reading the 2011 one that says mystery is the sexiest thing and the fastest way to ruin your sex appeal and cheapen your image is by having everyone and their uncle have access to your naked body with one click of a mouse.

  24. you blast her for coming to a lame award show run by young people obsessed with pop culture; what better place to spread that kind of message? and in that quote you gave, she didn’t specifically say blake lively? she may just be referring to the many sext scandals that are popping up in schools across the country. we don’t know if she actually cares about an adult taking nude pictures of him/herself.

  25. also, she is also discouraging girls from trying to get pregnant to get on 16 and pregnant and teen mom. that’s a GOOD THING PEOPLE!

    • Brad Hallston

      She isn’t discouraging jack shit, she is simply upset that you can become famous now in other ways than she did. She can suck my left nutican.

  26. nadia

    here here, Bianca!!

  27. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
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    Not really seeing what the big deal is here.

  28. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
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    What’s with the armpit thong?

  29. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
    adolf hitler
    Commented on this photo:

    this bitch is ugly as hell. she must be having the time of her life.

  30. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
    adolf hitler
    Commented on this photo:

    i bet leo n his buds take bets on what new actresses they can bang without spending over 10k on them. chump change for them.

  31. I agreed 100% with what Reese said. She is one of the rare stars that has not achieved fame for being on a “reality” show, has not been in the tabloids for nude photos, or subject for any other deplorable behavior (Lindsay Lohan anyone?). She has done her work in movies and she has grown in her craft! Yes, she had a divorce…so does over half of the married population in the US. It wasn’t her fault that tabloids slung headlines around about her personal life. I respect Reese Witherspoon because she seems to rise above the petty crap that many young stars fall into. She is different because she is confident in herself, exudes talent, and has self-respect!

    This article is very misleading. I didn’t believe for one moment that she was targeting a specific person because seriously, it’s become frequent “news” when some famous person becomes a victim to exposed “stolen” sex tapes, nude pictures, etc. by the media. Hollywood has become a wasteland where their B and C-list stars have to do things like that to remain relevant and to overshadow the fact that they’re most likely not going to be the next Oscar winner. It keeps them in the public mind, whether we like it or not. She just happened to choose the 2011 MTV VMA’s as her platform to speak out against this, especially because MTV is a huge supporter of accruing fame through reality shows. Good for her! For the responses that are putting her down for showing nudity in her movies and talking down on others’ nude pictures/sex tapes…there is a huge difference. Nudity in movies promotes a storyline (for the most part), it is done TASTEFULLY, and most self-respecting actors won’t do gratuitous nudity and sex if it weren’t to further the plot. I’m sorry, but flashing someone a picture of your beaver in your bathroom mirror for them to add to their wank bank, especially when you’re a well-known person where relationships don’t necessarily set any long-term records…it’s just skanky, embarrassing, and a downright cry for attention. Shame on you young HOllywood…find some self-respect, talent, and bust your asses to make a name for yourselves instead of selling your soul and body to the masses.

    • Brad Hallston

      “Rare stars who has not achieved fame for being on a reality show.” Thanks for the insight and statistical accuracy, John Nash. In the future, can you keep your internet forum comments to 2-3 sentences? This is the ADD, instant gratification generation, and I only have a scant few moments a day to read through highly inaccurate retarded crap posted by blithering idiots. Thanks, penis.

      • If it bothers you, don’t read it, and go on with your ADD, instant-gratification desiring ass. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Thanks, vagina.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      “Lindsay Lohan anyone?”

      No thankyou.

    • What a dumb thing to say. And no, I didn’t read beyond the first sentence because it started out with an inaccuracy and gross exaggeration. Plus, you write too much.
      When Reese Whatsherspoon started out in Hollywood, no one was achieving fame for being on a reality show. That’s because there was no reality shows (except for the Real World maybe).
      And whatever can be achieved through a reality show, I wouldn’t call it fame. Maybe 15 minutes of fame. And not a desirable career to someone who is already a successful actress. Unless you’re implying that Blake Lively aspires to be Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

      • I wrote a “lot” because I had a “lot” on my mind. Geez people! I’ve never seen such a laziness to read. That’s quite sad. If you don’t feel like reading my response, SKIP OVER IT! I definitely won’t lose sleep over it.

        Regardless, look at TV, magazines, the internet. The number of “stars” (in quotation marks because I’m using the term VERY loosely) from reality TV and those who are famous just for being rich and famous outnumber the actual talent. It’s disgusting how many people are in the spotlight for stupid reasons and their 15 minutes should have expired a while ago. I didn’t say anything bad about Blake Lively, because I haven’t watched anything with her in it. All I’ve said, and that I currently stand by, is that Reese had a good point and brought it up to the widest audience who needs to hear her advice.

        There, is that short enough for you dicks? Damn…

  32. lambiepie

    thank god some smart people started taking over this convo! brava lissa, hill and bianca!

  33. Dflytiger

    Did you know that Reese and garner are good friends and often work on the same charities? Coincidence?

  34. NTT

    Reese needs to MYOB

  35. lisa

    It wasn’t just Blake that she was calling out. Lots of celebrities have gone the naked photo route.

  36. Brad Hallston

    “Hide your sex tapes, hide your face in your vag pics.”

    Such a distinguished elderstateswomen Ms. Witherspoon is. She makes Turner, Kelly, and Garbo seem like absolute trailer trash. Hey Reese — blow me.

  37. Anysthasia

    Reese is RIGHT!

    if you’re in the public eye why would you even risk making a sex tape or taking naked pics of yourself? Being naked in a movie is different. Film is art. Being a whore is just being a whore.

  38. jessica

    why can’t you just give blake the benefit of the doubt? she isn’t on a reality show, she wants to be considered as a serious actress( hint: arty films like “savages” and “hicks”). im really surprised most people are just assuming she took pictures of herself when she has said the person in the pictures is not her. im inclined to believe its just because she’s blonde and has big boobs that she’s considered “trashy” by everyone.

    • If she wants to be considered a serious actress, maybe – just maybe – she shouldn’t risk that by taking potentially career-wrecking photos. You’d have to be naive as hell to not acknowledge the risks, and dumber still to act shocked once it happens.

      I refuse to believe she has been living under a rock and is unaware of how many nude photos or sex tapes have been hacked, leaked or stolen in recent years.

  39. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
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  40. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
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    Dave Mustaine – gay.

    Life Serial – gay.

    adolf hitler – gay and/or jealous.

    Robo-Jihad – gay/fat.

  41. MrsPlant

    I’m pretty sure she meant that you should keep your face concealed in nude pics, but all this discussion is very stimulating and all anyhow.

  42. Blake Lively MTV Movie Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Grow up pewbs, you sound like teenybopper fanboy. I know this may come as shock since you clearly have trouble accepting different opinions but not everyone is going to feel the same way you do about a celeb’s looks. What you consider attractive is not going to be considered attractive to others. There is no one on this earth that is considered good looking by everyone and no one who can truthfuly say that they have never found someone’s look unappealing and expressed that opinion about a celeb on a message board. Even the actors and actresses who are seen as sex symbols have people who don’t find them attractive.

    If finding Blake Lively unattractive makes a person gay or jealous, than the same applies to you over the celebs you find unattractive. By the way no over the age of 10 take the jealous line seriously unless they have the maturity of one. I’m sure if someone was going to be jealous of a celeb’s looks, it would be one they find beautiful.

  43. Bob

    Greasy Reese..

  44. INMATE 12236969

    I only date women that think a blowjob is not really sex so at the end of a date if she doesn’t want to have sex I’ll have that non-sex blowjob.

  45. Anya

    @bastard Tony

    tundra is ice, moron

    • Barney Stinson

      Anya, tundra is not ice, moron. It is more like where the ground is too frozen to grow trees and other vegetation. All that will grow is moss, grass and small shrubs. It is like a frozen desert.

  46. Imagine the kid she could make with Jay Leno.

  47. Ty

    I say good for her, I’m so sick of reality tv and stupid publicity stunts. So it’s a silly MTV award doesn’t make what she said less true.

  48. Esol Esek

    What does it take to get rid of this sanctimonious blonde midget? One of her first roles she was a hot blonde teenager wearing tight clothes getting sexually assaulted by Keifer Sutherland. In Legally Blonde, she showed her body constantly. She married a serial womanizer Ryan Phillippe. Shut up, and go away.

  49. jennnnnna

    LOL but come on she didn’t name names. she’s a mom and was just educating. funny how everyone thought she was ONLY talking about blake lively. i like reese! she’s so bubbly and happy :)

  50. tits in a movie is not's tits in movie

    There is no ‘if you’re with your boyfriend’ excuse. J.Lo was with her husband when she made that video and now look at her situation. Bottom line do not ever send or take naked photos or allow anyone to make a video of you. period, famous or not. if he wants to see them titties he can take a cab to your place. I think her messeage was for all the impressionable kids in the audience and at home. letting them know that if this is the career you want, be smart and careful. I don’t think an ordinary person can comprehend that level of violation. Famous people should delete all that stuff anyway…and their twitter accounts.

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