Mr. Sulu gets married

September 15th, 2008 // 83 Comments

George Takei (Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu) wed his longtime partner Brad Altman yesterday at the Japanese American National Museum. The AP reports:

Wedding guests included “Star Trek” stars Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols, who served as best man and best lady, Hollywood executives, local and national government officials and the couple’s relatives from around the world.
Keeping with the multicultural theme, guests dined on Asian/Baja Californian fusion cuisine and took home Japanese tea-ceremony treats in boxes printed with the phrase: “May sweet equality live long and prosper.”

What the? No Spock or Shatner? Jesus, this wedding sounds pretty gay. Oh right. Whoops. Man, I’ve put my foot in my mouth this time. Quick, Geekologist, tell me how to smooth things over with your people – and I’m not talking about the geeks. Seriously, I don’t want to end up getting a sassy makeover in my sleep. I’m too ruggedly handsome, dammit! KHAN!!


  1. Mike Bell

    Not to get all “Trekkie” on you, but it’s “Sulu.”

  2. whos the power bottom here? im getting a headache!

  3. The wedding was pretty gay; almost as gay as Tay Zonday! FFFFFFFFFFFFaaaffffffffaaaafffffffffffaaagots!

  4. Tinner

    Haha, Zulu instead of Sulu in a blatant attempt to troll ST-geeks.

    You got one right here! You tried to Khan me, but ya failed! Ya didn´t think three-dimensionally and I outmaneuvered you like Kirk did in the Mutara-nebula!

    Wow, that was very geeky… even for me haha.

  5. WTF

    I have to say, Takei does not look his 71 years.

  6. Tinner

    zomg and #1 fell for it… you fight like a Klingon man: stupid that is!

  7. They make such a cute couple, not in a ‘me and the girls would get off on watching them fuck’ kind of way, but still… fair play to them.

  8. Capt Grayson

    It’s Sulu, you moron. Sulu not Zulu. Stay up to date on the Hollywood Gays w/ Who’s Who In Gay Hollywood. All bookstores. $19.99

  9. @2 What is wrong rough daddy? Are you wishing you were catching at that ball game??

  10. Jim

    OH MY

    I – love – BLACK – wang.

  11. A bone smuggler like you can only wish jimbo,,,,

  12. havoc

    Te Geigh.


  13. lloyd johnson

    Why do some gays look normal like this, and others look like samantha ronsen? I wouldn’t have a problem if I had a gay son that dresses/acts like this but I would beat his ass if he tried to walk around in a miniskirt and makeup. JMO

  14. old man

    They look so gay in that picture

  15. I am not wishing about anything. You are the one that is all concerned about who is the “power bottom”. You are such a butt pirate..

  16. Rhianna

    #14 – ummm – they are gay. How do you expect them to look? Anyway, they look very nice in their white suits……Congrats to the happy couple.

  17. Rhianna

    #14 – ummm – they are gay. How do you expect them to look? Anyway, they look very nice in their white suits……Congrats to the happy couple.

  18. “concerned” Jimbo? your butt plug is making you woozy this morning?

  19. Uncle Eccoli

    Pfft. A “gay marriage” is like a bread sandwich.

  20. Dorito Man


  21. I had the honor of meeting and then having an affair with George Takei in the late 90s. He was a perfect gentleman and even pulled out before he orgasmed. As nice as that was, it did ruin my ascot and silk shirt I was wearing at the time because, due to the resta\raints, I was unable to make it to the dry cleaners until about a week later.

    Ive posted several pictures of he and I on the link in my name for the non-believers out there.

    Those on here that know me already know the truth, but those noobs that doubt will see I am telling the truth.

    Im back and again, GAY and PROUD!

    Get Over It!

  22. Barak Obama

    Good job California Supreme Court. Ram your own agenda down the throats of the California voters who overwhelmingly deafeted gay marriage. And people think conservatives try to force our agenda. The voters spoke but who gives a shit right? That is why after 41 years in California I had to get the fuck out. Liberals, homos and illegals can have the fucking place. The weather isn’t worth the other bull you have to put up with.

  23. lloyd johnson

    16 the joke went over your head.

    15, 18 whats with this, “you’re gay” “no you’re gay” arguement? Just have sex with each other and see who enjoys it.

  24. lloyd johnson

    22 “Liberals, homos and illegals” made you leave California? Are you sure it wasn’t the mortage you defaulted on? Seriously, that was the dumbest reasoning I have heard today.

  25. Butt gay marriage is wrong! (did you catch that)

  26. lloyd johnson

    Nevermind, I undersand now. You used to work at Starbucks. You were tired of serving all those homos and liberals with better jobs and jealous of all the illegals with those awesome landscaping jobs.

  27. Pussy Galore

    If you don’t like gay sex then, let them get married. Married people never have sex.

  28. BONER

    That’s absolutely true Pussy Galore. LMAO

  29. havoc

    They must be happy.

    If you look at the photo, they have matching black hard-ons.



  30. Barak Obama

    No lloyed, I had a nice government job and was tired of paying out the ass (no pun intended) for all the illegals who didn’t have insurance, used the ER as their primary medical (since no one would EVER give them a bill knowing they will NEVER pay it) and helped make the school system the worst in the Country. 1 in 3 ER’s are closed in California since they illegals made them go broke.
    The schools suck (still no pun intended) because instead of teaching they are indoctrinating the kids on everything from how great it is to be a homo and how crappy of a place America is supposed to be. Look up SB-777 if you have the balls and tell me the homos and liberals haven’t ruined the place.

  31. Pussy Galore

    havoc….#29…..that’s pretty funny.

  32. SB 777, as introduced, Kuehl.
    Existing law states that it is the policy of the state to afford
    equal rights and opportunities to all persons in the public or
    private elementary and secondary schools and postsecondary
    educational institutions of the state regardless of their sex, ethnic
    group identification, race, national origin, religion, or mental or
    physical disability and prohibits a person from being subjected to
    discrimination on those bases.
    Existing law prohibits a teacher from giving instruction, and a
    school district from sponsoring any activity, that reflects adversely
    upon persons because of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap,
    national origin, or ancestry.
    Existing law prohibits the State Board of Education and the
    governing board of a school district from adopting for use in the
    public schools any instructional materials that reflect adversely
    upon persons because of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap,
    national origin, or ancestry.
    This bill would revise the list of prohibited bases of
    discrimination and the kinds of prohibited instruction, activities,
    and instructional materials and instead, would refer to disability,
    gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation,
    or any other characteristic contained in the definition of hate
    crimes that is contained in the Penal Code. The bill would define
    disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, and
    sexual orientation for this purpose.

  33. Barak Obama

    Basically SB777 says that if your son wakes up one morning and decides he doesn’t want to be Timmy any more and he wants to be called Tammy and use the girls bathroom and showers, then there is nothing you or the school can do about it. In fact, they can get sued if they tell you about him wanting to become a girl.

  34. Lisa Lulu

    21~ What’s with your obsession with Ted from LA? You need to try to cultivate your own personality. Try not to be a sad little man.

  35. Uncle Eccoli

    @32 & 33

    So discriminate against them based on their language, then. There you go.

  36. minniememe

    rough daddy, a total bottom, is already jacking off to this and pissed that he can’t marry his own daddy.

  37. sick of it all

    I think it’s ridiculous, but I don’t care. Let them travel the Hershey Highway of their choice.

  38. #36 = disgrutle rough fanatic.

  39. you can add an (n) to that cant you?

  40. minniememe

    i’m not disgruntled. but you got the fanatic part right, pussy boy.

  41. @34

    uh, girlfriend, this is Ted.

    you need to mindyaown and get back to work taking orders at McDonalds or doing nails wit your little korean ass.

    Step off bitch, Im back now.

  42. mike bell

    I am NOT an ST geek. At least not until I complete my collection of Star Trek Lego action figures and my diorama of Kahn’s encampment on Ceti Alpha.

    Aw crap! I fell for it again.


  43. TI

    If you cannot get the opposite sex, then try same sex?

  44. #40 you are one dense mother effer, now youre admitting youre obsess with me!

  45. Zuzu's Dry Flower

    41 is a sad little man.

  46. minniememe

    @44, better that than a father “effer”. there’s a fine line between obsession and disgust. but you are so easily riled… or should that be “aroused”?

  47. Ted from LA

    Who gives a shit if two men or two women marry each other? I have better things to worry about…. like if Sara Palin can really see Russia from her front porch and my investment in LEH.

  48. Toolboy

    Congratulations guys-
    If they are happy, and by the looks of the photo, they are, then great, good for them. What ever gets you through the day, be it thumping the bible or or your best friend’s butt, knock yourself out. As long as you’re not pushing the bible or the butt on me, we’re cool. In the end, we all (for the most part) want the same thing: a home, family and friends, a dog , a beer or 2, that kinda shit.
    Goddamn aromatherapy candles are turning me into a pussy…..

  49. Marj

    Awwww <3 <3 <3

  50. jesus

    sulu is fag!

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