Morgan Freeman released from the hospital

August 7th, 2008 // 34 Comments

Morgan Freeman was released from the hospital today. He was admitted with several broken bones after flipping his car late Sunday night. People reports:

“I left the hospital today just after 12 noon, Memphis time,” Freeman said in a statement released by his rep to PEOPLE. “I’m doing very well. I feel real good. I just really, I thank the staff at ‘Elvis Presley [Hospital]‘ and many, many thanks to my many well-wishers. It’s great to know people care about you.”

Upon discharge, Morgan Freeman repeatedly asked “Where all the bitches at?” Before explaining to a hospital worker: “A dog’s gotta hunt.” God, I can’t wait to get old.


  1. Frist

    Thank you God I made it now my life is complete

  2. JIMBO


  3. JIMBO


  4. Poor Jimbo

    Ahh haaaaaaaaa asshole I beat you!!!

  5. rough daddy

    you sure he didnt say where the white woman at?

  6. Fumus



    Morgan Freeman is a pimp.

  7. Telegram for Mongo

    Blazing Saddles rules.

  8. Jesse

    Part 2: “Morgan Freeman released from the hospital, fails to pay bill”

    it’s in their DNA

  9. Classy

    Now let’s go fuck a white woman



  11. bootlips

    What self respecting coon doesn’t drive a new BMW that they can’t afford?

  12. Cindy

    …and all the white nurses were left to compare notes about his dark yet heavily freckled penis…

  13. Picture caption: When asked how many tight young nurses he bagged while in the ICU, the yellow toothed septegenarian Oscar winner meerly smiled and said “This many”.

  14. Jasmine

    More like “Hey Morgan, how many fingers fit easily into one of those white nurses?”

  15. woodhorse

    More like “Next time she sucks my dick in the car, I’m going to pull over. Can I get a witness?”

  16. Jocco

    Most of the nurses I’ve seen at hospitals are fat, old and ugly – the kind that coons always bag

  17. After a divorce, who can blame a man for trying?

  18. GimmeMeAFuckinBreak

    who gives a fuck. motherfucker was caught in the act, and with a fucking fat white bitch no less….

  19. Kevin

    Since his palm is showing really clearly we can do a palm reading. Let’s see.. love life ..problem life. hmm…

  20. sushi wasabi

    Morgan Freeman: we wish you well.

  21. dirt chicken

    Damn … forget the hospital – get this fool to a DENTIST !

  22. Natalie Fabian

    good 4 him. i hope he’s okay!

    “HANG LOOSE”, morgan!!

  24. AWSOME!

    Im glad to hear he’s doing better :) It was horrible news to hear of that accident and in all honesty, very upsetting. Its good to know he seems to be alright! :)

  25. mr.camel toe

    Really,you make a million a picture and you flipped a 97 maxima?
    How fucking pedestrian.

  26. TO THE MOON!

  27. ross pursifull

    why didn’t he go to cuba for their free health care he wants in america.

  28. ross pursifull

    why didn’t he go to cuba for their free health care he wants in america.

  29. Real Talk

    let’s be real Moragn Freeman was getting his old dick suck that’s why he had that car crash. I can hear him saying the words SUCK IT WOMAN SUCK THAT SHIT RIGHT!

  30. Real Talk

    Moragn Freeman you need to fix your hair it looks like a cat got to you and Don King

  31. Real Talk

    Moragn Freeman you need to fix your hair it looks like a cat got to you and Don King

  32. John E.,N.C.

    Yo,Where all the white chicks at?

  33. veggi

    why is it that this man, at his age, can get more ass than me? i’m short, stocky, bald, and wear glasses so I’m pretty attractive. the acne will go away eventually, and trust me – if i wanted to, i could lose the excess 120lbs. so why can’t i do better than this rich black dude? so frustrating im gonna enjoy my 3 musketeers bar now…ugh

  34. The Todd

    Old man gettn’ pussy High Five!!

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