Morgan Freeman in ‘good spirits’ despite several broken bones

Morgan Freeman is surprisingly jovial after being pulled out of his car by the jaws of life late Sunday night. He’s scheduled to undergo surgery for several broken bones, but is quoted as saying “Pfft. Car crashes are pussy shit.” Okay, he didn’t really say that, but I like to imagine he did with that distinctive tone he uses to narrate documentaries. People reports:

“He has a broken arm, broken elbow and minor shoulder damage but he is in good spirits,” said Donna Lee. “He is going to have surgery this afternoon or tomorrow to correct the damage. He says he’ll be okay and is looking forward to a full recovery.”

Morgan Freeman’s Dark Knight co-star Christian Bale has offered to do whatever it takes to help Morgan get back on his feet. In fact, he’s even pledged to punch his own mother in the face if it’ll help. Doctors are pretty sure it won’t but are afraid of telling Christian and getting headbutted through a window. That shit hurts and these dudes know. They’re doctors.