Morgan Freeman allegedly drunk during car crash. Whoops.

February 26th, 2009 // 41 Comments

Morgan Freeman’s August car crash is coming back to haunt him. His female passenger Demaris Meyer is suing him for negligence and setting the record straight that she was not his mistress. The AP reports:

“I have been labeled as the other woman and have been accused of having caused the breakup of Mr. Freeman’s marriage,” Meyer said. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Freeman or his representatives would have set the record straight and cleared my name, but they have not done so and that is why I have chosen to come forward to tell the truth about our relationship.”
Meyer is suing for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disability and property damage.

Her lawsuit claims Morgan Freeman failed to pay attention to the road and obey the posted speed limit. Of course, being drunk off his ass might have something to do with it, according to TMZ:

Demaris Meyer claims on the night of the crash, she first met up with Freeman at dinner — where she noticed “throughout the course of dinner and afterward drinks were consumed by Freeman.”
Meyer then says she left dinner and met up with Freeman and others at a friend’s home. She claims Freeman “had at least one more drink” while there. She claims Freeman then invited her to stay at his home for the night — guaranteeing her not only her own bedroom, but her “own house.” She says she agreed.

So, that’s how you score with women: Offer them their own house for the night. All this time I’ve been laying newspaper down on the floor. But for the record, I always use the full color Sunday comics. Somebody’s gotta keep romance alive.

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  1. ph7

    Gold digger.

  2. Mike Hawk

    Weak, I hate money grubbing frauds, this bitch should’ve driven if she was so concerned…or taken a taxi…lame.

  3. Sam

    I see this story as an opportunity to heal our divisiveness.

    Even massa, bootlips, and all the other…shall we say, rose cervical spiners…can agree: Morgan Freeman can do whatever the hell he wants.

  4. Ali Knievel

    Easy Reader from The Electric Company rides again.

  5. Lucy

    but was he ever charged with DUI? I agree with 1 & 2, she does sound like an opportunist.

  6. Carlos

    I’d like to tell you Morgan Freeman fought the good fight and got laid that night …. I’d like to tell you that.

  7. jennifer

    what are those yucky black moles all over his face?

  8. #3 LOL

    Morgan Freeman can narrate gay porn for all I care. He is the man, was the man, will always be the man.

  9. Nothing says undercover whore, than letting a married man drive your car to spend the night at his house, because we’re “friends” and nothing’s going to happen….

  10. Haywood Jablowme

    why black men shouldn’t drink…. or date white women.

  11. Mr. Jones

    This happens all the time. I’m a married man, but I often meet young women for dinner at expensive restaurants. I pay for everything, including the alcohol, but its not a date. Its purely platonic. And if it gets too late, and if my compound is close at hand, I invite the young lady home to stay in her very own house. I give her the key to the house (which there is only one copy), and she is free to sleep in or leave any time in the morning she prefers (continental breakfast is available in my grand foyer from 7:00-10:30 AM.)

    Totally innocent.

  12. Drunkie

    LOL @6

    I didn’t know you could sue someone for driving drunk and crashing their car with you in it when you knew the person had been drinking all night. What a country!

  13. ketty

    It is said that he is fond of online dating thing, his profile was seen at the millionaire & celebrity dating club____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ recently.

  14. Massa'

    Even the most well behaved and respected of the Ape class can show their inner “Rodney King” at any time.

  15. Massa’ is pissed that his mom was in a car with Morgan Freeman in the first place…

  16. Apes in the White House

    The AP released a study today that shows that every black person in America has either smoked or sold crack cocaine.

    The study also showed that less than 1% of white males are in some stage of the correctional system, that over 50% of black males are in some phase of the correctional system.

  17. Fluffy Butt

    And this stupid bitch assumes no responsibilty for getting INTO a car with someone whom she has watched consuming alcohol.

    Oh she wanted it! The bragging rights of going home with Morgan Freeman. Stupid fluzzy!

  18. Jrz

    Drunk driving? Impossible. This is Hoke Colburn…he’s a professional driver. He’d NEVER drive under the influence…just ax Miss Daisy!!!

    Who the hell is this Demaris Meyer? Sounds like an extortion didn’t get paid. “Ya’ll pays me or I tell everyone you was drunk drivin, Mawgan Free-Man!”

  19. Lisa

    Okay she witnessed him drinking all night and CHOSE to get in the car with him correct?? Hmmm seems to me she made a very stupid choice.

  20. selina1874

    Needless to say, she has very cute looking!! lots pretty chicks like her should be very famous on the ta ll da ting site: ___T a ll M in gl e Co m___. Maybe she can join to attend the sexy session to attract ta ll guys!! at least, that’s what my bros and i happen to know!!

  21. NotIdiotic

    Mass, (#14), I’d bet money that you’re the type of guy who’s played enough Dungeons and Dragons with the other hillbillies in the trailer park to know there’s a big difference between race and class. Remember, you’re a racist, not a classist…and if you were a classist, you’d be a communist.

  22. Jrz

    #20–ya’lls a NON english speakin’…..Damn, bitch, exactly how many languages are you iliterate?

  23. "Chuck" Darwin

    We can’t do anything about our DNA now can we?

  24. Vince Lombardi

    “I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Freeman or his representatives would have set the record straight and cleared my name, but they have not done so and that is why I have chosen to come forward to tell the truth about our relationship.”

    First off, this woman wouldn’t know “the truth” if it got her drunk, offered her a ride to its house, slid into the driver’s seat next to her, and rammed into a tree….. oh, wait. How awkward.

    But serially, let’s look at this a moment. She’s drunk. He looks like Morgan Freeman. She’s seen him in the movies. He’s God. He’s the guy who invents kick-ass rides for the Batman. She’s just pissed that he didn’t turn the fountain water into tequila and then give her a ride in the batmobile. Or up and down on the batpole. Or something. She’s pissed because no one wants to be referred to as God’s “last call” lay. Or His “beer-goggles” bitch. So she got herself a lawyer. I mean, really. Do you think for one minute, when she puts her hand on the Bible and swears to Morgan Freeman she’s going to tell the truth, the jury will give her testimony any credibility?

    He’s home free(man).

  25. kaluma

    He is really a charming man, it is not strange why those rich women are talking about him actively at ………….. C e l e b m i n g l e. C0M………….. when a woman is rich enough, she always wants to find a young and good looking guy!

  26. Jules

    @22 Says the pot to the kettle.

  27. Jrz

    Shut the fuck up Jules. I speak perfect english…that, you humorless gash, was sarcasm. Perhaps you should acquire a thesaurus and research sarcasm.

    Says the pot to the kettle…..fuck you. Stick your gay, fucking snooty cliches up your tight ass.

    There, how’s that? Enough fucking words for you?? Creep.

  28. Fati

    Excuse me? She is suing him because SHE stupidly AGREED to get in a car with a man whom she had seen consuming alcohol throughout the day? Is she like a toootal fucking moron? Not only will her suit be dismissed, but Freeman can actually COUNTERSUE her for letting HIM drive in that condition, because she’s obviously claiming she was sober, which puts her in responsibility over him. Oh my god, I didn’t know such fucking stupidity still exist. She better not go to Judge Judy, because she’ll have her brainless head bitten off.

  29. Fati


  30. Fati

    And P.S. I love Morgan Freeman!

  31. doomhammer

    Grady ?

  32. Auntie Kryst

    If this event is made into a movie, will Morgan Freeman do his own narration??

  33. selina34

    She is really hot,i just heard that she is hooking up with a ta ll basketball player on a ta ll da ting place named: ____Tallmingle Co m____ ,really?

  34. figures

    #16 I have to laugh – you’re at the point where you’re so desperate that you have to make shit up to justify your idiotic racist rants. EVery black person in America has sold or smoked crack just like every white person (like you) has an IQ over 100. Good luck reaching for 90, skippy. Everyone needs a goal.

  35. feckless

    @32 If Demaris Meyer doesn’t get a big wad of insurance money from Morgan maybe she can play the woman who is sucking Morgan’s dick while he’s driving which causes him to get in a car accident. Just sayin if the scam doesn’t work, maybe the truth would be worth a few bucks….

  36. Jules

    @27 Excellent use of the vernacular. You’ve just proven my point.

  37. i have seen the movie “deep impact” in this movie he is the president of usa and really he was the epitome of that character but there is vast difference between really character and silver character.

  38. Tina

    Gotta love how she is a “moron” for getting in the car with him driving drunk, but Nick Hogan is painted as a monster because that idiot friend of his who’s a vegetable now (gotta love Darwinism) got in the car with him drunk at the wheel. The media can really sway the public however they want to, huh? *BAAAAAAAAAAA*

  39. Jrz

    And what point is that, Ghouls….that you’re a raging asshole? Yeah, *sarcastic golf clap* you did a great job.

  40. Tom K

    I can’t say anything negative about this man. I think he just made a poor decision to drink and drive. Most of the time he is well spoken and actually very intelligent and he’s not a bad actor either. A Black American with some actual legitimate talent. Shocking!

  41. I pay for everything, including alcohol, but this is not a date. Its purely platonic. And if it is too late and if my connection is at hand, I invite the young woman home to live in his own home.

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