More terrifying pics of Nicole Richie

January 3rd, 2006 // 104 Comments

I hope you didn’t eat breakfast before looking at these pictures. Hey, speaking of eating, guess who hasn’t been? Generally I’m all for girls starving themselves to look good, particularly if it makes them too weak to flee the bed when I put on my Captain Caveman costume. But the point is to look good - not to look like you should be knitting sweaters for two cents an hour in a Malaysian sweatshop. There is a subtle but important difference. The difference between me being happy and me being vomiting.


  1. The Spartanete

    I imagine if anyone questioned Nicole’s weight loss she’s get like an out of control teen on Maury Povich and get all, “Whateva! Whateva! You know I look good! Ya’ll are just JEALOUS.”

  2. Kimbo

    So you know how when Mary Kate (pre-admission to the eating disorder) pictures were all over In Touch Weekly and Us Weekly, etc? These are the same magazines that were crediting her with this awesome,beautiful weight-loss. I think they should step up to the plate and show all the grocery-shoppers of America how nastily skinny she’s gotten.
    After about 3 weeks of rumors, Mary Kate got help. Maybe if these magazines pester and circulate rumors enough, the same will happen with Nicole.
    Never has exploiting gossip been to the point of saving lives. Only in America.

  3. hafaball

    she can;t even fill in the crotch part of those things anymore…ewww. Plus, what the hell are those things on her back? extra shoulderblades? she can still walk which is a good thing I guess…

  4. celeb_hater

    I think the only protein/calories she was getting was when she was swallowing the semen of her ex bf who just dumped her. Of course, who wouldn’t dump her. She’s got a serious image problem/eating problem.

  5. Jehanne

    Malaysian sweatshop?? Now I’m insulted. Nobody starves in Malaysia! Our national pastime is eating, for god’s sakes!!

  6. .shiny.

    She’s just disgusting…

  7. SpiderMomma

    My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Burns!!!!!!!!!!

  8. FUallthetime

    I think this is a lesson for all the kids out there.

    You screw with Paris Hilton…and all your flesh falls off your body.

    That’s just how Paris rolls.

  9. susie-q

    Someone … please … give her an English muffin with butter on it or something. Reminds me of Zelda or Zora from the Bachelor on the Nutrisystem commercials, “I went from a size 10 to a size 4. A size 4!!! I’ve never felt better!!!” What the heck was wrong with a size 10? or 8?

    Someone needs to reach her. Maybe some Ensure shakes. A feeding tube is probably in her future … we can only hope.

  10. hermes

    I think she looks just fine. what is it with you fat americans, anyway? go to europe once in a while, everyone looks pretty much the same. and YES, you can eat normal + not have cancer and look like this. it’s quite possible. not to mention healthy…

  11. Sheva

    That’s a bunch of crap. Of course she looks pretty good among a group of advanced AIDs patients. On second thought, no, they look better and I’m pulling for their recovery, not hers.

  12. lebowski

    Ummm, I’ve been to Europe several times and never really saw any walking undeads like this (except in Romania, but that’s b/c of Dracula). Anyway europeans are a bit smaller than Americans, but most are petite and thin but curvy. Don’t get me wrong, I would shoot myself if I was ever a size 10 or even an 8, but you’re misrepresenting europeans I’m afraid. Although, yeah, I heard AIDS patient chic is the new anorexic, and VERY healthy, yes.

  13. susie-q

    I think it is great that she initially slimmed down a bit. And, yes, if you are short or small framed and have for the most part been a size 6 or less and then go up to a 10, that can result in chubbiness.

    I think it is awesome she was able to lose weight. But she does not look fine.

  14. sammygirl

    Sure, Americans can be pretty fat, but I’ve seen my share of European tubbies too, in places like Italy, Greece and France. And even by European standards, Richie is too thin. If you can believe this, the pictures above don’t make her look as emaciated as the ones under the link “Nicole Richie has Cancer”. In those photos she looks very sick. There is definitely a difference in body characteristics between a healthy skinny (Paris Hilton) and an anorexic skinny (Nicole Richie, Mary Katen Olsen, and dare I say, Kelly Ripa). The giveaway is often the breast bone protrusion right above the boobs.

  15. TheCheat

    I am sure she will be coming out with a sob story about bulimia or anorexia soon just like her BBF Lohan. BTW since when is a size 8-10 fat?

  16. ~S.Starr~

    Hermes: “what is it with you fat americans?”

    Speak for yourself and ONLY yourself ass…Im not fat and I am 100% American.

    That would be like saying that all Europeans are hairy and rude…


    hey look its skelator from the he man cartoons disguised as nicole richie….


    hey lebowski why don’t you shoot yourself and make america a better place

  19. WaitWhat?

    Hey S.Starr — hate to break it to ya, but all Europeans are hairy and rude…

  20. professorsdaughter

    Someone needs to send this girl and all her fellow air-head waifs to Africa and show them what it’s really like to die from starvation if she’s so intent on it

  21. ~S.Starr~

    WaitWhat?: Hahahaha…I KNEW IT!!!

  22. lebowski

    Ha ha, your name rhymes with cootchie!


    hey lebowski you must be one of those rude, hairy and lets not forget SMELLY Europeans

  24. susie-q

    If I were offered either a million dollars or to instantly be a nice, proportionate size 4, I would be hard pressed to make a decision. Ditto goes for a size 6 or 8 – the size 10 would be also a slight temptation. It is not easy for many to lose even 5 lbs. and I stand by commending her for her achievement, but it does not look good anymore. It has gone too far.

    I’d also have to ponder a choice between the cash or instantly being a non-smoker.

    I think she would do really well if she wrote a book on how she lost the weight. She definitely has a formula that works wonders.

  25. maryIHATEBRANGELINAblanton

    and they say the camera adds 10 pounds which makes this even more saad

  26. esther sativa

    i’m sure by the time she has put her clothes back on she would’ve burnt to many calories and will have to go home and take a lie down.

  27. esther sativa

    sht i rekon its cos when she was with paris in the first simple life she was kinda chubby and she got really compared, shes alaways been in paris’s shadow and now she wants to be the skinny pretty one. as much as u tease you got to admit its true.

  28. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Paris is STILL better looking… all that work for NOTHING…

    She should have stayed fat, especially for the same reaction now…

  29. Skippy

    Somebody PLEASE feed the animal.

  30. yoyoma

    I see this girl around Malibu all the time and everytime I see her I want to offer her a sandwich, a burger, a milkshake, a muffin, a handful of sand…anything she may put in her mouth….?

  31. ashlee

    uurrrggg seriously that is disgusting her face is sunken in which makes her eyes look massive(hat ugly twiggy photoshoot) that is probably whys he wear those huge ugly whole glasses. seriosuly what is it with those glasses and nicole richie and mk olsen why is it that the anorexics wear em gosh there soo fucking ugly her body is discintigrating, im just gunna say shes fat for the hell of it FAT PIG!!!!!

    this girl is a fuckign retard, she shouldnt be flaunting her body like that, its disgusting especially if shes a role model for some kids, though i dont see how she is any sort of role model because shes dont nothing for herself just lives off her dad fortune, just like Paris hilton those two evil little shtis

  32. catwoman

    hey i truly dig your site, but i’m deeply angered by this:

    “…not to look like you should be knitting sweaters for two cents an hour in a Malaysian sweatshop.”

    being Malaysian, i have to highlight that my country doesn’t practice nor condone child labour.

    pls get your facts right.

    other than that, keep up the good work!

  33. AmberDextrose

    I think she looks good. Except around that saggy crutch – did she borrow those bottoms from a tranny with a big cock?

    Actually, that chest is a bit bony.

    We Europeans pride ourselves on our hairy, smelly rudeness. It saves time in the morning.

  34. Hydie44

    another hairy and rude European here …perhaps she’s a little too thin, but her ass is amazing.

  35. reesestet

    She must not be too distraught over breaking up with DJ AM; that appears to be a male hand she is holding.

  36. JudithJetson

    Whoever asked since when is an 8 or 10 considered fat? Um, since ALWAYS? Anything over a 6 is considered fat, fortunately or unfortunately however way you want to look at it.

    A size 4 would be OK for her, she looked great when she was at like 100 lbs., but now she looks grotesque. Plus, with no tits, she’s basically an adolescent boy.

    I’d like to know her secrets, since they obviously work! And Americans in general need to eat LESS and lose weight. Put the Wendy’s down!

  37. PostAcidYouth

    Skinny bashing is no better than fat bashing. This girl clearly has a serious eating disorder, probably a result of everyone telling her she was the chubby one of the two. Granted, she looks absolutely hellish right now, but I should imagine a healthy balance is tough to come by in Hollywood, where skinny is only good if you’ve got a big rack to go with it.

  38. MP$40

    Let’s just keep it real….

    Someone needs to tell her to put the meth pipe down!

  39. God she looks so hot.. really.. I’m for real.. this is how I like my chicks..

  40. esther sativa

    420bra u obviously have a fetish for corpses and skeletons then. i really hope u r being sarcastic because if in any way you are encouraging anorexia and bulimia by calling theat twig hot you are seriously messed up. she has a disease man get a fucken grip. very sorry if u r being sarcastic i cannot sense it through typed msgs.

  41. Jgirl

    We get it she has a shrunken chest , boney body and she looks way worse than she used too. OLD NEWS! When do you think this ugly creature is going to copy off of her pal Linsay Lohan & finally admit to her eating disorder.I think she will use it when she is @ a low point in her life and needs publicity.She says she doesn’t own a scale!If I were her size I wouldn’t either!She really bothers me she just acts all LA DE DA and like she has no problem. She had to have made a serious changes in her eating habits to have gone from pudgy to bones. SHE DID IT TO LOOK BETTER THAN PARIS AND IT ISN’T WORKING! We all know that paris is hotter than nicole despite paris’ i hate to say it but stick body.

  42. Jgirl

    do you guys thing that nicole will ever admit to an eating disorder?
    And who looks better @ this point and time paris or nicole?
    BE HONEST!!!!!!!!!!

  43. wavygravy

    Anyone who thinks that she looks healthy/hot needs to be put into therapy

    this girl is a joke

  44. wavygravy


  45. stephanie


  46. blondegirl25

    to all you people, european or not, who say a size 8 is fat and you would “kill yourself” if you were so unfortunate- PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON nicole and so many young girls starve themselves like this.
    I wear a size 8, and at 5’8 and 148 pounds am nowhere near being medically overweight NOR am i “fat”. i simply am tall and have an hourglass figure, something i take pride in unlike you assholes who probably think nicole looks good on the verge of death and anyone over a size 4 should be dead anyway.
    you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  47. breezy82

    blondegirl25- I dont think that it is fair to clump everyone under a size 4 as being “dead” I am a size 0 and I am neither anorexic nor bulimic, and totally healthy, im just petite and I have always been that way. You are pissed at people for saying people over the size 8 are fat when you in turn are hating on people who are below a size 4, dont be a hypocrite.You have to learn how to seperate people who have eating disorders from people who are just naturally slim. Thats my 2 cents…

  48. blondegirl25

    breezy- i’m not hating on anyone, except the people who consider being a size 8 fat. i have many friends like you who are sizes 0-4 and perfectly healthy looking. I wasnt referring to those sizes as “dead”, i was referring to the opinions of some people who posted on these pictures, who seem to think anyone above those sizes is a fat enormous, disgusting beast.
    So, therefore, im not a hypocrite & don’t need to learn how to seperate thin people from people w/ eating disorders. You though, need to learn how to read. :)

  49. DannyJames

    shes too hot for her own good. shes a fuckin diety to the bulemic.

  50. christinanicole

    when she was chubby you same people were talking crap about her, so you might as well shut up before you make her fat again. She looks good and she thinks she looks good. I only wish people would get off her back.

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