More marital woe for Britney & K-Fed

December 2nd, 2005 // 17 Comments

britney_thumb_1.jpgAnother day, another Britney and Kevin hillbilly shouting match. This time their fight occurred after flying from N.Y. to L.A., and it was a big one. Federline left their house and is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Meanwhile, Spears went out with two girlfriends and the Maloof brothers to club LAX, where they danced and partied till very late at night.

At this point I’m assuming their child is dead. Most likely crushed beneath a mountain of corn dogs. Not that Britney or Kevin would notice. Arguing and drinking seems to take up most of their time. As does Britney’s attempts to turn herself into a giant blob of jello.



  1. MD2020

    I made a bet with an online casino that they would divorce by December 2006. Looking good so far.

    Also made a bet that K-Fed would cheat on Brittany with a stripper in the same time frame. That’s paying 19-1. That should be cashed in any day now.

  2. Aww this reminds me so much of my childhood. If Britney moves to Arkansas and buys a trailor after kevin leaves her I bet my little baby Sean will follow in my footsteps. :sigh:

  3. ayteesevn

    I actually kind of appreciate Britney’s “I am ALWAYS doing yardwork” look.

  4. minnesotacharm

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Britney is a Republican.

  5. I’m pretty sure that Britney at least tied little Sean Preston up in the backyard with a uncooked porkchop in his newspaper diaper for him to eat. She’s a responsible mom like that.

  6. Juliette

    That poor child..should the child services people come take the baby away? It’s probably locked in a basement somewhere.

    Still waiting for this fabulous makeover transformation that Brit’s publicist says she is going to make. No sign of that at all…

  7. DevilsChrome

    She can’t even spell Republican let alone be bothered to actually affiliate herself with any political party or do something as mundane as filling out an absentee ballot.

    She’s too busy – got drinkin to do and babies to drop!

  8. boo

    today is britney’s birthday. she prob got into a fight on purpose with stinky-K-rat just so that she could have an excuse to hang out with the Maloofs and party her butt off. yeah.

  9. SideBar

    well we cant really complain..i mean she did let the world know that she was a MILF in Training…rememeber? she never really got our hopes up as a candidate for mom of the year…just wanted us to know that this baby thing wasnt gonna stop her from being some dudes “slave”…or ” doing it again” or acting like ” a girl..not yet a women” got me? now all she has to do is keep on her latest escapade of 80′s songs remakes and give us “ALL I Want to do is Make Love to You” by Heart to keep things current..

  10. UsWeeklyJunkie

    Up next on Jerry Springer…

  11. spacca

    It’s her 24th birthday today, poor Britney shoulda stayed with Timbo.

  12. derekd

    Corn dogs. That was funny.

  13. hafaball

    What the hells is a maloof? anyway, that poor kid, it’s first words are gonna be “alcohol” and “get out of my house that I bought and bring your stupid posse with you.” I just hope they find a good child psychologist, they should just start looking now.

  14. Linnea

    “Sean, get your ass in here and cook daddy up some cocaine!”

  15. Mandy

    George Maloof; he is the owner of the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Britney is good friends with him and his brother and often stays in the Real World suite.

  16. karrot

    Brit-Brit want baby, baby make happy; have baby, Brit-Brit not so happy, go out drink-drink with rich people. Thank God for nannies.

  17. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    oh man, ever heard if KARMA brit??????
    you look ridiculous as ever now… have fun being a single mom you trollup

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