January Jones in GQ outtakes

October 22nd, 2009 // 75 Comments

GQ has updated their site with outtakes from January Jones’ photo shoot with Terry Richardson, and what jackass editor made the decision to cut these pics out? Obviosly, I dont wark with {One}, but I’m pretty sure their job is to not take things out that are so awesome I want to dry hump the entire AMC network just for putting Mad Men on the air. I could be wrong.

More January Jones in GQ

Photos: GQ

  1. B

    “Obviosly, I dont wark with {One}”

    Really, fish?

  2. that dude


  3. NO!

    I think it’s “obviosly” NOT Fish. Who ever it is needs to “wark” on their Grammar.

  4. meh

    They cut them because they are photographically mediocre, much like the model.

  5. Eggy

    #3 – That’s the joke, riptard.

  6. Photoshop is sooooo over used these days. srsly!

  7. Kangaroo

    Her asshole smells like Winterfresh gum with a *hint* of poop.

  8. the_secretary

    For being a former model, January doesn’t understand her best angles at all.

    Betty Draper is freaking gorg. The face down pout just makes Jones look puffy.

  9. Derrick

    No wonder Don Draper cheats. Although gorgeous, she seems very boring. Men would take non-perfect bu great in the sack over a perfect cold fish any day.

    Like Don, she’s nice to parade around cocktail parties, but when it gets down to boning, go for the wild.

  10. T Humper

    I wanna shave then lubricate her legs. I have my own special recipe for hand made lubricant.

  11. Princesspink

    Did we forget spell check today?

  12. Parker

    What is with this sudden fad with gay mens magazines doing photo spreads of hot chicks? Are they questioning their gayness all of a sudden?

  13. jumpin_j

    I like the one of her holding up the chair. GRRRR! JANUARY JONES MAD! JONES SMASH!!! ARRRRRR!!!!

  14. Dave

    Now here is a woman I could really get into.

  15. stupidass

    cot DAYM she hawt

  16. fearsarewishes


  17. Give the girl a break although I have to say it not exactly airbrushing more like air washing!

  18. What the hello did they do to her left leg in the first (main) picture??? My lord, poor girl. That’s some awful Photoshop. She is pretty though, fo shoooo

  19. wtf

    why is there a cat on a leash?

  20. Mr Pibb

    She’s smokin. Hey, where’s all the Einsteins that said her chest was photoshopped now? Kinda like the theories on the Erin Andrews story…wait for it, wait for it…….BOOYAH!

  21. jlylec

    eh…not that great.

  22. Mad Men rocks, but come on January…you don’t need to do these soft porn shots.

  23. Christina

    I used to have that body. God damn kids. Seriously folks, use condoms.

  24. sam

    #18 — What the hello did they do to her left leg…

    No kidding. If you are going to photoshop out half of the thigh, at least make the background color match. She is obviously a thin woman. Why do they have to remove what little body fat she has? I’m sure her legs are great without the retouching.

  25. john

    I dont think she’s too great an actor. I dont want to hurt her feelings or anything but I just think she’s a little mechanical.

  26. WHDH weather girl Dylan Dreyer says she’s wearing a January Jones costume for Halloween. If so, I hope it’s picture number 1 and she wears it on air next Friday.

  27. WHDH weather girl Dylan Dreyer says she’s wearing a January Jones costume for Halloween. If so, I hope it’s picture number 1 and she wears it on air next Friday.

  28. EK

    Wow it took 16 posts for someone to call a skinny girl fat. Get on the ball people. Unless you can see her spine through her sternum she’s obviously a big giant heffer. Excuse me while I go puke up my spleen.

  29. LPB

    Mongo like picture #7.

    Why don’t you “guys” go over in the corner and satisfy your “curiosities” while I have a word with January?

    Go on now. Shooo!

  30. See Alice

    # 29 Are you Pete the weatherman who works at WHDH ?

  31. Turd the third

    Wow, she’s got a serious case of cocksucker’s lip…..to overdone, best put those lips down where I can’t see them :)

  32. testington

    She is hot! Anybody complaining about these pics isn’t into chicks

  33. salinger

    I just ejaculated seven times.

  34. Ashton Kutcher

    Jenny, please come back to me. I’ll dump the old hag in a quick second.


  35. O'Roughly factor

    In pic #1 I cant get pass her inner thighs. I prefer to believe she had no mercy on a thigh machine before the shoot than having some technician taking a chunk of her thigh out with photoshop. It’s not like she needs it, this practice have got to stop…

  36. O'Roughly factor

    Furthermore, who ever requested the photohop also took picture 3 and 5?

  37. Gary

    Pic one is great, she is incredible.

  38. That Rabbit's Dynamite

    COULD be wrong? Only if you’re stoned and can’t spell worth shit.

  39. mfbinc

    HOT AS HELL!!!!!!!

  40. Vlad

    Wow, shitty Photoshop job. She looks like she might be wearing a B-cup in the pictures with the bra, but then they touched up her cleavage in some of the other pictures to make it look like she has double-ds.

  41. Dank

    Doesnt anyone else think these pics are terrible? She looks like a dood for christ sakes. She’s hot in other pics but these are nasty.

  42. dirtstick

    hit dat
    hit dat
    hit dat
    whew, i be tired.

  43. zombieMJ

    Beautiful woman. Crappy photographer. Horrible photochopper.

  44. marie

    lol I just watched the episode in season 1 where she gets naughty with the cleaning machine


  45. Minus the horrible lipstick and scary look on her face, I’m fairly sure I couldn’t stand up in front of the class right now.

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  47. Brighton

    Nice tits, but her face is fug and dead-looking.

  48. KY

    get a nose job

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