More Proof Mark Wahlberg Is A Goddamn Idiot

January 20th, 2012 // 54 Comments
Mark Wahlberg
Marky Mark vs. 9/11
Mark Wahlberg
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While Mark Wahlberg continues to back his head out of his ass after saying he could’ve stopped the 9/11 terrorists because the other passengers were clearly pussies with his latest excuse: “I am not an actor. I am a real guy from the streets and I’ve been in a lot of situations, so I was probably speaking out of line,” commenter exAkamai pointed out a fact yesterday that shows Mark Wahlberg wasn’t “probably” speaking out of line, he absolutely fucking was. Apparently one of the passengers on Flight 11 – The flight Marky Mark skipped to go to Toronto. – was a former IDF Special Forces captain, Daniel M. Lewin, so let’s see how things panned out for him. Via Wikipedia:

Lewin was fatally stabbed aboard American Airlines Flight 11 as it was hijacked during the September 11 attacks. A 2002 FAA memo suggests he may have been killed by Satam al-Suqami after he attempted to foil the hijacking. According to the FAA, Lewin was seated in business class in seat 9B, close to hijackers Mohamed Atta and al Suqami (who was possibly seated behind him). It was first reported that he had been shot by al Suqami, although this assertion was later changed to a stabbing. According to the 9/11 Commission, Lewin may have been stabbed in the throat whilst trying to foil the hijacking, not knowing that al Suqami was sitting just behind him. Lewin was identified as the first victim of the September 11 attacks.

In Marky Mark’s defense, this dude was seated in business class (Ewwwww!) and I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Israeli Defense Force, but they’re basically all serial masturbaters. So really it’s a miracle he didn’t die just boarding the plane unlike Mark Wahlberg whose experience from the streets and starring in a movie titled Invincible has empowered him with impenetrable skin. I’ll pick my examples more carefully next time.

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  1. Richard


    • I am a man who has become increasingly unfarmiliar with the internet as I get older (I’m 38) and my priorities change. I still rarely understand most of the things that are posted on the ‘net. I just learned about Chuck Testa yesterday and even I know that “First” is lame.

  2. KedE

    look at him…he looks about 5’4″…with heels. He might be able to give Tom Cruise a few smacks wrestling…in oil…while singing Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (WTF)…but that is it!

  3. Look, the reason they were successful is because they struck fear into the passengers by killing a few of them. They also told them, they would be fine as long as some ransom was paid. No one except the last airplane had the wherewithal to know what was going to happen. And guess what? Those people DID do something about it. Douchebag… There aren’t enough tractors to pull his head out his ass…

  4. Further proof that any idiot can become a millionaire in Hollywood with a little bit of luck, good looks and a willingness to swallow.

  5. Cock Dr

    That’s enough, really, I don’t need any more proof.
    He’s a dumbass. and he should shut up NOW.

  6. I thought that was a pic of Jon Cryer keepin’ it real.

  7. Lucy Shoes

    If he did live as tough as he thinks he would be dead by now.

  8. pretty vacant

    congrats on saving us from any more of ur career, fucko.

  9. stevebeagle

    feel the vibration c’mon c’mon feel it .

    • Joe

      Vibrations good like Sunkist
      Many wanna know who done this
      Marky Mark and I’m here to move you
      Rhymes will groove you
      And I’m here to prove to you

  10. Aaaaand, he’s still a shitty actress!

  11. A friend of mine works as a grip, after working on Contraband they told me that Wahlberg was a nice guy. Too bad he’s also an idiot…I hate it when otherwise decent people are crippled by stupidity.

    • Nice Guy

      Nice guys don’t disgrace the departed to sell movie tickets.

      • ArtGirl

        Nice guys also don’t spend two years in prison for blinding a guy and beating the shit out of a couple more, just because they happen to not be white.

      • Nice guys also don’t
        1. Threaten to “crack” a guy’s “frickin” glasses
        2. marry a pregnant for the FOURTH TIME, live-in, EX-model WHORE, then CLAIM he is SO MORALISTIC…lol!!!!!!!!

  12. Jeff

    The man apologized for his off-handed remark. Get over it people, and get a life.

  13. doctor snuggles

    just try to understand this sucker.

  14. Mamamia

    “Say hello to your mother for me? Okay?”

  15. God is Black

    Someone in the audience shouts,” Thanks for fucking up Max Payne for us gamers you Douche!”
    Marky Mark , “BaHaHaHa You actually went to see that shit?”

  16. HoodFellaz

    The thing i dont get is… he first made those comments in 2004 on the Howard Stern show, millions of people heard him then and saw it on E! And now 8 years later this is a story?

    I think just like Mark anyway if me and my friends would’ve been on one of those flights i would’ve definitely fought these f ers to death.

    • Wahlbergs's Publicist

      You would have stopped Spain from selling slaves and prevented slavery too, you’re a real hero. Not like those pussies that died sitting in their seats on 911. You’re a real hero.

  17. Me

    Still butthurt over 11/9 ?

    Get over it geez…


      The date is 9/11, (not “11/9″, you nimrod, and INNOCENT PEOPLE (children included) DIED…

  18. b.mclane

    Why no name to this snarky article??? Tough guy behind a computer, huh? Walberg was scheduled for one of the 911 flights and cancelled a few days before 9/11. Its how this subject started . Before he was MARKY MARK he was a BOSTON street thug from Southie . Look it up. HE ALREADY HAS SAID HE SPOKE OUT OF TURN AND APOLOGIZED FOR ANY GRIEVANCES . So all you arm chair quarterbacks put both hands on the keyboard and move on.

    • Shiet

      “Before he was MARKY MARK he was a BOSTON street thug from Southie ”

      LOL….sooooo impressive and scary!

  19. Mama Pinkus

    oh come on – he said something off the cuff stupid in one of many interviews – he was quick to apologize with a REAL heartfelt apology, not the “I’m sorry anyone was offended” bullshit. Mark is OK in my book!

  20. hank

    That’s a great photo – douche indeed. Just another actor (and producer) who shouldn’t be held up as a role model and whose comments should be taken for what they are – stupid.

  21. In the Name of

    what do except from a man that says he goes to church everyday, and stands behind a faith that has killed more people in the name of god then any other. o ya and a following that has raped more people then any other as well.

    • mike

      I love this whole “christians have killed more people than any other blah blah blah” story. I know this is off the topic of the article, but why don’t you look at how many people have died at the hands of athiests via communism: Stalin’s Soviet era, China, Cambodia, The French Revolution, and the list goes on. These were all fairly recent in comparison to the Crusades, the inquisistion and so on which all happened before the days of enlightenment and moder civilization. Get over yourself. Athiesm HAS BECOME A RELIGION that is forced down peoples throaghts every day just like any other. Now go back down to the basement and listen to some more Rage Against The Machine. (an anti capitalist group signed to a major lable, how cuteis that?

      • mike

        Also I might add: This article iswritten about an event that occured regarding thousands of innocents who were KILLED IN THE NAME OF ISLAM.

      • mike is an idiot

        wow ur a total IDIOT, ur stupid fuckin government was the one who did the 9/11 attacks u stupid DOUCHE, it wasnt in the name of ISLAM, the islamics were framed by ur “smart” leader BUSH who resembles a chimpanzee just like u, nice try white-hill-billy-boy :)

      • learn to spell

        *cute is
        I’m not an expert but i’m pretty sure that just because they were communist, doesn’t mean that they were atheists.

      • Me

        …Athiesm HAS BECOME A RELIGION….

        Are you dumb or you just practiced a lot?

        I just have no words for that statement….

        Oww and
        ====how many people have died at the hands of athiests via communism: Stalin’s Soviet era, China, Cambodia, The French Revolution, and the list goes on====

        just two words for that…



        … now shut the fuck up….

      • Oh doze Russhans

        @learn to spell, atheism was/is a central tenet of Soviet applied Communism. The Orthodox Russian Church was seen as a prime enemy for the allegiences of the Russian people. Orthodox priests and believers were variously tortured, sent to prison camps, labour camps or mental hospitals, and executed. Many Orthodox (along with people of other faiths) were also subjected to psychological punishment or torture and mind control experimentation in order to force them give up their religious convictions.

  22. You are all idiots…
    The official Govt story of 9-11 is false and a lie.

  23. Erin

    Mark Wahlberg is a God among men and you are all sad pathetic pussies that cant satisfy their wives.

  24. robthomas

    hell yeah, what is wrong with all of you? the guy was probably just messing about but you’re so fucking hit up by 9/11 that you can’t even take a bit of humour. I feel sorry for all the nice americans out there that have to put up with a majority of the population being complete and utter eejits.

  25. TetterkeT

    It’s really a shame he missed that flight…

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